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    Ashes of Creation Referral Program Stirs up Controversy

    By Nephthys on 0

    I'm watching Ashes of Creation with an enthusiasm that I haven't felt since ... well, since I became aware of Vanguard during its development back in 2002. Let's hope Ashes fares better... The kickstarter has done amazingly well, blowing through stretch and backer goals left and right, and as I type this it's sitting at a cool $2,554,256. That is pretty amazing, given the current kickstarter fatigued landscape of MMOs. If you've seen anything about it, you've likely also Read More »

    Funcom Reassures That Secret World Legends Will Be Truly Free to Play

    By censeo91 on 0

    Secret World Legends will be launched on June 26, 2017 with a new F2P business model. To reassure that the game is truly free without hidden tricks and any restriction, Funcom explains the model in detail.  F2P Features The goal is to share the game with as many players around the world as possible. Anything in the game can be obtained by playing the game. Marks of Favour: "These are a flexible currency used for a variety of things, such as purchasing items from the Auction House Read More »

    NCsoft Gifts Every Employee a Nintendo Switch and a Copy of Breath of the Wild

    By Wei on 0

    NCsoft CEO Kim Taek-Jin just announced to gift all its employees a Nintendo Switch console and a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. When talked to Korean media Gamefocus about this unexpected decision, Kim said that he enjoyed Breath of the Wild and shared his experience inside the company with the employees.   Kim Taek-Jin has been actively trying the latest games and gaming hardware for years and as console gaming market keeps growing, he wants NCsoft to enter that market. Buying Nintendo Read More »

    World of Tanks Streamer Died on 22-Hour Livestream Marathon

    By censeo91 on 0

    Brian Vigneault, the 35-year-old World of Tanks streamer died in a charity livestream marathon in February 2017 and the cause of his death was just confirmed. The famous streamer known as "PoShYbRiD" in WoT community died on fentanyl overdose, and the livestream marathon was certainly to be blamed — take a look at the image below. Vigneault died at a cigarette break, after 22 hours' streaming. He had done several livestream marathons for good cause in one week, according Read More »

    Star Citizen Breaks $149,000,000 in Crowd Funding

    By JoeLW on 0

    Star Citizen hit $100,000,000 in 2015 and I thought it would stop there. 2 years later Star Citizen's crowd funding reached $149,000,000, and the game is still getting new backers! There are over 1.8 million players that have made their pledge, and it means the game already has about 2 million players.   Star Citizen crowd funding started in 2012 with a $500,000 goal, and with the snowball rolling and getting bigger, the game is now one of the most expensive games to develop (should be the second Read More »

    Pornhub Has Over 500,000 Views on VR Adult Videos Per Day

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    The largest adult entertainment website Pornhub has revealed an infographics showing its audiences' behaviors and preferences. There are over 2600 VR videos on Pornhub now and they garner over 500,000 views everyday.   Other interesting yet unsurprising facts are men are 160% more likely to view VR videos compared to women, and 47% of the users who watch VR videos are between 25 and 34. Via: venturebeat     Read More »

    AFK Is Coming: Making Game of Thrones an MMORPG

    By JoeLW on 0

    In the world of fantasy fiction, no other property is as popular as George R.R. Martin's epic series A Song of Ice and Fire. Known to wider audiences as Game of Thrones, the book franchise has not only spawned one of the most commercially and critically successful TV shows of all time, which has just earned 38 Emmy awards across all six seasons, but has also begotten multiple comics, collectibles, toys, and more recently, video games. While the latter category has seen the likes of Telltale Games, as well Read More »

    The 3 Most Classic Point-and-Click Adventure Games

    By Fury116 on 0

    Credit: PlayStation Suomi via Twitter Despite being amongst the most popular early CD-based PC games, the point-and-click adventure is one that has largely been monopolised by one company in recent years. It’s not that the California-based Telltale Games is overly aggressive, it’s more the fact that the studio has so expertly redefined what the genre is all about – with narrative-driven titles such as The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us and Tales from the Borderlands heavily resonating Read More »

    Mobile Games Make as Much as Movies and That's Why Other Mediums Have to Change

    By cerberus on 0

    Unless you've been living under an 8-bit rock for the last few years, you'll have noticed that mobile gaming is now a booming sector in the industry. In fact, in 2016, portable platform games and the like not only raked in record amounts, they helped the mobile medium become the biggest earner in the gaming world. "iPhone 4G" (CC BY 2.0) by ArabCrunch Midway through 2016, analysts at Newzoo predicted that mobile gaming revenue would top $36.9 billion by the close of the year. That figure Read More »

    Runescape "Next-Gen" Accidentally Leaked by the Developer

    By censeo91 on 0

    During a livestream Runescape's Community Manager "Mod Shauny" unintentionally displayed an image featured a logo of "Next-Gen". Shauny immediately turned the screen into darkness and muttered again and again "Oh god, I will lose my job." You can see a flash of the "Next-Gen" logo in the video clip below. His partner who was doing the livestream with him tried to soothe him that he was not going to lose his job. Fans at Runescape subreddit also backed Read More »

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