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    WoW 5.2 Throne of Thunder Raid Schedule Announced

    By gena479 on 0

    The new raid Throne of Thunder will open gradually with the release of Patch 5.2. The Normal Throne of Thunder is available today and You need a minimum average ilevel of 480 to access. The detailed schedule is as following: March 5 – Normal Throne of Thunder March 12 – Heroic Throne of Thunder and LFR Wing 1 "Last Stand of the Zandalari" March 19 – LFR Wing 2 "Forgotten Depths" April 2 – LFR Wing 3 "Halls of Flesh-Shaping" April 16 – LFR Wing 4 "Pinnacle of Storms" If you have Read More »

    WoW 5.2 Throne of Thunder Dungeon Journal Twin Consort Guide

    By gena479 on 0

    Fight Videro Skill Guide Video Skills Darkness Falls: Lu'lin's Luminosity: As Night falls upon the Twin Consorts' chamber, Lu'lin is empowered and fully active, while Suen plays a more limited role. Lu'lin, Mistress of Solitude: Moon Lotus: Lu'lin sprouts a lovely Moon Lotus, which casts Slumber Spores in each direction. Coming into contact with Slumber Spores puts the player to sleep for 5 sec.This effect may only occur in darkness. During dusk or daytime, the Read More »

    WoW 5.2 Dungeon Journal Council of Elders Guide

    By gena479 on 0

    Fight Video Skill Guide Video Skill The Spirit of Gara'jal: The spirit of Gara'jal the Spiritbinder possesses a councillor, empowering their abilities and causing them to generate Dark Energy. The spirit remains in a councillor until they suffer damage equal to 25% of their maximum health.Once the spirit is forced out, it rushes to inhabit a new councillor, resets Dark Energy to 0, and leaves behind the Lingering Presence effect. Lingering Presence: When the Spirit of Gara Read More »

    WoW 5.2 Rune of Re-Origination will Have a Modification

    By StellaX on 0

    The game designer, Ghostcrawler’s latest blue post indicates that some modification will be made based on testing and feedback to the trinket Rune of Re-Origination dropped from LeiShen. They intend to made this trinket a powerful gear for those very skilled gamer well while a decent trinket for other.  The changes will go like these: - 10 sec duration (down from 20 sec) but with double the proc rate. - Increase your highest secondary stat by 200% of the sum of your two lowest Read More »

    WoW 5.2 Throne of Thunder Dungeon Journal Primordius Guide

    By gena479 on 0

    Fight Video Skill Guide Video Skills Primordial Strike: Primordius claws at his current target, inflicting 700000 Physical damage to all players in a 7-yard cone. Malformed Blood: The heavily-mutated blood within Primordius spreads to his current target, inflicting 10000 Nature damage every 3 sec and causing the afflicted player's attacks to Congeal Blood, inflicting 20000 additional Nature damage to Living Fluids and Viscous Horrors. This effect lasts 1 min and stacks Read More »

    WoW 5.2 Throne of Thunder Raid Durumu the Forgotten Guide

    By gena479 on 0

    Fight Video Skills Guide Video Skills Hard Stare: Durumu focuses his gaze on his current target and inflicts 135 to 165% weapon damage as Physical damage on them. Victims of this attack suffer a Serious Wound and an Arterial Cut. Serious Wound: Victims of Serious Wound receive 10% less healing per application. Arterial Cut: Victims of Arterial Cut suffer 60000 Physical damage every second until they are restored to full health. Gaze: If Durumu has no valid melee Read More »

    Ra-den Will have Limit Attempts of 30 Times

    By StellaX on 0

    Recently a serious picture of Ra-den raid indicate that the “bonus boss” have limited attempts of 30 times. And Watcher the Game Designer of Blizzard have confirmed that they did plan to adopt the limit attempts. Also he made an example of Lich king to state that Ra-den is more of a "bonus boss". Regarding alts: To engage Heroic Lei Shen, you must have killed 11/12 bosses on Heroic in that lockout. To engage Ra-den, you must have killed Heroic Lei Shen in that lockout. I'm incredibly skeptical Read More »

    WoW 5.2 Throne of Thunder Dungeon Journal Megaera Guide

    By gena479 on 0

    Fight Video Skill Guide Video Skills One Body, Many Heads: When one of Megaera's heads is destroyed, her body takes damage equal to the head's maximum health and two heads regrow in its place. Concealing Fog: Megaera's body and distant heads are shrouded by thick, swirling fog and are unable to be attacked directly. Rampage: Megaera begins to Rampage whenever more than 2 of her heads are outside of the Concealing Fog, inflicting 58500 Elemental damage to all enemies every second.In Read More »

    WoW 5.2 Throne of Thunder Dungeon Journal Dark Animus Guide

    By gena479 on 0

    Fight Video Skill and Ability Guide Strategy Dark Animus is the ninth boss. It activates several small golems. One tip to win the battle is keeping the golems apart for 8 yards to avoid Acceleration Link. And Healer mana would be a limit for the speed of fight. Skills Powered by Anima: Anima Golems cannot act or use abilities without Anima to power them. Anima capacity is limited by the size of the golem; larger golems can hold more of the stuff Read More »

    WoW 5.2 Throne of Thunder Dungeon Journal Ji-Kun Guide

    By StellaX on 0

    Fight Video Guide Stages of Life: Ji-Kun's young are located throughout the roost and progress through different stages of life:- Young Egg of Ji-Kun - Hatchling - Fledgling- Ji-Kun Fledgeling's Egg - Juvenile- Mature Egg of Ji-Kun - Juvenile Young Egg of Ji-Kun: Eggs in the nests located around Ji-Kun's roost will periodically hatch. The hatching process takes 20 sec from the time the egg is incubated. Once the egg hatches, a hatchling will emerge Read More »

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