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    Dead Target VR won the “Best Technical Achievement” award at the IMGA SEA 2017!

    By DEADEYES on 0

    The full list of winners of the 2nd International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA) for Southeast Asia (or IMGA SEA 2017) was announced. Totally 13 best games were picked by a jury’s board of experts industry, journalists and developers. Dead Target VR from VNG Game Studios won the award: Best Technical Achievement! Image by: VNG Game Studios   Back to March 2017, Dead Target VR: Zombie Intensified (or for short: Dead Target VR) was just a prototype and made by a team of 2 people for VNG Game Read More »

    Maguss Hands On, A Great Adventure Where Happy Potter Meets Pokemon GO

    By AnotherInfinity on 0

    The incredible success of Pokémon GO has confirmed the interest of the general public for augmented reality games. Unsurprisingly, numerous developers grew more interested in AR, with some titles already at work. Maguss, one of these titles, has secured its funding via Indiegogo and already possesses a core community that is constantly growing. While it does not have an official license behind it, Maguss allows you to take on the role of a wizard and live an adventure close to the classic MMORPGs... but Read More »

    Dark Eclipse: Finally, a MOBA Is Coming to PlayStation VR

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    VR game changes the way we play games, and it will continue to do so. In 2018 you will be able to play MOBA in VR, although you may not like it. But let's not get to the conclusion so fast and take a look at the gameplay trailer first. At Tokyo Game Show 2017, Sony presented a VR MOBA called Dark Eclipse. Labeled as a hybrid between real-time strategy and MOBA genres, Dark Eclipse allows players to choose three characters from over 20 available heroes. You win by forcing your opponent to retire his Read More »

    Snail Games' ARK PARK Launches in December on PSVR

    By cerberus on 0

    Snail Games has announced the launch date for ARK Park at Sony’s TGS 2017 Conference. A brand new VR experience based on the world of the popular survival game ARK:Survival Evolved, ARK Park will be launching in December this year on Playstation VR.   ARK Park will support both controller and PlayStation Move, and supports English, Chinese, and Japanese voiceover and subtitles. ARK PARK also features online play for an exciting online multiplayer experience.    Game Features:   Read More »

    Illusion Announced Their First Ever Non-Adult Game VR Kanojo: Summer Vacation

    By Wei on 0

    Illusion has been a veteran in adult gaming industry for more than a decade but they surprised everyone at TGS 2017 by announcing their first ever non-adult game VR Kanojo: Summer Vacation.   In case you don't know, VR Kanojo is an adult VR game released in early 2017 and it's the company's first attempt in VR adult game. VR Kanojo turns out to be a popular adult game and Illusion doesn't want this IP to be accessible for adult audiences only. So they decide to make VR Kanojo: Summer Vacation Read More »

    Sword Art Online VR Game Sword Art Online: Replication Debuted by Bandai Namco

    By JoeLW on 0

    Sword Art Online: Replication will finally let you check out the SAO VR MMO in VR. Called Sword Art Online: Replication, the game takes you back to the very beginning story in the Floating Castle Aincrad, where you meet a girl named Mist. Can you protect Mist in your adventure and survive? The game will be co-developed by Bandai Namco and NTT docomo using the high speed, large capacity 5G communication technology. Is it going to be a VR game for mobile platform? We have to wait and see.   No gameplay Read More »

    Maybe a Cat Collecting VR Game Is What We Need in VR for Now

    By JoeLW on 0

    If it's too early for us to have 3A VR games (as so many big VR titles turned out to be disappointed, and the upcoming Skyrim VR may fail as well), it's perfect time to have casual but fun and fresh VR games. At TGS 2017's Sony conference, Neko Atsume VR was announced to release for PSVR in 2018.   The game is developed by Hit Point and it allows you to leave food around your home to attract cats to come to visit. There will be many special cartoon-style cats inspired by baseball players, Read More »

    Apple Shows off Promising New Augmented Reality Games on iPhone 8

    By Aaron on 0

    Apple today held a big conference at Steve Jobs Theater in California and announced the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and highly-anticipated iPhone X. In addition, Apple also showcased a few apps and games that will be supporting ARKit right out of the gates.  There is no doubt that AR is the most promising technology right now, and companies like Apple and Google already have some movement in this area. Apple’s augmented reality software developer kit was announced earlier this year at the Worldwide Read More »

    Marvel Powers United VR - Two New Inhuman Characters Unveiled

    By Akami on 0

    Marvel Entertainment, the developer of the upcoming action-packed VR game, Marvel Powers United VR, has revealed two new characters to join the game. The two new characters are called Black Bolt and Crystal, they are classified as Inhumans. A teaser trailer was revealed by Marvel Entertainment, introducing the two new Inhuman characters, and showing their abilities during the gameplay. Black Bolt is a character who has a superpower related to his voice. He can destroy and kill enemies using his voice Read More »

    Bright Memory is a Promising VR FPS Created by One Man

    By Aaron on 0

    Making a good game is not an easy task, no matter for a handful of people or just a single person. When you see the credits for any AAA game, and you’ll see that literally hundreds of people have been involved in its production. FYQD Studio, a Chinese studio ran by Zeng Xiancheng, has recently announced its first game Bright Memory will be launched in Steam with VR support in 2018. Made by one man in his free time in a year, Bright Memory is a FPS game features stunning graphics, physics-based scripted Read More »
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