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    Mobile RPG Onmyoji Starts Its Western Closed Beta (English APK file here)

    By AnotherInfinity on 0

      NetEase's Anime-inspired mobile RPG Onmyoji has already amassed over 200 million downloads throughout Asia, and has even being honored as one of the App Store’s 10 Best iPhone Games of 2016 in China. With stunning 3D graphics and customizable characters voiced by real anime legends, Onmyoji is a mobile RPG with strategic, turn-based combat in PvP or PVE battles. After a long wait, players in North America and Canada can finally give the game a try on iOS and Android through a closed beta Read More »

    Blockbuster Mobile Game Onmyoji Now Playable in Facebook's Gameroom

    By Wei on 0

    Onmyoji, a mobile game of NetEase Games, made its debut at Facebook’s annual global developer conference. In this event, Facebook announced the release of Onmyoji PC version in traditional Chinese for global players as one of two strategy games available on Facebook Gameroom. You can install Gameroom and play Onmyoji here. After more than 5 months of meticulous preparation, the traditional Chinese version of Onmyoji designed for global players started CBT on April Read More »

    Onmyoji Interview: NetEase Games Talks Releasing the Game in the West

    By Wei on 0

    Onmyoji is a phenomenal mobile game in Chinese market and what's more, its Chinese version is already a popular title in international market. You can read our previous article to learn why the game prevailed in Chinese market. The game will be coming to the west later this year and it's worth a lot of expectation. We have just forwarded some burning questions to the developer team about the game's western version. See what they said. Onmyoji will launch the English version soon. What regions Read More »

    Onmyoji: Creating Connection Between Players and Arts, Culture and Emotion

    By Wei on 0

    Onmyoji is a phenomenal mobile game in Chinese market in 2016 with over 10 million daily active players. The game's Producer Jin Tao shared his opinions of how to win the market at Insight of Fun Talkshop at GDC 2017.   Jin thinks that the advancement of mobile games is bringing people closer to arts, culture and emotion. "What we have seen in recent years is that on the one hand game innovation is slowing down in terms of coming up with new types, but content development is deepening on the Read More »

    NetEase Games On How to Create High Quality Games and Win the Market

    By Wei on 0

    NetEase Games held its first ever developers forum in the West, titled "Insight of Fun", in San Francisco on February 28. Living up to the company's motto of "good games have no borders", lead developers of NetEase's 5 flagship games shared development concepts and behind-the-scene stories with an audience of gamers, industry peers, and reporters. The successful event was a direct reflection of the popularity and traction that NetEase Games has in overseas markets.   Read More »

    GDC 2017: NetEase Games to Hold a Developer Conference and Show 4 Mobile Games

    By Wei on 0

    Recently, NetEase announced its expectation - beating fiscal 2016 annual results. Boosted by the great performance of mobile games such as Fantasy Westward Journey, Westward Journey, Ghost and Onmyoji, gaming revenues reached RMB28.0 billion (US$4.0 billion), up 61.6% year-over-year. Total value and growth continued to lead the industry.   With unrelenting pursuit for great gaming, NetEase Games take up half of the iOS best selling rank in China. In 2016, NetEase Games won the top developer award from Read More »

    Onmyoji Is One of Facebook’s Top 3 Best Mobile Games of 2016

    By Wei on 0

    In the Games of the Year rankings released by Facebook, Onmyoji by NetEase was rated the Best Mobile Game 2016, along with Pokemon Go and Clash Royale. The Game of the Year rankings recognize games that made an impression on Facebook and the players.   Onmyoji is the latest blockbuster title from NetEase. "Its part turn-based, part real-time RPG game combines cultural elements, traditional character design and high-quality graphics for a new take on card-based combat," according to Facebook Read More »

    NetEase Games Has Become the Most Profitable Mobile Game Publisher in the World

    By Blake Lau on 0

    In October 2016, Chinese mobile game developer and publisher NetEase Games finally surpassed Tencent Games in mobile game revenue and became the most profitable mobile game company in the world.   Data from App Annie With 300 apps available in app stores, NetEase Games' cash cow mobile games are now Onmyoji, Fantasy Westward Journey, Ghost, and Westward Journey Online. Particularly, the first 2 titles are on October's top 10 global mobile game revenue chart (see the image below). The chart Read More »

    Onmyoji Has Swept the Chinese Mobile Game Market; and It’s Coming Worldwide

    By cerberus on 0

    You may haven’t heard of Onmyoji, the mobile game from NetEase Games, but you should keep an eye on this game now if you play mobile games for the game will be launching in Japan and in the west in the future. In Chinese market the game has hit the "Top Grossing" chart shortly after it was available on iOS in early September. The anime style mobile game reached one million daily active players milestone on September 9. What’s more, Onmyoji occupied the game section in all major social Read More »

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