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    Interview with BurNing in TI3: I Won't Leave the DOTA Scene!

    By Camille on 0

    The excitement of TI3 is over now. Alliance finally outplayed Na'Vi with a result of 3:2. BurNing from DK had been a guest caster and we were glad to have an interview with him after the final match. 2P.com: Hello, Burning. The grand finals of TI3 had just finished. As a caster, after watching the whole match, how did you feel? BurNing: As a DOTA 2 contestant, I would be very concentrate when in a match. But unexpectedly, I also flung myself into the game cast. All I can say is the final BO Read More »

    Interview with Ogre Magi Cosers and a Female DOTA 2 Player

    By yuki young on 0

    Ogre Magi brother becomes one of the most popular guys in Benaroya Hall. They always got surrounded by fans. We are lucky to enjoy a small chat with them, sharing the story about making the cosmetic items in real life. 2P.com: Glad to have Ogre Magi here, would you like to show yourselves to all the fans? This is Aggron. This is Stonebreak. And together we are Ogre Magi. We are all the way from Santiago and we are not leaving until Ogre Magi is picked. 2P.com: How Read More »

    TI3 Interview with Bulldog: I Can Play All Off-line Heroes

    By yuki young on 0

    2P.com: Hello Bulldog, glad to have you here. Congratulate you for winning over LGD and DK. Those are tough fights. Would you like to say hello to fans? Bulldog: Hello my friends, nice to have you supporting me and my team. 2P.com: With great performance in a row, you finally got your way to TI3. How do you feel about TI3 during these days? Bulldog: It's an amazing tournament. It's very fun to be here and it's really good to be invited to this tournament. I'm pretty sad to the loss Read More »

    Exclusive Interview with DOTA 2 Workshop Creator in TI3

    By Camille on 0

    2P.com: Hello, T_vidotto, people may not be very familiar with workshop creators so would you like to make a brief introdution of yourself? T_vidotto: My name is T_vidotto. I'm from Brazil. Now I'm doing items for DOTA2. 2P.com: What's your favorite item you built for DOTA2? T_vidotto: It's a hard question. I think it is Caption Bamboo. I really like that. 2P.com: You told me yesterday that you made couriers for iG and LGD. Is it made by a team and what’s your position in this Read More »

    [Exclusive] TI3 Interview with Hao: We'll Try Our Best

    By Camille on 0

    2P.com: Hi Hao. At first, congratuations to TongFu as you guys beat Fnatic in 2:0 yesterday. Would you like to talk about the match? Hao: We've had a good performance in that match, having a smooth cooperation with my team members. We felt easy to take down Fnatic in game one. As for game two, it was a little tough but we think that as long as we played stably at the early and middle stage, it was easier for us to win the game. Generally speaking, we felt relaxed to win. 2P.com: You've mentioned Read More »

    [Exclusive] Akke TI3 Interview: Match with LGD Will be Tough

    By yuki young on 0

    After the first match between Na'Vi and Orange, we made an exclusive interview with Akke of Alliance. 2P.com: Hello Akke, would you like to make a brief introduction of your performance in prelims? Akke: We've been playing well at first and we got 14:0. We are really happy about that. But that still means our games will be tough again tomorrow. We are going to prepare for that and do our best. 2P.com: Speaking of the match tomorrow, I'm interested in why you guys chose LGD, I mean Read More »

    Valve's Erik Johnson Talks About the Evolution of DOTA 2

    By Cabulous on 0

    It's the first time Valve visited ChinaJoy in Shanghai, China and we are so glad to have Erik Johnson to take our interview, talking about the current stage and future plan of DOTA 2. Recently, they've been completely focused on preparation for The International 2013 and we've heard less about future plans for the game itself. However, they have plans brewing, and in this interview we got Erik to share lots more interesting details. It's your first time to join ChinaJoy, how do you feel about Read More »

    LGD.Ruru: "I hope we can join more EU/NA tournaments"

    By GodBlessMali on 0

    The Electronic Sports industry has grown considerably over the past few years, and it is now possible for the best players to make a living from playing video games. This is the case of LGD-Gaming, one of the oldest and most successful Chinese organizations, who became the first to sign a team consisting of western players. While their players are living the dream and are very well-known all over the world, not many know about those who helped make their dream come true.   In this Read More »

    TongFu.Mu: "The teams in China right now are all top tier"

    By GodBlessMali on 0

    The following is an interview conducted by Dimitri "Mali" Vallette for www.178.com. This is the English version. The Chinese Dota 2 scene has recently been in the spotlight as LGD-Gaming has lost their direct invitation for this year’s International following the departure of Huang “LongDD” Xiang and the return of Xie “DD” Bin. This controversial decision benefited TongFu the most as they will be heading to Seattle, United States without having to play in the Eastern Read More »

    Orange.Mushi: "Alliance and Team Liquid are strong teams"

    By GodBlessMali on 0

    NOTE: The following is an interview conducted by Dimitri "Mali" Vallette for www.178.com. This is the English version. April was an eventful month for the Malaysian powerhouse of Orange eSports as they brilliantly qualified for the main tournament of the G-1 Champions League, inked a sponsorship deal with Neolution E-Sports and, last but not least, they were invited to compete in Valve’s annual event, The International. For this occasion, we have decided to sit down with the captain Read More »

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