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    Paragon New Hero Revealed

    By Akami on 0

    Paragon has revealed a new hero which is going to be released on Tuesday, July 18 as announced on their official website. The new hero is called Zinx, the durable ranged attacker. Some players expect it to be OP, but for sure it will get it's patchs to be balanced/nerf later. Also you can watch Zinx's trailer which was released by Paragon Youtube channel. The official website also revealed a summary of Zinx's story, which you will find it below: After hundreds of failed attempts Read More »

    VR Action Shooter Gunheart Shows Acrobatic Locomotion and Combat Gamepaly

    By JoeLW on 0

    Drifter's upcoming VR co-op action shooter Gunheart allows you to gear up as robotic bounty hunters to fight alien enemies. There 2 moving modes, the traditional teleport mode and the strafe mode. The strafe mode is for players who want to make cool dodge and jumping and won't feel sick. Take a look at the gameplay video below to see the 2 modes.     Gunheart is a Unreal Engine 4 game that gives you an arsenal of technologies and killing machines to blast, hack and mow the enemies down Read More »

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Has Sold More Than 4 Million Copies

    By JoeLW on 0

    Bluehole's Battle Royale shooter is another Steam early access game miracle, as it has sold over 4 million copies and earned $100 million since March 2017. The game is also a great example of succeeding in both eastern and western markets. According to Bluehole, 24% of the total players are based in US, 6% in Germany, 6% in Russia and 4% in the U.K., while in the east, 19% are from China, 5.5% in South Korea and 4.3% in Japan. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has peaked at 230,00 Read More »

    Dark and Light Screenshots Show New NVIDIA Technology

    By Sr Yamamoto on 0

    Snail Games has released a new trailer for "Dark and Light" showing a revolutionary way to take screenshots. The technology is called NVIDIA Ansel is will allow "stop time". The player can freeze the screen at any time and rotate the image to 360 to fit the best perspective. It will also have filters to make your screenshots even more beautiful. Dark and Light is a 2006 MMORPG reboot of the same name that received several negative reviews due to its bugs and poor visual quality. The Read More »

    ArcheAge Begins - Second Global Closed Beta Test Announced

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    Gamevil is ready to begin the second global Closed Beta test for upcoming Unreal Engine 4 mobile RPG ArcheAge Begins. If you missed the first global CBT in March, you can get ready for the second global CBT which is scheduled from June 21 to July 4, 2017. It will support English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean language. We can expect to see the game's final launch soon after the second CBT.  Source: gamemeca Read More »

    Gunheart is a VR Sci-fi Shooter From Former Gears of War and Robo Recall Devs

    By Aaron on 0

    When it comes to VR game, action shooter is undoubtedly the most popular genre. Recently, Drifter Entertainment, a Seattle-based virtual reality studio, has unveiled a multiplayer sci-fi shooter called Gunheart.   For those who are not familiar with Drifter Entertainment, it’s a team that includes veterans from Microsoft Game Studios and Epic Games, and several team members are involved with Gears of War and Robo Recall.   Gunheart combines the fun of summer sci-fi blockbuster Read More »

    Lineage 2 Revolution: Classes Guide for the Human Race

    By Aaron on 0

    Human is the most balanced class in Lineage 2 Revolution, and he is capable of doing different roles in the team. There are 3 base classes: Warrior, Rogue, and Mage, each of which can advance to one of the 2 subclasses. If you play human, you need to know which subclass fits you best.   Warrior subclasses Paladin Paladin is a melee class with sword and shield. With Human race’s high HP, Paladin can be a very tanky hero. Due to the defend specialization, Paladin is not a class that Read More »

    Tencent's First VR Game Shadow Tracker Is a Unreal Engine 4 Action RPG

    By Aaron on 0

    Tencent Games has just teamed up with HTC Vive to publish its first VR game Shadow Tracker on Viveport Arcade. The game is now exclusive on Viveport Arcade and in the future it will be available on VR arcade shops all over China. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, Shadow Tracker is a story-driven VR action RPG which includes 7 different levels, 12 enemies and 15 weapons. Players will be able to act as a super hero and have a life-and-death fight with mysterious organization. Making full use of Vive&rsquo Read More »

    Lineage II Revolution Guide: 8 Tips for Beginners

    By Aaron on 0

    Since its release, the mobile MMO Lineage II Revolution has already achieved huge success in Korea by pulling in an impressive five million players.  Lineage II Revolution is going to hit the global market soon. To give western players a smooth start, we’ve gathered up some of Lineage II Revolution tips for you. 1.    Gold in game is very rare in this game since you can only use premium currency and AH to trade it. Right now trade between players is not available. Read More »

    Lineage 2: Revolution Will Launch Globally in June 2017

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    A few days ago Lineage 2: Revolution English pre-registration page was live for a short period of time and then taken down. Fortunately we don't have to wait too long and the global official website has gone live, along with the release time: June 2017. You can pre-register for the Android version here for the chance to receive in-game rewards.   Backstory The demise of the Elmoreden Empire ushered in an age of darkness. The different territories each declared their Read More »
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