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    Black Desert a New Feature Makes the Game More Pay-to-Win?

    By Akami on 0

    Black Desert Online (EU/NA) has got a brand new feature which allows any player to use pearls, the cash currency of the game, to complete production tasks by just an easy click. For example if you are producing crates, fishing rods or whatever, you'll have to wait for a specific amount of time until your workers are done with it, but now, you can just simply press on 'Complete Now' button and spend some pearls to get the task done! Not just that, you can also promote your workers with just Read More »

    Black Desert Mobile: Watch the First Gameplay Trailer

    By Sr Yamamoto on 0

    Pearl Abyss has finally released the first ever trailer for the upcoming mobile verion of the popular MMORPG, along with the official teaser site.   The trailer shows some playable classes, gameplay features like siege, fishing, logging, mining, and boss raid, etc. The trailer shows brilliant graphics for a mobile game, and it's said that all footage is from the actual game. There's no release date announced but the game will surely bring many people into mobile MMORPG.  Young-Chul Read More »

    Black Desert Online (KR) Concurrent Player Number Increased 40%

    By cerberus on 0

    The massive Amazing Adventure updates that are being gradually released to Black Desert Online Korean server has been able to keep players engaged. According to Pearl Abyss, the concurrent players increased 40% compared to the same period of time in 2016. Amazing Adventure includes a truck load of new content including Kamasilve expansion part 2, new Mystic class, legendary unicorn mount, new ocean boss Vell and more.   On the other hand, the developer has revealed to western players more details of Read More »

    Black Desert Southeast Asian Server Coming Before the End of 2017

    By Wei on 0

    At ChinaJoy 2017 Black Desert Online developer PearlAbyss shared with MMO Culture about their plan of opening the Southeast Asian server later this year. According to PearlAbyss' COO and Overseas Business PM, the closed beta for SEA version will start before the end of 2017, and they are preparing for English, Indonesian, and Thai support.   Besides, they also told that the reason why they acquired Nettention was to utilize its technology for the upcoming mobile version of Black Desert. What's Read More »

    Black Desert Developer Acquires Nettention Who's Specialized in Game Servers

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    Black Desert developer Pearl Abyss made a strategic acquisition of Nettention, a Seoul-based tech company whose main product is ProudNet, "a middleware which helps game companies build and efficient server with the best possible latency." According to Nettention, ProudNet has been applied to 191 game projects and among them we can find titles such as Mabinogi Heroes, Seven Knights and Street Fighter V. Also, the ProudNet live servers are operated in 13 countries around the world. Black Read More »

    Mystic Is Black Desert's 15th New Class

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    Black Desert developer Pearl Abyss has just announced another new class Mystic as part of the "Amazing Adventure" content update for the Korean version. Mystic is a female kungfu master that corresponds to Striker.    Name reservation for the new class is now available for Korean players while the combat skills will be revealed later. Mystic will be available in KR server this summer, and good thing is the western version is catching up so you can expect to play Mystic Read More »

    Black Desert Kamasilve Expansion Part 2 to Launch in Korea This Week

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    The Amazing Adventure continues in Black Desert (KR). The developer Pearl Abyss' strategy is to gradually add new content to the game across the summer. Today they announced the second part of the huge Kamasilve expansion called Light of Healing will be released on June 29 in South Korea. With the second part of Kamasilve expansion the game will finally offer the complete region of the Elf world located in the south of Calpheon. The game world will be greatly expanded, and if you are Read More »

    Black Desert Developer PearlAbyss Is Ready for IPO

    By Wei on 0

    Following the footstep of Netmarble Games, Kakao Games, and NetGames (developer of HIT), Black Desert developer PearlAbyss is also getting ready for IPO and expected to be listed on the Korean stock market in September 2017.   Report said that PearlAbyss’ Black Desert Online generated $25 million USD revenue and $15 million USD profits in the second half of 2016. BDO continues to expand to more regions in 2017 and the game has released on Steam platform and will be coming to South American Read More »

    Pearl Abyss on Black Desert's Unannounced Class, Airships and Future Contents

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    Black Desert is a 3-year-old game now although it's just released in the west in March 2016. The game is still a popular MMO and constantly releases new updates. The developer Pearl Abyss has no intention to stop the game's development and in a recent interview with DualShockers the Lead Producer JaeHee Kim shed some light on the future content revealed in early April's Oasis Festival.   Regarding the second new class teased during the Oasis Festival, Kim stated that Read More »

    [Update] Black Desert Online Steam Launch Date Announced

    By JoeLW on 0

    Update Now the Steam page is live and new information is revealed. You can't use existing BDO account to play the Steam version, which is a pity. There's still no confirmation whether the Steam version has IP block, although its Steam page is now accessible from Asia. Learn more at the Steam version FAQ. Original story According to MMORPG.com, PearlAbyss has told them Black Desert Online will land on Steam on May 24. The official announcement will come soon and now there isn't any other detail Read More »

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