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    [World of Warcraft] Those Disappeared/Disappearing Skills - Hunter's Mark

    By Tracyfan on 0

    It's been about 10 years since World of Warcraft was released. During this period, there are many new skills appeared and also many old skills gone away. Now, let's talk about those disappeared/disappearing skills to commemorate them. (See More: Mana Burn; Wing Clip; Divine Intervention; Tree of Life Form; Cold Blood) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Hunter's Mark Birthday Read More »

    Garrosh Hellscream, This is The Last Meal for You

    By StellaX on 0

    WoW Patch 5.4 is live now. Garrosh Hellscream is the last boss. Before starting the fight, some players made a feasting for Garrosh Hellscream as the last meal. Well the meal is so abundant that it is enough for Garrosh Hellscream to eat for a whole year. Just enjoy the picture. You can find guides for Siege Of Orgrimmar fight: http://2p.com/tag/t_article/WoW%205.4%20Boss/ WoW 5.4 T16 sets http://2p.com/625435_1/World-of-Warcraft-T16-Sets-Bonus-and-Overview.htm WoW 5.4 S13 Sets http://2p Read More »

    WoW 5.2 Brought Back TBC Weapons Like Stormherald

    By StellaX on 0

    Despite new contents, Patch 5.2 also brought back the out-of-product TBC weapons, including Wicked Edge of the Planes and Lionheart Executioner. Those weapon now can be made by BS Blacksmithing. And the plans are hold by the Blacksmithing trainer in outland. You many find the materials needed below: Black Planar Edge, material: x10, x4, x6,The Planar Edge Blazefury, material: x15, x6, x9,Blazeguard Blazeguard, material: x10, x4, x6,Fireguard Bloodmoon, material: x15, x9, x9 Read More »

    WoW 5.2 Known Issues

    By StellaX on 0

    Patch 5.2 has been launched for a while. While players are exploring the new content some unexpected came out. Here is a list of some of the known issues for. Combat • Hunter - Misdirection cannot be used while in a brawl in the Brawler's Guild. • The Combat log is reporting purges, friendly dispels, and spellsteals backwards. • Hunter traps are less sensitive to trigger. • Guardian Spirit sometimes does not proc its heal and lifesaving effect. • Projected textures can be difficult Read More »

    WoW: Guide for Rare Elites Summoned by Shan'ze Ritual Stone

    By StellaX on 0

    Except the Rare Elites in the wild, 3 Shan'ze Ritual Stone can summon more powerful mobs which usually need a 5 person team to fight. 1. Spirit of Warlord Teng Skill: Spirit Slash Melee range: Inflicts 200,000 damage to enemies in front of the caster. 2.6 sec cast. 8 yard radius. Hits for 190-210K Shadow. Spirit's Wrath 40 yd range: Taking Nature Damage every second and leaving behind Spirit's Wrath in your wake. Instant. Ticks for 23,750-26,250 Shadow damage every 1 sec. Strategy: Teng Read More »

    WoW 5.2 Throne of Thunder Raid Schedule Announced

    By gena479 on 0

    The new raid Throne of Thunder will open gradually with the release of Patch 5.2. The Normal Throne of Thunder is available today and You need a minimum average ilevel of 480 to access. The detailed schedule is as following: March 5 – Normal Throne of Thunder March 12 – Heroic Throne of Thunder and LFR Wing 1 "Last Stand of the Zandalari" March 19 – LFR Wing 2 "Forgotten Depths" April 2 – LFR Wing 3 "Halls of Flesh-Shaping" April 16 – LFR Wing 4 "Pinnacle of Storms" If you have Read More »

    WoW 5.2 Throne of Thunder Dungeon Journal Twin Consort Guide

    By gena479 on 0

    Fight Videro Skill Guide Video Skills Darkness Falls: Lu'lin's Luminosity: As Night falls upon the Twin Consorts' chamber, Lu'lin is empowered and fully active, while Suen plays a more limited role. Lu'lin, Mistress of Solitude: Moon Lotus: Lu'lin sprouts a lovely Moon Lotus, which casts Slumber Spores in each direction. Coming into contact with Slumber Spores puts the player to sleep for 5 sec.This effect may only occur in darkness. During dusk or daytime, the Read More »

    WoW 5.2 PTR Battlegrounds with the Blues!

    By StellaX on 0

    Exciting News! The "blues" are taking up their gloves. Tomorrow on PTR some of the Blizzard employees will queue up for Random Battlegrounds as a team with the purpose of doing stress testing. Everybody has a chance to encounter them. You will recognize them by the guilds "Blizzard Horde" and "Blizzard Alliance". Keep informed that the exact time is from 4:30-6:30pm March 1st PST. Greetings Champions! Tomorrow on the PTR Blizzard employees are going to be storming the Battlegrounds. We're going Read More »

    WoW 5.2 Dungeon Journal Council of Elders Guide

    By gena479 on 0

    Fight Video Skill Guide Video Skill The Spirit of Gara'jal: The spirit of Gara'jal the Spiritbinder possesses a councillor, empowering their abilities and causing them to generate Dark Energy. The spirit remains in a councillor until they suffer damage equal to 25% of their maximum health.Once the spirit is forced out, it rushes to inhabit a new councillor, resets Dark Energy to 0, and leaves behind the Lingering Presence effect. Lingering Presence: When the Spirit of Gara Read More »

    WoW 5.2 Treasures of the King is not Just Gold

    By StellaX on 0

    The Charmer system has been introduced into WoW since Patch 5.0 providing players a second chance for obtaining loots. However the achievement brings little happyness but more disappointment. Players complained that "why giving the bag while everybody know there would be nothing other than 28 Gold, 50Silver in it?". Voices requiring for progress became louder and louder. Many players suggested a make up for those who use the Elder Charming of Good Fortune but get nothing more than Read More »

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