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    Hellgate: London VR Is Being Developed for PC and Consoles

    By shaylynsun on 0

    Hanbit Soft’s CEO Kim Yoo-Ra announced that they have completed the Focus Group Test of Hellgate: London VR. The VR version is being developed for consoles and PCs, aiming to bring the the futuristic shooter for its fans. Watch the PSVR gameplay demo below.   Based on Hellgate's worldview, players will assume the role of a hero, protecting Templar Jessica to escape from demons. Supported by Unreal Engine 4, players can expect advanced graphics as well as the Read More »

    Sairento VR Is Like a Kill Bill Game by Letting You Slay Enemies Ruthlessly

    By JoeLW on 0

    Set in the future Japan, Sairento VR is a visually stunning first-person swordfighting and shooting game with intuitive controls. You play as a female ninja and have to face menacing enemies from mutated samurais and ninjas to yakuzas and heavily armored cops. What's more, you can cut down your enemies with a futuristic katana, blast them to smithereens with good old fashioned guns or pierce them with shurikens — does that remind you a little bit of Kill Bill?.     The game is not a Read More »

    VR Invaders: My.com's First VR Game Comes to Steam on December 15

    By Raffaella on 0

    My.com debuted their first virtual reality PC game VR Invaders, offering a visceral shooter experience in exceptional graphical detail.   As a story-driven game, VR Invaders takes place in the near future and thanks to global corporations, virtual reality programs offer the perfect distraction from life's hardships. To the delight of the corporations, some people spend almost all of their life logged into the VR programs. However, not everyone stays logged in voluntarily. Sometimes Read More »

    Sci-fi Shooter Odyssey Gives You DOOM's Experience in VR

    By Raffaella on 0

    OXON, the developer behind The World OnlineⅡ, launched their latest Sci-fi shooter game Odyssey on Steam Greenlight. It’s a tech demo that support 6-7 minutes of gaming experience time. They also unveiled a short promotion video, giving me Doom’s Experience in VR. Check it below:   The Mars base is under attack of of an unidentified creature. Players will wake up finding themselves among the ruins. Suddenly, the monster breaks in and rushes toward you...   Powered by Unity Read More »

    Exclusive Interview With ConvictVR - A New Fast Paced VR Shooter

    By Raffaella on 0

    Recently, a fast paced FPS VR shooter game called ConvictVR has become popular in China’s offline VR experience stores. 2P had the opportunity to interview with Frank Bloemendal, CEO at Shortfuse, to talk about the upcoming VR eSports game.   Frank Bloemendal   1. For the many fans who don’t know Shortfuse Game Studio, Could you introduce the company and its main projects? Shortfuse is a VR game studio based in Xiamen focused on developing fun and immersive games Read More »

    Robo Recall: Watch 7 Minutes Gameplay of Epic Games' Upcoming VR Shooter

    By Raffaella on 0

    Robo Recall, a Oculus Touch exclusive title, debuted at Oculus VR’s Connect 3 event, showing a high-end visuals. Players will be able to use a variety of weapons to dismantle an army of robots that have obviously gone off-script. Epic Games presented a playable version of Robo Recall at G-STAR 2016. Let’s check the gameplay video below.  >> See more new games at 2P's G-STAR 2016 feature The game will be released in early 2017 as an entirely free title. Head Read More »

    Mortal Blitz for Walking Attraction Is a VR Shooter Reminds Me of Dead Space

    By Fury116 on 0

    Mortal Blitz for Walking Attraction is an Unreal Engine 4 VR FPS developed by South Korean company Skonec Entertainment and the game is presented for the first time to the public at Korean Virtual Reality Festival (KVRF) 2016.   Essentially the game is a horror / action shooter puts you into the shoes of future warrior who shoots alien creatures. The gameplay trailer also shows explosive actions and fast-paced intense combat that reminds me of the Doom series and Dead Space, a horror shooter published Read More »

    Sci-fi Shooter VR Invader Announced for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift

    By shaylynsun on 0

    My.com, the publisher behind Revelation Online, announced its first virtual reality PC game VR Invaders, a sci-fi shooter where players can dive into cyber reality.   According to My.com’s in-house studio, VR Invader will be supported with Unreal Engine 4, providing impressive graphics and visual details. Players can except various gameplay mechanics that are unique for VR shooter. VR Invaders puts the player in the role of a Diver, a special member of a virtual reality rescue Read More »
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