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    Diablo 2 is Being Recreated in Dota 2's Custom Games, and It Looks Good

    By Aaron on 0

    There is no doubt that Diablo 2 is a famous long-standing ARPG for all time. Although Blizzard has already halted new updates for the game, there still are some fans working on Diablo-clone games or similar mod in other games. A fellow by the name of Arhowk is recreating Diablo 2 in Dota 2, and he posted a new thread on Reddit and showed off some early-stage development pictures. Due to the copyright issues, it’s not a 1:1 clone of Diablo 2, but Arhowk is making new heroes and spells which Read More »

    Half-Life 2’s New Fan-Made Cinematic Awakening Mod Looks Awesome

    By Aaron on 0

    At Dota 2 International Championship this year, Valve finally announced a new game, however it was a card game named Artifact and it looks like Valve doesn’t have any future plan for the highly-anticipated Half-life series. If you are disappointed about Valve’s development pace, maybe you can try this mod first. Recently, famous NervenHölle-Team announce they are working on a new epic MOD named “Cinematic mod: Awakening”, and it will not only upgrade the graphics, but also Read More »

    Valve Reveals Two New Heroes With Dueling Fates Update for Dota 2

    By Aaron on 0

    Do you still remember Valve announced the Dota 2's first truly new hero Monkey King at Dota 2 International Championship? After one year, Valve once again revealed new heroes, and this time they introduce a pair of new heroes for the upcoming Dueling Fates Update. Although Valve did not unveil the name of new heroes, you can still check out the game trailer above, featuring an armadillo-inspired swashbuckler and a witch doctor-like fairy. Sylph has been rumored for some time, as references to the Read More »

    Valve Announced Official Dota Card Game Artifact; Release Date Set for 2018

    By Aaron on 0

    At today's Dota 2 International championships, Valve announced a new card game based on this long-standing MOBA game. Dubbed Artifact, the Dota card game is scheduled to launch in 2018. Dota 2 now has the highest prize pool competition, and there is no doubt that Artifact will also become a piece of Valve's eSports blueprint. Till now, Valve hasn't revealed any detail about gameplay, but from the trailer, we can find out Artifact is a card game based on Dota 2 involving three boards and Read More »

    Valve Steam Direct Fee Will Be Just $100 Per Game

    By JoeLW on 0

    Steam Direct is the new program Valve will be introducing to replace Steam Greenlight and it’s confirmed that the cost is just $100 for each game. Developers just have to pay Valve $100 to get a game on Steam market directly. The game developer can get the $100 back once its game reaches $1k sales, Valve announces. Now there’s no a date when Steam Direct will be officially implemented.   At first the fee was said to be between $200 and $5000, in order to prevent Steam from being flooded Read More »

    Valve Confirms to Work on 3 VR Exclusive Games

    By Fury116 on 0

    Valve boss Gabe Newell announced at a press briefing at Valve's Seattle office that they were developing 3 new VR-specific titles in the company. The new games will be full VR games, not like "the vignette-style demonstrations shown in Valve's The Lab," reported by Gamasutra. And these new games are made using Unity and Source 2 engines.   The Lab On the other hand, Valve will continue to invest in hardware. He said "So right now, we're building 3 VR games. And what we can Read More »

    Digital Homicide Sues 100 Steam Users for $18 Million Over Negative Reviews

    By shaylynsun on 0

    Earlier this week, James Romine, the co-founder of Digital Homicide, sued 100 anonymous Steam users for posting negative reviews on their games. What’s more, the developer is seeking the real identities of 100 users, demanding $18 millions for “personal injury”. You can check SidAlpha’s video below for more details.   The evidence presented included several scanned screenshots of Steam users accusing Digital Homicide for stealing assets for their games, as well as accusing the Read More »

    Dota 2 Finally Has a New Hero Monkey King That Isn't a Port From DotA

    By Aaron on 0

    At this year Dota 2 The International, Valve has finally ported all heroes from original DotA to Dota 2. The last original DotA's hero Underlord, also known as Pit lord, was revealed during the All Star match yesterday. When all people thought that Underlord is the only Easter Egg on TI6, Valve unexpectedly announced a new hero: Monkey King. As an iconic character of Chinese classical novel Journey to the West, Monkey King was announced after an incredible martial arts performance. Monkey King Read More »

    Dota 2 Forums Hacked and Around 2 Million Accounts were Stolen

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    A group of unidentified hackers have stolen around 2 million Dota 2 usernames and passwords. It seems that the Dota 2 forums have been hacked and the data set contains 1,923,972 records. Each record contains an email address, ip address, username, user identifier, and one password. According to the report, the hacking was carried out a month ago on July 10th, but its consequences were "reported" now. In addition, most of the stolen accounts were tied to Gmail e-mail addresses, followed Read More »

    Longtu and Lilith Reach Court Settlement With Blizzard and Valve on DOTA Legend

    By Aaron on 0

    Last time, we reported that Blizzard dismissed the copyright infringement lawsuit against Chinese company Lilith Games and Longtu Games in the US, but in China, DOTA Legend has been removed from app store for a while. Today Blizzard Entertainment, Inc., Valve Corporation, Beijing Zhong Qing Long Tu Network Technology Co., Ltd. (“Longtu”) and Lilith Games (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Lilith) announce that they have reached a mutually agreeable and beneficial resolution to their disputes concerning Read More »
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