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    Looks Like Peria Chronicles Won't Be Coming out in 2017

    By Wei on 0

    Nexon has released the Q2 2017 financial results, registering a strong growth in revenue (up 23% y-o-y) and net income (up 157% y-o-y), which exceeds the company's expectation. The agrresive strategy in mobile gaming market is the key to the growth, and the investment in mobile gaming will continue in Q3 2017. The lineup for Q3 2017 and onward is also revealed, and it includes several anticipated mobile titles: Durango: Wild Lands, Final Fantasy XI Mobile, and Mabinogi Mobile. The PC lineup includes Read More »

    Peria Chronicles: New Interview Tells Everything You Want to Know - Part 2

    By Wei on 0

    We continue to translate the interview Korean media Thisisgame did with Peria Chronicles developer Thingsoft recently. You can read the first part here. In this part, you can finally hear of the beta and release time the developer plans for the game.   Will the lands run out if players keep building things?  We should add relevant content to our previous video. In fact if you have enough materials you can create new lands, it's like building a new world. At first an area may be small Read More »

    Peria Chronicles: New Interview Tells Everything You Want to Know - Part 1

    By Wei on 0

    Update: Part 2 has been published. Read it here. Back in November Thingsoft presented a playable demo at G-STAR 2016, allowing players to try the remake version of Peria Chronicles. It was a very raw demo that included terrain editing and combat, and it got mixed reactions. To address the community concern, the developer team did an interview with Korean media Thisisgame. Below is the translation of the interview.   Any community feedback of the G-STAR demo impressed you? We didn't want feedback Read More »

    Here Are Peria Chronicles Terraforming and Character Creation Gameplay Videos

    By cerberus on 0

    Peria Chronicles offers 2 playable demos at G-STAR 2016, a terraforming demo and an open world gameplay demo which includes character creation, open world exploration and interaction. Take a look at the gameplay footage below. Related: Peria Chronicles G-STAR 2016 Official Trailer & Features!   The terraforming demo has simple tools since the whole system is still in development.   Character creation system has pretty lot of options already.   The 2 open world gameplay Read More »

    Peria Chronicles G-STAR 2016 Official Trailer & Features!

    By Fluffy on 0

    Nexon just recently released the Official Trailer for Peria Chronicles~! The video shows off many of the deatiled and cellshaded features that the game withholds. >> See more new games at 2P's G-STAR 2016 feature   The trailer starts out with the advertised blonde girl investigating a ruin. This could foreshadow for what's to come in the near future lore-wise. As the trailer goes on it shows you general gameplay that may have been from the story along with some previews at the Read More »

    Peria Chronicles G-STAR 2016 Sneak Peek Video & Event

    By Fluffy on 0

    The team that developes Peria Chronicles has shown us a sneak peek at what's to come in this years G-STAR. The Official Peria Chronicles website has updated features showing off the amazing cell-shaded graphics and fluid animations. During the G-STAR, you can experience their strategic battle system and while creating geographical features among many other types of content. For this G-STAR’s demonstration, It is important to note that they have only prepared a part of the full scenario. If you Read More »

    Peria Chronicles Launches New Website with Dozens of Beautiful Artworks

    By Sr Yamamoto on 0

    Nexon and Thingsoft has launched a new official site for its anticipated MMORPG Peria Chronicles. If you take a close look, the game gets a new logo as well. The official site shows a "Now Loading" messege which is actually not loading anything at the moment. So check out some art works at the website instead, because those arts (some are old and some are new) are really beautiful. I have put them at this article so you don't have to click a dozen images one by one. On the other Read More »

    Peria Chronicles Releases a Teaser Trailer - Hello Peria

    By Sr Yamamoto on 0

    Back in September, Thingsoft announced they were remaking Peria Chronicles, and then the developer had released a series of artwork to keep the community updated. Today they got us a teaser trailer called "Hello Peria !\n". It didn't show any gameplay, but it meaned a full trailer was coming on the way. So stay tuned.  The characters in the video, from left to right, are Bouncing PUMANG, Fluffy ROTAS, Cutie PENGDRO, Pow Pow MYERD, and Sleepy DAKUTA Nexon and Thingsoft are likely Read More »

    Peria Chronicles Introduces KASHIMARA; May Reveal More at G-STAR 2016

    By Sr Yamamoto on 0

    Nexon Korea just released a new artwork for Peria Chronicles, showing a character called KASHIMARA. Those who have been following the game for a while will be familiar with the straw-hatted puppet-like character.  We introduce "KASHIMARA" that wearing a straw hat with matchstick. KASHIMARA puts his body on fire himself to enemy threats. (It's a little trick) He also attacked by his wonderful cloak (but that is also little trick ) Besides, the developer Read More »

    Peria Chronicles Introduces A New Species; Western Sever Confirmed?

    By shaylynsun on 0

    Nexon released two art work for Peria Chronicles on the Facebook Page, introducing an entirely new species called Kirana. To my surprise, the official team details the species in English, which means players can except NA/EU servers!   More Related Peria Chronicles Is Being Redeveloped - Report Peria Chronicles' New Artwork Is About a Quiet, Peaceful Night   Read More »

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