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    Lost Ark CBT2: Sea Sailing and Ocean Exploration Content Revealed

    By Akami on 0

    Lost Ark got new content revealed for the upcoming 2nd Closed Beta test by Smilegate. Previous CBT2 preview articles: New Screenshots and Artwork Show New Regions and Enemies for CBT2 3 New Classes and Closed Beta 2 Changes Naval routes or in other words sailing is the main feature revealed, the map revealed shows how larger the world will be compared to the first closed beta test. Discovering new islands, new monsters, and naval secrets while sailing, even getting rewards, all of that will Read More »

    Lost Ark New Screenshots and Artwork Show New Regions and Enemies for CBT2

    By Wei on 0

    Smilegate has released a big bundle of new screenshots and artwork for Lost Ark, showing the new content in upcoming closed beta 2. Take a look.   Related: Lost Ark Revealed 3 New Classes and Closed Beta 2 Changes More stories, more colorful world   New continent will be unveiled and players will be entering a world that has not yet been introduced into the game.   Lohhandel (로헨델), the homeworld of mages and where Summoner, Arcana and Bard are from. You will experience the beauty Read More »

    Lost Ark Revealed 3 New Classes and Closed Beta 2 Changes

    By Wei on 0

    Smilegate has teased in last year that 3 new classes: Summoner, Arcana and Destroyer will be available at the second closed beta of Lost Ark but they never revealed anything about the new classes (except for Summoner). Today the developer finally officially unveiled the 3 new classes, along with the changes in the upcoming closed beta 2 in Korea.   Destroyer Destroyer is an embodiment of destruction and a juggernaut that wields a Gravity Hammer. He can crush, pull, and blow away the enemies. Destroyer Read More »

    ​Smilegate Hiring for Lost Ark QA Tester

    By hanthienhai on 0

    Smilegate is looking for people to help locally test Lost Ark's leveling, character classes, quests, and combat system, etc. The recruitment has been on since January, according to report, and it will end this month. This isn't a public test but at least it's something new about this game. Hopefully another closed beta phase will be starting soon after the internal QA test.     Lost Ark is MMORPG developed by Tripod Studio and powered by Unreal Engine 3. The game features Read More »

    Soul Worker Will Soon Start Open Beta in Korea

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    Soul Worker, one of the most anticipated anime action games, is moving towards the Open Beta phase in South Korea. The publisher Smilegate announced at a press conference that Soul Worker (KR) OBT will start on January 18th. Soulum Sword, Mist Scythe, Gun Jazz and Howling Guitar are the 4 playable characters players can choose, and there are 2 other characters to be added later. The game focuses on high-energy battles from a third-person perspective, while characters use flashy skills. Soulworker also features Read More »

    Soul Worker Korean Closed Beta to Start on December 1st

    By Sr Yamamoto on 0

    SmileGate announced that Soul Worker KR server will start closed beta next month on December 1st. How long the CBT will last hasn't been decided but an announcement should be made soon. Soul Worker is a third-person action MMORPG with stylized anime visuals, cute characters, gigantic weapons and various types of creatures from the other dimensions. The western version that's published by Gameforge has been in long silence, which makes people worried about if the project is still coming out Read More »

    Smilegate Brings Lost Ark To G-Star 2016

    By shaylynsun on 0

    The G-star 2016 is approaching (November 17-20) , most Korean gaming giants have already announced their lineup for the event. Today, Smilegate confirmed that the most anticipated MMORPG Lost Ark will make an appearance on the exhibition. In the August closed beta test, many players are impressed by the stunning combats as well as the amazing graphics. According to the official announcement, will be 6 base classes in the future (currently there are 3 for closed beta), each of which will have 3 subclasses Read More »

    The Strain's Producer Chuck Hogan Joins CrossFire Film

    By Wei on 0

    It's no secret that Smilegate is adapting their renowned FPS IP CrossFire to live action film. The film will be produced by Original Film (I Am Legend, Fast & Furious series, Total Recall, Battle: Los Angeles, etc.) and will be a modern military film. It's just confirmed that the Strain's Executive Producer Chuck Hogan will join the film and work on the script.   Chuck Hogan It seems that Smilegate decided to invite Chuck because of the script he made for 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers Read More »

    Exclusive: Smilegate Talks CrossFire 2 and Remedy’s Role in the Development

    By Blake Lau on 0

    Smilegate's CrossFire 2 will be a very different and evolved game compared with CrossFire. The new project will be co-developed by Smilegate and Remedy Entertainment (developer of Alan Wake and Quantum Break), and it aims at offering 3A console title's story. We just had the opportunity to interview Ina Jang, CEO of Smilegate, who talked more about CrossFire 2, their cooperation with Remedy, CrossFire movie, and CrossFire mobile game, etc. Ina Jang, CEO of Smilegate Read More »

    Lost Ark Dungeon Videos Look Beautiful in Visual and Fun in Mechanism

    By Wei on 0

    You should have watched the Lost Ark closed beta trailer and seen some cool dungeon footage. Now you can see more about the dungeon gameplay in the 2 gameplay videos below, for the Diablo style dungeon crawling combines with various mechanisms that can’t be found in many MMOs.   Lost Ark sells for the hack-and-slash combat experience, but in fact the game also features beautiful visuals, cool cinematics in dungeon, and interactive environment. However, the frequent cinematic could also break Read More »

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