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    Dark and Light: Elementals Will Become Your Faithful Battle Companions

    By censeo91 on 0

    Dark and Light associate producer Horsejoke has revealed new gameplay details about the Elementals, the physical embodiments of concentrated elemental magic. There are several types of elemental magic: Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Dark, and Light magic, and these elementals come into the forms of Wind Elemental, Fire Elemental, Dark Elemental, and other Elementals.  Experienced players with the right skills and magic can kill the Elementals and harvest them for powerful magical cores.  Read More »

    Dark and Light Shows Improved Character Model, Textures, and Lighting

    By AnotherInfinity on 0

    The team behind Dark and Light clearly doesn't want people to forget about the game as it's launch gets closer, releasing new updates every couple of weeks or so. This time, the update takes the form of screenshots comparing the appearance of Dwarves between the game released over 10 years ago, and the upcoming one.   They also shared screenshots showcasing some of the improvements made in the graphics, and announced that the Early Access would be available later this year, which may or may Read More »

    Snail Games Is Taking Back Age of Wulin Publishing Right in Europe

    By ProtosX on 0

    Age of Wulin is an open world martial arts MMORPG and the European version of Age of Wushu. Yesterday, the current publisher WEBZEN announced that the game publishing license will return to Snail Games starting July 11th. Both game operations and character merge management will then be handled by them. Although the game's popularity dwindle through the years, this is still one of the most fun, challenging and engaging games I ever played.   Character & Server Migration: After May Read More »

    Dark and Light Explains Magic System Based on Items Instead of Learned Spells

    By censeo91 on 0

    Snail Games goes into details in their latest blog about Dark and Light's magic system which is based on the items and catalysts you use, not the bound or learned spells in traditional MMORPGs. This kind of system "allows players to focus more on what they'd like to learn, rather than following a rigidly linear path," says the developer. Although magic is in Dark and Light's combat, exploration, building, and most every part of the game, it will not prevail over the physical weapons Read More »

    Dark and ​​Light Shows the Early Access World

    By censeo91 on 0

    Dark and Light developer Snail Games just shared new details about the early access game world called The Sacred Path, which consists of 20 unique areas including dense forests, cities, flying islands, a mysterious shipwreck, and more. There are many secrets and hidden places in the world, say 10 dungeon-like complex cave structures, which are hidden deep underground. In each cave contains unique and valuable resources, as well as powerful and rare creatures that will bring players into trouble. The floating Read More »

    Age of Wushu 2 Combat System Features Elements of Street Fighter Series

    By Wei on 0

    As Snail Games kicks off pre-registration for Age of Wushu 2, they reveal more gameplay details of the sandbox survival MMO. Many players are curious of how the combat system is like, and they can expect a Street Fighter style of combo system that requires you to know (or remember) the keys and buttons to make each move and combo.   Pressing the 1, 2, 3, 4 number keys aren't going to work in Age of Wushu 2, the developer says. Each combo is triggered by a combination of different buttons. Even Read More »

    Age of Wushu 2 Alpha Test May Start in the Middle of 2017 in China

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    Age of Wushu 2, the martial arts sandbox survival MMORPG from Snail Games, has launched a new official website and kicked off pre-registration for PC players in China. The game's Producer Xu Zhenhua told that they were preparing for an alpha in the middle of 2017. The game will also come to global market in 2017. Built with Unreal Engine 4, Age of Wushu 2 focuses on the survival experience isntead of Age of Wushu's linear progression. Age of Wushu 2 isn't a sequel, and it won't make Read More »

    Another Martial Arts MMO Diving Deep into PAY TO WIN

    By ProtosX on 0

      Sword Of Shadows is Snail Games another mobile version of Age of Wushu/Wulin. This is a martial arts MMORPG very similar to the PC version(s) where you will live as a member of clan. Sword of Shadows has many familiar features including Skill Sets, Cultivation System, PvE & PvP System, Treasure Hunt, Daily & Weekly Quest and many more.  This game brings back a lot of memories from Age of Wulin. INSTALLATION: Pretty easy, since I'am using an android phone and Read More »

    Dark and Light Beta Planned for Summer 2017 - Report

    By hanthienhai on 0

    MMOs.com has reported that Snail Games' anticipated sandbox MMORPG Dark and Light has a beta schedule. They discovered in the game's Chinese official site that the beta (or Steam Early Access) will be starting this summer.  Snail Games US hasn't responded to the beta time revealed from the Chinese official site.  Source: MMOs.com Read More »

    Take a First Look at PixArk's Actual Gameplay

    By Wei on 0

    In case you don't know, PixArk is an upcoming voxel-based title developed by Snail Games (the partner of Studio Wildcard) that's like Minecraft meets Ark: Survival Evolved. PixArk is based on Ark: Survival Evolved IP and features fully destructible environment and underground world, and the game will launch worldwide in the first half of 2017.   Snail Games today shows the actual gameplay of the game through a batch of screenshots. We should remind you that the game is still in development and Read More »
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