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    NetEase Unveiled a Monster Hunter Game for Mobile; The Gameplay Looks Fresh

    By Wei on 0

    There's no a popular Monster Hunter style game on mobile platform, and Chinese developer NetEase Games believes there should be one. After Hunting Era which seemed not working out, they announced Hunter Soul (Chinese name 猎魂觉醒) today, with a fancy gameplay trailer with some interesting features.     Visually the game has high quality lighting and shadows as well as a day / night circle. For gameplay, the game doesn't focus on farming and leveling up but exploration and 4-player Read More »

    Black Desert Online: Mystic Teaser Trailer Revealed

    By Akami on 0

    Black Desert Online KR Facebook page has just revealed the 15th class teaser trailer. The Mystic will be a part of the "Amazing Adventure" content update for the KR version of the game. Mystic is a female version of the current available Striker class. The Teaser trailer was posted as an event for the Korean version, which requires you to share the video to participate in the event runs until July 26. I think we will see the full combat gameplay trailer of Mysitc very soon. You can Read More »

    Revelation Online: Safe Haven Expansion Coming Later This Month

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    Revelation Online announced the release date of the next expansion Safe Haven will be July 26. The update finally introduce in the apartment system that allow players to claim a new home.  After reaching level 40, players will be able to buy their own private property, where they can invite friends, gain daily experience and decorate as they please. This apartment is located on the back of a giant tortoise, which is cruising around the world of Nuanor in a very low speed.   The size Read More »

    $4.5M Raised For inXile Entertainment's New Open World VR RPG

    By AnotherInfinity on 0

    For those of you wondering who inXile Entertainment are, their game The Mage's Tale may sound more familiar (check the video below). The developers have announced that they had successfully secured $4.5M for the creation of a new Open World VR RPG, received in the form of funding from gumi Inc.. The game is an upcoming VR adventure for the Oculus Touch, developed by inXile Entertainment and published by Oculus Studios. What we know about the game include the following:   A new Tale of Read More »

    Conan Exiles New Climbing System Allows More Possibilities in the Game

    By Sr Yamamoto on 0

    With Update #28 players of Conan Exiles can climb walls, buildings, mountains and trees. Climbing consumes stamina so watch out and make sure you don't fall because of exhaustion. At the same time you can craft items can help improve the climbing ability. Climbign adds more possibilities to play the game. Now players have to prepare to defend their homes and fortress from climbers. Reinforced stone fences and Tier 3 crenelated walls will have thorns that can injure anyone trying to climb over. Read More »

    Riders of Icarus Officially Released with New Class Trickster

    By Sr Yamamoto on 0

    Yeah, Riders of Icarus formally launches but perhaps you've already forgotten the game. Nexon and WeMade's F2P fantasy title started open beta in July 2016 and then releasd several update and revamped the game's UI, crafting, quest for world bosses, rewards and dungeons, etc.  Today the game launched with the Rise of the Trickster, adding new Shaling race and Trickster class. On the other hand the level cap increases to 60 and brand-new area Akrat Plains opens to high level players. Read More »

    Wild West Online: After Seeing the First Gameplay, Do You Think It Will Succeed?

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    The open world west-themed MMO Wild West Online finally presented the first ever actual gameplay. The trailer is quite informative with character creation, outfits, open world exploration and most importantly, the bounty hunting, or mission in another world.  The graphics and animations don't disappoint and it's a fresh way players can learn the lore and get mission information from reading newspaper. It would be amazing if there are more people doing their things in the bar since Read More »

    Fortnite's Launch Cinematic Trailer Shows the Battle in Durrr Burger

    By JoeLW on 0

    Epic Games' anticipated build, explore and fight online title Fortnite will launch the early access on July 25, 2017. Today the developer released the launch cinematic trailer where you can see the game's core gameplay features.     In the game a team of players will explore the map, scavenging materials to craft items and weapons in order to build and fortify the fort against zombie invasion. In the trailer you can see 4 classes: Soldier, Ninja, Constructor, and Outlander working to defend Read More »

    Mabinogi Mobile is Nexon's MMO Features Hunting, Social Activities and More

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    At 2017 Mabinogi Showcase, the event Nexon held in Seoul the biggest South Korean game company together with devCAT Studio surprised the audiences with the announcement of Mabinogi Mobile, the mobile RPG that will be launched in 2018. According to the developer, the game will be powered by Silvervine Engine and directed by Mabinogi series producer Naak Kim. The trailer teases there are going to be lots of costumes for players to collect, while of course, they can explore and hunt with friends Read More »

    Middle Earth: Shadow of War is a Strategy Mobile Game Based on the PC Version

    By Aaron on 0

    At E3 2017, Monolith announced the sequel to the highly-acclaimed Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor will be arriving at PC and consoles on October 10. However, an iPhone version of Shadow of War suddenly soft launched onto the Philippines App Store the other days, giving players a teaser for this highly-anticipated game.   Similar to its predecessor Shadow of Mordor, Middle earth Shadow of War Mobile features strategy gameplay, allowing players to control the squad and do the real-time tactic combat Read More »

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