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    Is Raider Z Going to Be Back?

    By JoeLW on 0

    Reddit user morgan_the_freeman has found the official RaiderZ Facebook page was getting updates again after 4 years. The latest post on the page said "Journeys begin" and raised some speculations from players including the theory that the game was going to come back.  The game was originally developed by South Korean studio MAIET Entertainment and it was signed by Perfect World Entertainment in 2011 for the western market. PWE shut down the game in 2015 and MAIET was merged Read More »

    Twilight Spirits' Dazzling Gameplay Makes The Game An Anticipated Title for 2017

    By shaylynsun on 0

    Twilight Spirtis, a brand new 3D non-target MMORPG from NetEase, is going to move into closed beta test on August 26. A new gameplay trailer was released, unveiling dazzling combats of the 5 playable characters.   Beside, the 4 classes (Assassin, melee-DPS, Warrior-Tank and Mage) we introduced before, we get a new class called Ji Ci in this trailer, using gun as his weapon. Maybe there will be more than 5 classes at launch.   Powered by self-developed Nirvana engine, Twilight Spirits will provide Read More »

    First Look at 3D Non-targetting Gameplay Dragon Nest Mobile at ChinaJoy 2016

    By Noki Kim on 0

    Dragon Nest Mobile is Shanda Games' most featured title at this ChinaJoy. It lays stress on reappearing 3D non-targeting gameplay in the PC version. The style of this title's graphics, dungeons is similar to the PC version. At the beginning of Dragon Nest Mobile, it uses a lot of elements in the original title so that Dragon Nest players will be familiar with it. The left screen will control the direction and the right screen will control attack. All skills lie in the lower right corner. The simpe Read More »

    Twilight Spirits Actual Combat Footage - An Action MMO Worth Your Attention

    By cindyhio on 0

    Days ago, we brought you a brand new 3D MMORPG named Twilight Spirits that is developed by NetEase. Today at the first day of ChinaJoy 2016, we got our hands on the game meanwhile had a short talk with Twilight Spirits producer. Twilight Spirits is a self-developed title by NetEase, powered by Nirvana engine. The dev team has 100+ employees and they have spent 3 years in developing and polishing Twilight Spirits. The game features a cinematic-level graphic and a non-target combat system. 4 classes (Assassin Read More »

    Revelation Online Two New Trailers Show the Lore & Non-targeted Combat System

    By cindyhio on 0

    Russian game publisher My.com today released two new trailers for Revelation Online after they announced that they are going to publish the game in the west. One trailer tells us the lore of the game, revealing the story about the 4 remaining Wardens trying to withstand the Darkness... and their own brother. In other news, another pretty short trailer has also released to highlight the non-targeted combat system in Revelation Online. In fact, the game features 3 combat modes: Targeted, Classic, and Read More »

    Rider of Icarus Is Getting Non-targeted Action Mode for Closed Beta 3

    By JoeLW on 0

    Rider of Icarus has hosted 2 closed beta test events where a targeted keyboard/mouse control system, or Standard Mode, was used. Players requested an non-targeted action system and they are going to have it in closed beta 3. The game’s Project Director Seok Hoon just talked more about the upcoming Non-targeted mode, or the Action Mode. Action Mode is borrowed from non-targeted system and it allows you to rotate the camera simply by moving the mouse. You don’t need to target to attack, of course Read More »

    Onigiri Mobile - the Follow-Up of Onigiri Online and to Release in Spring

    By Sacharin on 0

    CyberStep unveiled the official website of Onigiri Mobile which has been put into operation recently. Onigiri Mobile is developed by CyberStep and CUNICULUS together. Onigiri Mobile shares the same background story with Onigiri Online.  Within mobile, players can have a adventure with different friends. When it comes to Boss Combat and Raid, players need to cultivate their own characters and partners. There will be mysterious original characters debut in the main story line. These characters Read More »

    Launch Today: PvP MMORPG Sphere 3: Enchanted World

    By JoeLW on 0

    The game is designed for players who like hardcore PvP content though it does have over 1000 PvE quests that tell you a story. Utilizing non-target combat system, Sphere 3 wants to offer a non-stop PvP action and siege.     In addition to open world PvP that takes place almost everywhere in the game, Sphere 3: Enchanted World features castle system which allows you to manage, upgrade, and get some of the best items available in the game. There's free PK in most place in the world of the game Read More »

    Dogma: Eternal Night Is Half Tab-Targeting, Half Non-Targeting

    By Blake Lau on 0

    Prelude Games Factory’s open world vampire MMO Dogma: Eternal Night has revealed the taget system, a hybrid of traditional tab-target and the action-oriented non-target.   We want to combine classic target-system, where you need to select an enemy by clicking on him, with a more advanced, non-target system, where your character fights, shoots and uses his abilities via on-screen crosshair.   The game emphasizes on the non-target part but it allows you to turn to ”target lock Read More »

    Divergence Online - New MMO Inspired by Star Wars Galaxies

    By JoeLW on 0

    Divergence Online launched on Kickstarter in 2013 and got funded in the same year. After two years development, the game's creator Ethan Ash Casner has lots of new details to share with the MMO community. The game is a return to "the golden age of MMORPGs", according to the developer, which is unlike some modern MMOs that have a series of hundreds of game servers, each supporting up to around 60 players. "I'm sorry, that isn’t an MMO, that's Battlefield 1942," Casner Read More »
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