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    Anticipated Spaceship MMO Dreadnought Starts Open Beta

    By Aaron on 0

    Grey Box has just announced that its class-based spaceship shooting game Dreadnought kicked off open beta on PC today.The open beta version will add a new map named Ixion, which is the biggest map added to the game. The beta is free-to-play, and you can download the game now by visiting its official website.  Dreadnought is a class-based action game that puts you in command of massive capital ships and at the center of tactical, team-based battles. You are a mercenary captain who commands million Read More »

    Shroud Of Souls Threatens Neverwinter In The Wake OF The Cloaked Ascendancy

    By cuneese on 0

    Perfect World Entertainment Inc., a leading publisher of free-to-play MMORPGs, and Cryptic Studios announced the Shroud of Souls update for Neverwinter : The Cloaked Ascendancy is available today for PC. This update for the free-to-play MMORPG based on the Dungeons & Dragons franchise brings quality of life improvements to Strongholds guilds, co-op and competitive gameplay, and will also arrive on consoles at a later date. Watch the latest Shroud of Souls Vlog from  Read More »

    Blockbuster Mobile Game Onmyoji Now Playable in Facebook's Gameroom

    By Wei on 0

    Onmyoji, a mobile game of NetEase Games, made its debut at Facebook’s annual global developer conference. In this event, Facebook announced the release of Onmyoji PC version in traditional Chinese for global players as one of two strategy games available on Facebook Gameroom. You can install Gameroom and play Onmyoji here. After more than 5 months of meticulous preparation, the traditional Chinese version of Onmyoji designed for global players started CBT on April Read More »

    Destiny 2 Officially Revealed by Bungie (Update: Destiny 2 Teaser Trailer)

    By Blake Lau on 0

    Update Bungie has released a short teaser. Don't get too excited yet for the video doesn't show anything substantial. You will need to wait until March 30 at 10AM PT / 6PM BST to see the full trailer. Original story Bungie has officially confirmed at Twitter Destiny 2 by releasing an image (but no description). Rumor and leaked information in last week suggested the Destiny 2 could come in early September 2017 (the guess is September 5 for US and Sept. 8 for Europe). If it's real Read More »

    Top 10 Low-Specs MMO That You Can Play in 2016

    By FifthSin on 0

    Hello, gamers   Have you ever said to yourself : “If only I had a better computer I could play this.” I’m certain that many of you have, I know I have. Well, the truth is that not all people have the luxury to spend money on high end gaming hardware and they are stuck with dated rigs and laptops. But there are solutions for you fellow gamers. There are lots of low-specs MMOs games which you can play in your toaster and still have smooth framerate and fun experience. My criteria Read More »

    Kingdom Under Fire 2’s PC Specs Have Been Tremendously Raised?

    By Baako on 0

    Kingdom Under Fire 2’s Taiwanese version just announced the PC specs, which was a lot higher than the specs for the Southeastern version that were revealed years ago. It seems that the latest version of KUF2 has greatly raised the specs, and the game now requires at least 8GB RAM to play. What’s more, the game no longer support Windows XP.   System requirements for the TW version (the left are minimum specs and the right are recommended specs)    System requirements for the SEA Read More »

    Lineage Eternal Closed Beta Date and PC Requirements Announced

    By shaylynsun on 0

    Today, NCsoft announced the first closed beta for Lineage Eternal will be starting on November 30 and end December 4, 2016. Along with the announcement, they released a series of new trailers, showing mission and dungeon gameplay as well as various hero characters' cutscene. You can jump to the end of the page to see the videos. You can see a batch of new artwork at the second page.  The PC requirements for CBT1 is revealed. To get the most optimized experience, you will need a $700 high-end Read More »

    Magicka-like Co-op Game Nine Parchments Coming to Consoles and PC

    By shaylynsun on 0

    Frozenbyte, the independent game developer behind Trine and Shadwen, has announced their latest project, a chaotic co-op fantasy game called Nine Parchments on the PlayStion Blog. The blast’em up game will be available for PlayStation4, Xbox One and PC in 2017. In the game, players will assume the roles of wizard apprentices who want to skip their training for a quick path to the Nine Parchments, which are a set of spells that wizards normally practice for a year each. So they drop out of the wizard Read More »

    Turn Based Strategy MMO Space Wars: Interstellar Empires Early Access in Sep

    By Dacey on 0

    Space Wars: Interstellar Empires, a turn-based tactical strategy MMO from publisher ToHeroes and developer Desert Owl Games, will take off for Early Access on PC, Mac and Linux in December 2016. PAX West attendees will be the first to experience Space Wars' massive interstellar conflicts in booth 2323.   Players start by siding with one of four races battling to control the galaxy, then select and command an advanced spacecraft to help conquer the cosmos one planet at a time. Even with Read More »

    Dark and Light Reveals More Details of World Map, Base Building and PvP Gameplay

    By shaylynsun on 0

    Dark and Light (DnL), the new open world PvP sandbox MMO from Snail Games, is going to be launched globally on Steam in Q4 2016. Having been waiting for years for a reboot of DnL, now we can see the dramatic graphic changes happened. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, a highly realistic natural environment has been created. Players will be able to explore the planet with tons of different ecosystems.   The official team posted an early world map concepts on Facebook, unveiling several islands separated Read More »
  1. League of Legends

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  2. DOTA 2

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  3. SMITE

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  4. World Of Warcraft: Legion

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  5. Heroes of The Storm 2.0

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  6. AION

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  7. The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind

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  8. Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

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  9. Neverwinter: The Cloaked Ascendancy

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    playing 332

    gplayed 1302


  10. Ragnarok Online

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    playing 240

    gplayed 1295


  1. Sack of Gems (2500 Gems) 1

    Sack of Gems (2500 Gems)


  2. Chest of Gems (14000 Gems) 2

    Chest of Gems (14000 Gems)


  3. Bag of Gems (1200 Gems) 3

    Bag of Gems (1200 Gems)


  4. Pile of Gems (500 Gems) 4

    Pile of Gems (500 Gems)


  5. Box of Gems (6500 Gems) 5

    Box of Gems (6500 Gems)


  6. Bag of Diamonds 6

    Bag of Diamonds


  7. Crate of Diamonds 7

    Crate of Diamonds


  8. Box of Diamonds 8

    Box of Diamonds


  9. Pouch of Diamonds 9

    Pouch of Diamonds


  10. Pile of Diamonds 10

    Pile of Diamonds


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