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    Nanyang Championship Grand Final draft analysis: Secret vs. VG

    By PatrickBateman on 0

    So we saw the Secret/Vici Gaming match up in the Upper Bracket with Secret taking the 2-0, which makes these Grand Final drafts all the more interesting. Just a few things before we get into the GF drafting that we saw in the UB games: Although Secret won the series 2-0, it was a really close couple of games that really could have gone VG’s way at any point. The first thing to note is that Alchemist was not banned in either of the games. This meant that VG grabbed it in game 1, but actually ended Read More »

    Team Secret first team through to Nanyang grand final

    By PatrickBateman on 0

    Team Secret have secured their spot in the Nanyang Championship grand finals, by defeating Vici Gaming 2-0 in a thrilling best of 3 series. Although the all star European team managed to defeat the Chinese cleanly without losing a game, that was by no means the story of the series.  Both games were extremely close and could have ultimately gone to either side. In fact it was very surprising that there wasn't a 3rd game in the series after the calibre of DotA that was on display in Singapore today Read More »

    Team Secret take their first title with new roster

    By TurboBule on 0

    Team Secret has won MLG World Finals 2015. It was their 2nd consecutive Grand Finals and first title with new roster. On their way to the MLG title Secret defeated MVP.Phoenix twice in the Group Stage, (monkey)Business in the Semifinals and finally EG. They have shown great performances throughout the tournament and the MLG title is very well deserved. Despite changing the roster almost completely, Secret remained strong and they are looking to dominate once again under Clement ‘Puppey’ Ivanov Read More »

    ESL One: Team Secret and Fnatic opening New York Super Week

    By TurboBule on 0

    Schedule and bracket for ESL One New York has been announced. The 4 invited teams will face off 4 qualified teams on the first day of the tournament(October 3rd). This will be the first real test for all the participating teams, as ESL is known for its merciless format where the losing team gets eliminated immediately. First on the schedule, trying to keep their tournament hopes alive, will be Team Secret and Fnatic. Both of these teams are yet to play against some of the top world teams and this will Read More »

    Team Secret directly to MLG LAN Finals

    By TurboBule on 0

    Team Secret have been directly invited to MLG Finals which will be held in New Orleans from 16th to 18th October. They are now the second team, after MVP.Phoenix, which will be competing in this $250,000 tournament. It is a huge accomplishment for a team that went through heavy roster changes to be invited to such prestigious tournament. After they have changed four of their core players, it is a bit of a surprise that this is already the second direct invite to the tournament Team Secret has received Read More »

    New Team Secret lineup revealed

    By TurboBule on 0

    Team Secret director, Kemal Sadikoglu, has confirmed the new TS lineup on his Twitter account. The only member staying in TS from their last roster is Clement 'Puppey' Ivanov, while the other 4 come from Cloud9, 4 Clovers + Leprechaun and Mousesports. Probably the most interesting names in the new TS lineup are Jacky 'EternalEnvy' Mao and Rasmus 'MiSeRy' Filipsen, former C9 members, who finished 9-12th place at The International 5. The third new name in TS is 4CL’s Aliwi & Read More »

    Arteezy reveals internal difficulties in Team Secret

    By PatrickBateman on 0

    It is no surprise that Team Secret had internal difficulties over the course of The International, as I'm sure they were the most dissapointed to be knocked out of the Lower Bracket by Virtus.Pro. Watching the drafts and the games, it looked like something was not quite right. As the drafter for TI5 Gustav 's4' Magnusson is one of the best in Europe, so what is surprising is that the team seemed to have so much difficulty in their hero line-ups. Amongst others, first picking Shadow Read More »

    Analyzing Team Secret shuffle options as mid laners

    By Skulz on 0

    The shuffle is approaching and due to the deadline imposed by Valve’s Majors most of the changes will happen in the coming weeks. Team Secret has not achieved the desired results during The International 5 and most likely many players will move in different directions. In various interviews, Ludwig "zai" Wåhlberg has stated that he would take a break for about 8 months to focus on his education, but after he will be back to Dota. It is also rumoured that Kuro "KuroKy" Salehi Read More »

    Virtus.Pro pull off huge upset, knocking out Secret in a great day for CIS DOTA

    By PatrickBateman on 0

    Game 1 After a strong, standard draft from Secret and a hugely late game orientated draft from VP, the Russians were quickly overwhelmed by the allstar team. Arteezy was largely uncontested at mid on Templar Assassin, which is never something anyone wants to hear playing against him. Everything lined up for Secret nicely, as the mid game dominance of Tusk, Lina and Dark Seer came together well. Unfortunately there were no opportunities for Naga turnaround plays and Illidan's Medusa just didn& Read More »

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