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    Can You Hear the Call from Empire Strike?

    By tapfuns Game on 0

    Conquer nations and empires in the new MMO SLG multiplayer war game of Global war - Empire Strike! Take a first look at Empire Strike’s gameplay!     Build a base, control the action, and test your elite troops to against enemies on the battlefield!     ********* Empire Strike FEATURES*********** ✔Battle enemies in nail-biting RTS combat to rule the world! ✔Build and customize your base!Become the strongest empire! ✔Fight for every inch of land and expand Read More »

    Smite Tactics Alpha Impressions, Currently Underwhelming

    By AnotherInfinity on 0

    Smite Tactics is Hi-Rez’s new turned-based strategy game, a spinoff of the far more popular Smite MOBA. After months of putting it off, and being a longtime fan of TCG and Strategy games, I finally caved in and bought one of the founder packs to gain instant beta access. Was it worth it? Let’s find out!   Smite Tactics plays similar to the Fire Emblem or Final Fantasy Tactics games, where two teams fight each other on a map separated into grids. Here, however, the main goal is to kill Read More »

    Real-time Strategy Game Majestia's Global Version Starts Pre-registration

    By Sr Yamamoto on 0

    Com2uS announces that their strategy mobile game Majestia has started the global pre-registeration. Previously named Soulz: Majesty, Majetia is the first real-time strategy title mixes with card elements, and it features 5 factions, each of which has multiple heroes with unique skills and combat styles.  This game will run a final beta from March 2-6 and then will be officially launched. Watch the gameplay video below and if you are interested, you can pre-register here for in-game rewards Read More »

    SMITE Tactics CBT3 Introduces Chinese Pantheon

    By hanthienhai on 0

    Hi-Rez Studios has announced SMITE Tactics Closed Beta 3 will feature the Chinese pantheeon. Every user will receive all of the Free Cards from the Chinese Pantheon.     New Pantheon! The Chinese Pantheon is now playable in SMITE Tactics. Every user will receive all of the Free Cards from the Chinese Pantheon. New Campaigns! In celebration of the Chinese Pantheon coming to SMITE Tactics we have also added a brand new Chinese Campaign! Completing the entire Campaign will Read More »

    Mobile Strategy Game Pokémon Duel Launches Worldwide

    By hanthienhai on 0

    The Pokémon Company International announced today that Pokémon Duel is now available on the App Store and Google Play. Pokémon Duel is an exciting mobile strategy game in which fans deploy Pokémon figures and battle based on strategic moves to reach a goal in the opponent’s territory.   Build a deck with your favorite figures and then leap into a League Match! Compete with players from around the world for a chance to enter the top League rankings in League Read More »

    ​Hi-Rez Studios Announces Clash Royale Style Game SMITE Rivals

    By hanthienhai on 0

    Hi-Rez Studios has announced another new game sets in the SMITE universe called SMITE Rivals. The game is a collectible card arena (CCA) for mobile and Steam platforms, featuring well-known deities and characters from SMITE. Take a close look at the gameplay, you will easily notice it's a Clash Royale style game with 3 lanes.   According to Brian Grayson, Executive Producer of SMITE Rivals: With SMITE Rivals, we want to create a game for our fans that is familiar, fast-paced Read More »

    Classic MMORPG RF Online Is Getting a Mobile Version - Trailer

    By Wei on 0

    RF Online has never been a popular MMORPG although it has a long lifespan in the global MMO market. The classic sci-fi MMORPG has its own player base and the game is still available in the western market even after its publisher has changed twice. Now South Korean developer Red Code is working on the mobile version of RF Online, called RF Online M, and they plan to release the game this year.   According to report, RF Online M's story takes place before that of RF Online. The mobile version is Read More »

    Dawn of Titans Review - A Beautiful Strategic Game of War

    By nedislavpetrov on 0

    Dawn of Titans is made by NaturalMotion and it took them quite a long time but this beautiful game is finally here! This game turned out to be a technically proficient, gorgeous piece of mobile gaming craftsmanship. The graphics are an achievement that shows just how far this particular genre has come in just a few years and what a big progress mobile game development has made. It's hard not to be impressed as you zoom in and out on your floating island kingdom or check out the titular Titans, Read More »

    Atlas Reactor Review+Beginner Guide: When Half Of The Game Is In Your Brain.

    By Masterseek on 0

    Welcome! It's been a while hasn't it? But now that I've come back, I thought I should write something about this awesome game I've been trying for the past week. Let's get started, shall we? Atlas Reactor is a tactical turn based arena pvp game developed by Trion. I know, lots of words, yeah, I was confused at first too. If I had to name its main assets, they would be its originality by mixing the arena brawler genre with turn based games, actually creating something enjoyable Read More »

    Maple Blitz X Looks Like the Korean Version of Clash Royale

    By shaylynsun on 0

    Nexon’s new mobile game Maple Blitz X, a MOBA-style strategy game using cards, entered closed beta test in August. At G-Star 2016, Nexon released a new teaser trailer, showcasing its artwork and basic gameplay. >> See more new games at 2P's G-STAR 2016 feature  The game looks like the Korea version of Clash Royale. The art style seems more similar to Maple 2 than Maplestory. Hopefully the OBT or official release comes soon! Read More »
  1. League of Legends

    favorite 350

    playing 2110

    gplayed 1678


  2. DOTA 2

    favorite 342

    playing 1230

    gplayed 1673


  3. SMITE

    favorite 387

    playing 1036

    gplayed 1196


  4. World Of Warcraft: Legion

    favorite 287

    playing 498

    gplayed 1793


  5. Heroes of The Storm

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    playing 621

    gplayed 746


  6. AION

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    playing 182

    gplayed 1679


  7. The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited

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    playing 287

    gplayed 1060


  8. Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

    favorite 424

    playing 458

    gplayed 1123


  9. Neverwinter: The Cloaked Ascendancy

    favorite 287

    playing 326

    gplayed 1291


  10. Ragnarok Online

    favorite 263

    playing 190

    gplayed 1258


  1. Sack of Gems (2500 Gems) 1

    Sack of Gems (2500 Gems)


  2. Chest of Gems (14000 Gems) 2

    Chest of Gems (14000 Gems)


  3. Bag of Gems (1200 Gems) 3

    Bag of Gems (1200 Gems)


  4. Pile of Gems (500 Gems) 4

    Pile of Gems (500 Gems)


  5. Box of Gems (6500 Gems) 5

    Box of Gems (6500 Gems)


  6. Bag of Diamonds 6

    Bag of Diamonds


  7. Crate of Diamonds 7

    Crate of Diamonds


  8. Box of Diamonds 8

    Box of Diamonds


  9. Pouch of Diamonds 9

    Pouch of Diamonds


  10. Pile of Diamonds 10

    Pile of Diamonds


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