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    Tencent shut down the China Server for Smite

    By aoneko on 0

    Tencent officially announced that the China Server for 3D action MOBA SMITE will be shut down shortly. The recharge Service and Registration will not be available in China server from October 17th. According to the official Announcement, all the account information will be retained and transferred to the International Server from late November; and therefore players will be able to against with each other from all over the world.   The in-game currency in China Server will also transfer to that in Read More »

    Arena of Valor pre-registration NOW OPEN

    By aoneko on 0

    Tencent’s 5v5 mobile MOBA Arena of Valor opened pre-registration today. Anyone who pre-registers will get exclusive skins and in-game currency on launch day. However, there has no official announcement about the release date for the game.​ Arena of Valor (named Honor of Kings in China) is not only the most popular mobile game in China, but also the most successful video game ever. According to Bloomberg, it almost makes revenue about $441 Million per month, and reaches more than 50 million daily active Read More »

    Tencent’s Mobile MOBA Arena of Valor is Coming to Nintendo Switch

    By Aaron on 0

    Last month, Tencent’s Mobile Hit Arena of Valor (or you can also call Honor of Kings) was launched in western market last month and had already taken gamers by storm. Now this well-known mobile MOBA game is heading to Nintendo Switch, according to today's Nintendo Direct. This is the first time that a MOBA has been put on Nintendo’s system, and till now Nintendo hasn’t revealed whether the game will support cross-platform feature. If cross-platform match-making works, what should Read More »

    NetEase to Publish New Mobile MOBA to Challenge Tencent Games

    By Aaron on 0

    Launched in 2015, Honor of Kings is a multiplayer online battle game similar to League of Legends, but for mobile devices. About 55 million people are playing HoK daily in China, making it the top-grossing mobile game all over the world. As another mobile game giant in China, NetEase also has its mobile hit Onmyoji which climbed on top-grossing boards in some western countries of the world with only Chinese UI. However, it is obvious that NetEase doesn’t want to hand over the competitive edge in Read More »

    Tencent Mobile MOBA Hit Honor of Kings Launches in Europe

    By Aaron on 0

    A few weeks before, Tencent announced its MOBA hit Honor of Kings or you can also call Arena of Valor, was heading to western market. Earlier this week, this mobile hit title can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and iOS App Store in Europe. Arena of Valor, also known as Honour of Kings in China, offers ‘challenging 5v5 MOBA to play’ on mobile and it’s already proven a notable success in South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. It’s the first title to lead the download Read More »

    Lineage 2 Revolution VR Demo Is Shown at ChinaJoy 2017

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    MMOculture reported that Tencent Games presented a playable VR version of Lineage 2: Revolution at their booth at ChinaJoy 2017. The video footage shows a player attacks and blocks but without being able to move around or cast any skills. This is more of a VR experience that many companies will make to market their games played on traditional platforms. The fact that this demo was running on SteamVR could indicate that we might experience a full VR experience for Lineage 2 Revolution sometime in Read More »

    Tencent's New Game Looks Like a Terrible Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Imitator

    By Aaron on 0

    No doubt the battle royal game Playerunknown's Battlegrounds has already taken the global market by storm. The successful title always comes with tons of clone games. Chinese gaming giant Tencent recently launches a Playerunknown's Battlegrounds-like mobile game on the test server of Cross Fire Mobile, and it looks like a terrible imitation of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds.    Till now, Tencent hasn’t revealed the official name of the game, but Chinese gamers all called it &ldquo Read More »

    Dragon Nest Mobile (CN) Open Beta Starts; Download Here If You Are Interested

    By Wei on 0

    Published by Tencent Games, the game has been in pre-OBT for 3 months and yesterday the game started open beta in China. The OBT version adds new character class Assassin and MOBA style arena, along with new abilities for current classes.   There's no English version at the moment but if you are interested in playing the CN version, you can download the iOS or Android version below.   iOS download: https://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/id1112094262 Android download: http://dn.qq.com/d/index.html Read More »

    Tencent Implements Strictest Anti-addiction Rule for China’s NO.1 Mobile Game

    By Aaron on 0

    Maybe you haven’t heard about this game before, but it is definitely the most popular mobile game in China. Developed by Tencent Games, King of Glory (王者荣耀) and it’s currently China’s top grossing iOS mobile game and also the most lucrative mobile game all over the world. According to CNG, game’s Q1 revenue is around 880 million US dollar.  With more and more young players entering the game, parents and teachers have complained that children were becoming addicted Read More »

    CBT Review: A New Overwatch MOBA Born for Action

    By Magic Ren on 0

    If you're here to see some Overwatch review, well, you just got jubaited! Welcome to Transformers Online.    Tencent announced the close beta test of Transformers Online two months prior to the release of the upcoming Transformer movie The Last Knight for the wonderful celebration and promotion of the film. In comparison to the last close beta test, the current CBT offers the redesign of the combat system and all the Transformers' skillsets. It’s a pretty huge upgrade indeed Read More »
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