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    Dawn of Titans Review - A Beautiful Strategic Game of War

    By nedislavpetrov on 0

    Dawn of Titans is made by NaturalMotion and it took them quite a long time but this beautiful game is finally here! This game turned out to be a technically proficient, gorgeous piece of mobile gaming craftsmanship. The graphics are an achievement that shows just how far this particular genre has come in just a few years and what a big progress mobile game development has made. It's hard not to be impressed as you zoom in and out on your floating island kingdom or check out the titular Titans, Read More »

    Lineage 2 Revolution - A Must Play! An In-Depth Review

    By rajath on 0

    Hey Guys! On December 14th 2016, Netmarble decided to present all of us passionate gamers with an early Christmas gift! That’s right, Lineage II: Revolution was officially launched for Android and iOS. The game, once unwrapped and installed instantly takes the player into a magical land where he can immerse himself in hours of gameplay. The game easily sets the standard of quality with respect to cutting edge graphics similar to the PC version of the game. And the reason behind this mind blowing Read More »

    An In Depth Review for Dragon Nest Mobile

    By rajath on 0

    When Eyedentity Games launched the Dragon Nest in 2010 for PC, gamers from all over the country quickly started being addicted to it. The artistic like animation, the cute voices, powerful and delicately designed weapons and the option to play as different characters each with a different skill set quickly attracted gamers from across the globe. A gruelling six years later, the developers are on their final CBT of Dragon Nest mobile. The game, in all manners, is extremely similar to the PC version. The Read More »

    Cube Knight Review: The Twin Stick Shooter Goes Medieval

    By jshieldsmith on 0

    It takes a lot to stand out in the mobile market. With game cloning prevalent, it’s nearly impossible to make a game that either doesn’t stand out, or doesn’t stand out long before someone rips off your idea. Occasionally a game does manage to stand out in a market where the Top 50 games are all icons of screaming faces, or have titles like Flappy Flop, Shooty Shoot, and Racy Race. Enter Bluehole’s Cube Knight: Battle of Camelot – a twin stick shooter with RPG mechanics set in Read More »

    Pokemon Sun/Moon Review - The New Generation Of The Pokemon Saga

    By AnotherInfinity on 0

    Considering that it was celebrating its twentieth anniversary, 2016 has certainly been a huge year for the Pokémon saga. Fans were spoiled throughout the year with distribution events, the Pokémon Generation series, the unmissable Pokémon Go, and much more. What better way to complete 2016 than with a new pair of Pokémon games, with an unprecedented generation that takes place in an entirely new environment? 3 years after the 6th generation, Pokémon takes us in a much different Read More »

    Dofus Touch Review - The World of Twelve As We Know It

    By AnotherInfinity on 0

    A true mobile MMORPG? We all wished for it, and Ankama certainly did it. Dofus Touch is simply a copy of the PC version of DOFUS, a MMORPG from the French studio. Nothing has been removed for this mobile version, save for one thing... the subscription system. Yes you read right, DOFUS Touch is entirely free to play. Those of you that already played the PC version, no need to read any further, you already know that this game is beautiful and rich. As for others, the adventure that awaits you will be long and Read More »

    Mushroom Wars 2 Review – Plants vs. Aliens… vs. Cash Shop

    By jshieldsmith on 0

    In 2009, Mushroom Wars landed on Playstation 3. It received critical acclaim, was named one of IGN’s "Top 25 Playstation Network Games," and spawned a sequel, Mushroom Wars: Space!, on iOS and Android. Now, Zillion Whales is hoping to take the RTS world by storm once again with Mushroom Wars 2. Can they pull off another victory, or will Mushroom Wars 2 lose the mobile RTS crown? Mushroom Wars 2 opens with a beautiful cinematic. The music and visuals give off a very Alice in Wonderland Read More »

    Legacy of Discord Hands-On: Standard Gameplay, Polished Experience

    By Sr Yamamoto on 0

    Legacy of Discord is a new action mobile RPG developed by GTArcarde. The game features 3 distinct and powerful classes, each of which masters a unique set of flashy skills. GTArcade sees the game the next-gen mobile game with a visceral real-time combat system.  Story The game's plot is about a strife-filled world where the Demon Lord Auglu has conquered everything except the Beacon City which houses the power to transform the world to a demon paradise and it's wanted by Read More »

    Masquerade: The Faceless Review - The Side-Scrolling Beat 'Em up RPG

    By stefa47 on 0

    Lately, I have been playing a lot of light mobile RPGs like Mobius Final Fantasy and Once Heroes. Both of these games are turned-based RPGs and were an awesome source of entertainment for a couple of weeks. But I got tired from turn-based shtick and wanted to find one RPG with the real-time combat. That is how I came across Masquerade: The Faceless. Now on the surface, this game looked like any other mobile RPG, but what made this game stand out for me was its side-scrolling beat `em up gameplay. This game Read More »

    Raid Master Hands-on Review: A Classic Endless Dungeon Crawler You May Like

    By Aaron on 0

    Developed by Bluehole, the creator of popular MMORPG TERA, Raid Master is a classic-style turn-based RPG game that you can play on mobile devices, allowing players to assemble the perfect party of adventures and explore the infinite dungeons. The game is currently available for Android players, and the iOS version will launch via the App Store this September. The Raid Master is set in a fantasy land which is full of devils and demons, and players will lead a brave squad to save the world from Read More »

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