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    Survived By: Free-to-Play Pixel Style Bullet-Hell MMO Coming in 2017

    By Akami on 0

    Survived By is the name of an upcoming free-to-play MMO bullet-hell game where permadeath is just the beginning. The game is developed and published by Human Head and Digital Extremes. The announcement was made by Digital Extremes via a teaser trailer on Youtube today. The teaser trailer shows how the gameplay looks like, the game mechanism and some addition details. Survived By is a ruined world where you take on vicious Chimera in order to live. Everytime you die, you get replaced by a new descendant who Read More »

    Pixel Battleground Hands-on: A PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Clone Mobile Game

    By Aaron on 0

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has already taken the global market by storm. The successful title always comes with tons of clone games, and today what I am going to talk about is also a PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds-like game. Developed by ThoseCoolGuys, Pixel Battleground is a battle royal action game with pixel art style and mobile support. The game is currently during beta test in China, and there is no word on whether this game will be launched in western market.   When you start a pvp Read More »

    Full Slate of VR titles coming in 2017

    By Raffaella on 0

    Rank17, a VR-focused publisher with a development team in Southern California, is set to deliver a number of innovative VR titles in 2017. The year starts with the retro-themed Super Pixel Smash (due this month) -- followed by the monster sim Monster Crush Online and “alien boxing” sports game Planetary Punchout. Finally, an all-new sniper-focused first-person shooter is currently in production and due later this year.     Super Pixel Smash Wield pixelated paddles to Read More »

    Cube Knight Brings ‘Legend of Arthur’ to Life in Medieval-themed Shoot ‘em Up

    By shaylynsun on 0

    Bluehole, developer of the popular MMORPG, TERA, today launched Cube Knight, a medieval-themed shoot ‘em up game with cartoony 3D voxel graphics, on the App Store and Google Play. In the single player game, players take on roles as Knights of the Round Table, magicians or archers in action-adventure battles with an RPG-style progression system. In Cube Knight, the Grail has been found in King Arthur’s kingdom, but the king and all his companions such as Lancelot and Galahad are all too Read More »

    Nuke, Tornado and Other Natural Disasters Available in The Sandbox Evolution Now

    By cerberus on 0

    The Sandbox Evolution is a 2D pixel style mobile game for players who love to craft, create and destroy worlds. While you can build anything you can think of, you can destroy them with various manners. In the new Update 1.1.0, you have new weapons to make massive destruction: Nuke, Tornado, Earthquake and Lightning.   New gameplay features in Update 1.1.0 include: NEW NATURAL DISASTER ELEMENTS TO PLAY WITH: NUKE: Arguably mankind's worst invention, this mega-bomb has devastating effects.  Read More »

    Oasis Games Announces Release Schedule for 4 PlayStation VR Titles

    By Blake Lau on 0

    Leading Chinese indie publisher Oasis Games today announced the release dates for its PlayStationVR line up, starting with Ace Banana being confirmed as a day one release on October 13, to coincide with the PSVR launch. Keeping the VR momentum going within the month, will be Pixel Gear on October 20 and Weeping Doll on October 27. Additionally, DYING: Reborn has been confirmed to launch in January 2017 and details on Mixip will be announced at a later date.   Read More »

    Fugl VR: an Eagle Flight Style Pixel Title Focuses on Exploring Wildlife

    By Aaron on 0

    Johan Gjestland, the creator behind fantastic music game Medodive, has just announced that the brand new 3D-voxel graphics flying game Fugl is scheduled to launch for VR version on Oculus this October, and the mobile and PC versions coming early 2017.   The VR version is kind of like Ubisoft’s VR game Eagle Flight, but Fugl will mainly focus on exploring the beautiful wildlife and survive. In the Fugl, players will be available to control a bird soaring freely in the blue sky. It contains Read More »

    Pixel Art Simulator Game the Artist Master Is Now Available on Google Play

    By Dacey on 0

    If you are a simulation game fan but do not have much spare time, then you may try the latest title of Locojoy Games, The Artist Master,  it’s a  simple and fast-paced simulation game where players will have plenty of simulation features available to them. This includes cultivate talents, running your own art studio, manage your artists ,earn gold and reputation, handle various events, decoration and etc. Unlike other realistic simulation games, The Artist Master is a retro styled pixel art Read More »

    2D Pixel-art World Builder Game The Sandbox Evolution Pre-registration Event

    By 2P.com Admin on 0

    PIXOWL INC.'s latest 2D pixel-art world builder game The Sandbox Evolution will be official launched on June 23rd on Google Play. 2P.com joined hands with team to host a pre-registration event, rewarding gamers who pre-registered on WHAT2P with an extra 10 Karma. Please install it during the week of the launch. Please download "WHAT2P" on Google Play to pre-register The Sandbox Evolution. You will get the Karma automatically on June 23th. WHAT2P is downloadable on Google Play. Here is the Read More »

    3D Pixel Art Style Mobile Action RPG Legacy Quest Starts Early Access Sign-up

    By emma on 0

    Developed by Vienna-based Socialspiel Entertainment and published by Nexon, a 3D pixel art style Legacy Quest starts early access sign-up today, on February 26th. Legacy Quest, the next epic mobile action role-playing game (RPG) from Nexon, brings a 3D pixel art style to the RPG genre, which blends elements of retro gaming and modern rendered graphics together for a unique look and feel for all mobile gamers. Meanwhile, taking full advantage of today's mobile processors and touch screens, the game Read More »
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