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    Tencent's New Game Looks Like a Terrible Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Imitator

    By Aaron on 0

    No doubt the battle royal game Playerunknown's Battlegrounds has already taken the global market by storm. The successful title always comes with tons of clone games. Chinese gaming giant Tencent recently launches a Playerunknown's Battlegrounds-like mobile game on the test server of Cross Fire Mobile, and it looks like a terrible imitation of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds.    Till now, Tencent hasn’t revealed the official name of the game, but Chinese gamers all called it &ldquo Read More »

    Dragon Nest Mobile (CN) Open Beta Starts; Download Here If You Are Interested

    By Wei on 0

    Published by Tencent Games, the game has been in pre-OBT for 3 months and yesterday the game started open beta in China. The OBT version adds new character class Assassin and MOBA style arena, along with new abilities for current classes.   There's no English version at the moment but if you are interested in playing the CN version, you can download the iOS or Android version below.   iOS download: https://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/id1112094262 Android download: http://dn.qq.com/d/index.html Read More »

    Tencent Implements Strictest Anti-addiction Rule for China’s NO.1 Mobile Game

    By Aaron on 0

    Maybe you haven’t heard about this game before, but it is definitely the most popular mobile game in China. Developed by Tencent Games, King of Glory (王者荣耀) and it’s currently China’s top grossing iOS mobile game and also the most lucrative mobile game all over the world. According to CNG, game’s Q1 revenue is around 880 million US dollar.  With more and more young players entering the game, parents and teachers have complained that children were becoming addicted Read More »

    Transformers Online CBT Review: A New Overwatch MOBA Born for Action

    By Magic Ren on 0

    If you're here to see some Overwatch review, well, you just got jubaited! Welcome to Transformers Online.    Tencent announced the close beta test two months before the release of the upcoming Transformer movie The Last Knight, for a wonderful celebration and promotion of the film. In comparison to the last close beta test, the CBT offered a redesign of the abilities of all the Transformers and the combat system, so it’s a pretty huge upgrade. Now an open beta is on stage.   Read More »

    Monster Hunter Online Summer Expansion Adds 7 New Monsters and More

    By Aaron on 0

    Tencent Games will release a large update for Monster Hunter Online in China this summer. Major new contents in this update include 7 new monsters, new weapon talent, new map, and a number of costumes and pets, etc. Monster Hunter Online is available now for PC in China, and there is no words on whether this game will be launched in North America and Europe. New Monster Uragaan(爆锤龙) Abiorugu(狞龙) Tigrex(炎轰龙) Black Gravios(黑铠龙) Gold Rathian(金火龙) Dancing Read More »

    Transformers Online China Open Beta Starts Soon (Register & Download Guide)

    By Aaron on 0

    Transformers: The Last Knight will hit big screen in China on June 23. In the run-up to the release of the film, the officially licensed multiplayer game Transformers Online will kick off the Open Beta on the same day. The game will introduce in the first female Transformer character Arcee and selected characters from the new Transformers film such as evil Optimus Prime, reborn Megatron and more.  Similar to Overwatch, Transformers Online is a team-oriented FPS based on the Transformers franchise Read More »

    Tencent is Looking to Acquire Angry Birds Maker Rovio For $3 Billion

    By Aaron on 0

    Following the huge acquisition of Finnish mobile game developer Supercell, Tencent doesn’t slow down its pace. According to The Information, Tencent(TCEHY) is pursuing an acquisition of Rovio Entertainment, the creator behind Angry Birds. Tencent is said to be just one of several companies to approach Rovio. The company is considering offers, but the same source said that Rovio may opt to stay independent and could go public at the end of this year. One person close to the situation said Read More »

    Monster Hunter Online: Classic Monster Nargacuga Flying into the Game

    By Wei on 0

    Monster Hunter Online developer and publisher Tencent Games has revealed upcoming new monster Nargacuga, a flying wyvern that has appeared in several MH games like Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, Monster Hunter 3 G, Monster Hunter X, and Monster Hunter XX, etc.   In addition to the new monster, Tencent teases that major improvement will be made to the weapon and weapon upgrade system to make it more familiar to fans of the MH series. Details are to be announced. Read More »

    Konami's Classic Shooter Contra Gets a Reboot on Mobile Platform

    By Wei on 0

    The 1987 run and gun action game Contra (named Gryzor in EU) is a milestone in arcade game history. Chinese developer Tencent Games and Konami has recently reboot the game on mobile platform and added online co-op play to the game.   In addition to the classic elements like the side view, waves of enemies, rains of bullets, and the iconic characters Bill and Lance, the mobile version of Contra employs features that commonly seen in today's mobile games such as daily events, weapon upgrades, Read More »

    Moonlight Blade Naval Expansion Expands the Game World to the Sea

    By Aaron on 0

    It has been two years since Moonlight Blade was launched in China. Yesterday, Tencent Games held a press conference and revealed details for the upcoming expansion which mainly featured new naval content. Named Full Sail ahead With Wind and Waves, the new expansion will be officially launched in July 11 in China, and it allows players to sail in the high sea and join maritime war and trade. There will be new nautical maps with 11 distinct islands for players to explore, do trading and take the pirate role Read More »
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