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    Take a Look at Overwatch's Anniversary Skins and Emotes

    By Aaron on 0

    The first Overwatch Anniversary event will kick off from May 23 through June 12, alongside the Game of the Year Edition which contains tons of new content. Earlier today, Blizzard teased three new 3vs3 Arena maps for the event, but it was only the beginning, there are also lots of new skins,voice lines, dance emotes and more. Overwatch Taiwan Twitter account posted some videos and images which include skins for Bastion, Pharah, Soldier 76 and Zarya.Besides, game director Jeff Kaplan also told Read More »

    Overwatch's April Event Trailer Already Leaked; Take a Look at the New Skins

    By JoeLW on 0

    Here's another leak for Overwatch's April event update and this time we got the trailer in French. The event will be called Insurrection and centering on what's known as Omnic Crisis or Kings Row Uprising. You can watch the trailer and see the new Kings Row map, new skins, sprays, and more. According to the trailer, there will be over 100 new collectibles for a certain number of heroes. It's guessed that the Insurrection update will feature a new co-op mode, perhaps similar to the Read More »

    If These Were Overwatch's April New Skins, Would You Pay for It?

    By Fury116 on 0

    While Overwatch fans are waiting for Blizzard to uncover the April event update, they are having leaks and rumors on the internet, as usual. Reddit user AsranStark posted an image he took from Xbox Live, saying that's the new skins for Overwatch's new event.   The image features Mercy, Tracer, Reindhart and Torbjorn, all in the same blue skin. If that's the deal, would you pay for the loot box to get the skins? We also want to hear what you think if Blizzard were going to give us the same Read More »

    Revelation Online (CN) Introduces New Flying Mount That Has Various Skins

    By censeo91 on 0

    The developers of Revelation Online Netease Games has teased in a new trailer the new "flying chicken" mount which has released in the Chinese version. What's more, this mount has a lot of different skins for players to collect, and you can see some of the skins in the video and screenshots below. Could the mount skins become a part of the microtransaction? Do you want mount skins to be also available in the NA and EU version in the future? Read More »

    Overwatch Starts Year of the Rooster Limited-Time Event

    By hanthienhai on 0

      Overwatch's Lunar New Year celebrations have begun and this seasonal event hopes to bring you happiness, prosperity, and (most importantly) lots of fun. For the next three weeks, players will have the chance to collect over 100 commemorative cosmetic items, enjoy a firefight beneath some fireworks on Lijiang Tower, and work together to capture the flag in Overwatch's newest brawl mode.     Good Luck and Great Fortune Await   Starting today, our customary Loot Boxes Read More »

    ​Overwatch: New Seasonal Event Winter Wonderland Now Lives

    By hanthienhai on 0

    Blizzard has released new Overwatch patch and introduced in new seasonal event Winter Wonderland, Symmetra and Zarya balance changes, and bug fixes, etc. Bellow are the details. Winter Wonderland Overwatch is getting into the holiday spirit with a brand new seasonal event. For the next three weeks, Hanamura and King’s Row will be decked out in holiday lights, we’re introducing a new collection of holiday-themed cosmetic items, you can challenge your friends to a snowball fight, and our Loot Read More »

    ​League of Legends: New Skins for Lunar New Year and Valentine Announced

    By hanthienhai on 0

    Riot Games has updated League of Legends PBE server with 7.1 patch. This patch featuring new skins for Gangplank, Azir, Garen, Vi, Lucian, and Quinn, seasonal content for Lunar Revel, and more! Dreadnova Gangplank (1350 RP) Warring Kingdoms Azir (1350 RP) Warring Kingdoms Azir will be 1350 RP and includes: + All new VFX! (swooshy smoke!) + Some new SFX! (less sandy!) + New Recall (that is an actual "checkmate" setup!) + Set to be 1350 RP (pricing subject to change Read More »

    ​Heroes of the Storm: Samuro Monkey King Skin Revealed

    By hanthienhai on 0

    Blizzard has unveiled Heroes of the Storm's Monkey King skin for Samuro at Gold Club World Championship. This skin is inspired by Sun Wukong, a well-known hero and god in the Chinese culture, and will be released as part of the upcoming Lunar New Year event. You can view the announcement video below. It has themed abilities for example Critical Strike will trigger his classic fire eyes.   Read More »

    Lineage Eternal Datamining Finds Class Skins/Gear and English Language Support

    By JoeLW on 0

    Lineage Eternal's first closed beta will start on November 30 in Korea and the game's CBT client has been available. So data miners are starting digging things out of the client, and they do find interesting stuff.   It's discovered that about half of the client has been translated to English, and it contains English language support. If this is real, there won't be too much work to do when the game is about to launch in the west.   Now take a look at the classes' skins Read More »

    League of Legends: New Champion Camille and 3 New Christmas Skins Unveiled

    By hanthienhai on 0

    Riot Games has announced new League of Legends champion Camille in this morning. Camille is an elite operative who works to maintain order for Piltover's established powers. It was her dedication to duty that led the Steel Shadow to transfigure her body into a hextech-powered death machine. When Camille's tracking a target, she's calm, relentless, and terribly precise.         CAMILLE, THE STEEL SHADOW Abilities Passive: Adaptive Defenses Camille's basic Read More »

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