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    Dark and Light Added PvE Servers in the First Game Patch

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    Dark and Light had a unsuccessful Steam Early Access launch on July 20 with unbalanced gameplay, poor optimization and other issues compromising the experience. The team reacted fast and worked hard to fix some of the problems. Snail Games has added PvE servers which were highly demanded by the community. People were complaining their lower level character got slaughtered and looted by higher level players at the starting area, and they didn't have a choice to play in PvE server. The PvE servers Read More »

    Dark and Light Steam Early Access Starts on July 20

    By ProtosX on 0

    Dark and Light is a new open world sandbox MMORPG developed by Snail Games and a remake of the previous game with the same name. Earlier yesterday the Dark and Light facebook page teases some "major announcement" that is coming later this week.   I think everyone is already betting on the Early Access announcement, or else, I myself will be disappointed! And here we are...   Dark and Light announced Early Access will be landing on Steam tomorrow, July 20th!!! So ready your Read More »

    Dark and Light Teases Major Announcement; Is It the Early Access Date?

    By JoeLW on 0

    Snail Games has teased something important about Dark and Light will be announced later this week. Although they don't give any clue what it would be, it's likely that it would be the Steam early access date and price.     Previous Snail Games has revealed the price for the China region will be around $29.5. The PC specs for the early access have also been unveiled: MINIMUM OS: 64-Bit Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Processor: 2GHz Dual-Core 64-Bit  Memory: 4GB RAM Video Card: DirectX Read More »

    Dark and Light Mobile: Your Ground Horses Can Evolve to Flying Mounts

    By Aaron on 0

    Mount is the best way to make your character stand out in an MMORPG, so this is why players are willing to spend so much time and money to get the rarest mount in game. However, in Dark and Light mobile, you can evolve your basic ground mount to a cool flying, ground and aquatic mount. People love mount variety in most of MMORPGs, but sometime when a new expansion comes out, newer more practical mounts will take place of the old ones. In Dark and Light: Tales of Gaia, players will not need to worry their Read More »

    Dark and Light Revealed the Bestiary Cards System

    By JoeLW on 0

    Snail Games announced today details of the bestiary for the upcoming dark fantasy multiplayer survival game, Dark and Light. In the latest development update, players learn how to utilize Bestiary creature cards to track and learn details about in-game creatures. The world of Dark and Light is full of mysterious, magical creatures that may be difficult to track. While many creatures can only be found in specific locations, others obtain special abilities and elemental immunities that make hunting Read More »

    Dark and Light: Tales of Gaia Is a True Mobile MMORPG With Huge World

    By Aaron on 0

    Last year, we reported that Snail Games was making the mobile version for Dark and Light, but the developer only confirmed the Chinese version at that time. Recently Snail Games announced the global version of the mobile MMO named Dark and Light: Tales of Gaia, which will be released soon. Unlike the PC version that can host about 100 players per server, Dark and Light: Tales of Gaia is more like a standard sandbox MMORPG featuring 14,950,000 square meters seamless open world, dynamic Read More »

    Snail Games Announced to Publish Black Desert Online in China

    By Wei on 0

    Snail Games just added another big MMO to its game line-up — Black Desert Online. The Chinese developer and publisher has launched the Chinese official site and started pre-registration.   The game will be launched in China by the end of 2017 but there's no more detail about the beta and release schedule. Rumor says the Chinese version will open all 12 awakened classes at launch, and considering the fact that all games Snail Games releases in China are free to play (including Ark: Survival Read More »

    Dark and Light Closed Beta Test Date Announced

    By ProtosX on 0

    Dark and Light is an upcoming sandbox MMORPG developed and published by Snail Games. The old fans of the game and new alike are waiting eagerly for the upcoming game as it boast a huge open world, combat and magic skills, along with wide range of monsters and animals to interact/battle with.   Today, Dark and Light Facebook page finally announced the opening of the signup page for the Closed Beta Test! Dark and Light Closed Beta Sign Up Link: https://zh.surveymonkey.com/r/DNLtestsurvey Read More »

    Dark and Light Early Access Price for China and PC Specs Revealed

    By Aaron on 0

    The fantasy sandbox MMORPG Dark and Light has revealed the price and PC specs for the Steam early access version that's scheduled to launch in this summer. The price for the region of China won't be higher than 200 yuan(~$29.5USD), but the price for other regions has yet been revealed. You can expect an announcement from Snail Games soon.   What's more Snail Games unveiled the system requirements for the Early Access version. Take a look below.   MINIMUM OS: 64-Bit Windows Read More »

    Dark and Light Explores the Dead Island on the Planet of Alpha

    By cerberus on 0

    Snail Games revealed new screenshots recently, taking players to the Dead Island located on the southeastern sea in the continent of Ganareth in Dark and Light’s Alpha planet.   According to Snail Games, the island was a green and lively land like the main continent but it turned to what it looked like now after a massive war of ancient dragons. The huge dragon bones on the island aren’t just visuals but designed to be made use of in open world PvP. These bones are powerful magic barriers Read More »
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