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    LawBreakers Shooter Will Have Open Beta This Weekend on PC and PS4

    By Sr Yamamoto on 0

    Boss Key Productions has confirmed the date of the next Open Beta test for its team-based shooter Lawbreakers. The OBT begins this Friday and runs through Monday. The beta will be available for both PC gamers and PlayStation 4 users. Lawbreakers is a team shooter that has as main differential gravitational combat in futuristic environments, besides being more bloody than its competitors. The game currently has 9 functions represented by 18 characters with different styles of play. <br / Read More »

    Watch Black Desert's Mystic Class in a Breathtaking Gameplay Trailer

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    2 weeks ago, Pearl Abyss revealed that Mystic is Black Desert's 15th class. Mystic is a female martial artist who is fast in combat and skilled in high kicks and superfast punches. The shoulder charge allows her to force her way through enemy ranks. Beside sharing some skills with the Striker class, Mystic is also capable to perform a bunch of combos that are familiar to those applied by ninja/kunoichi and wizard/witch. Titled "Beautiful and Strong", this new trailer presents Mystic right Read More »

    Black Desert Online EU/NA - Arena of Arsha

    By Akami on 0

    As usual, today after the regular maintenance of Black Desert Online EU/NA, a new kind of arena which is called "Arena of Arsha" was released. This arena allows you to be the operator to hold pvp matchs of a special battle arena, beside choosing your own teams. You have to be a Guild Master or Guild Officer so you can ​reserve the Arena of Arsha by setting a specific date to claim the right to run the Arena of Arsha, and when the reserved date comes you'll be able to invite Read More »

    Kritika Online: First Major Update Makes Big Changes to Auction House and More

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    Anime MMORPG Kritika Online has been in open beta in the west since June 29. After a month's testing and listening to players feedback, the publisher En Masse released the first major update. "This update focuses heavily", the team said, "including changes to the Auction House, how items are bound, and how end-game gear is acquired." Additionally, the Arena mode gained 10 times the number of levels, offering now some sweet rewards to those willing to give it a try. You can find the Read More »

    Blade & Soul Announced the New Servers After Server Merge

    By Akami on 0

    As previously announced in Jonathan Lien's letter that current servers will be merged on August 9th to improve the the raiding population, today Blade & Soul NA/EU team revealed 2 tables showing "before & after" for the current servers. In other words the new name for each group of servers in each region "EU & NA". You can check the them below:     Not to mention that the Character transfer service wiill be disabled from July 26th till August 9th. The Read More »

    Here's Black Desert 2nd Awakening System

    By Akami on 0

    Black Desert Online KR version official facebook page revealed on July 25, a teaser trailer introducing a new skill enhancement system which called "Rabam's Enlightenment" aka the 2nd awakening system. This system will allow the players to merge two different pre-Awakening skills to create a more powerful skill, with new animation. One main-skill and two sub-skills for each class to be combined. Every class is able to obtain 2 new awakening skills (2nd awakening skill), as you can combine Read More »

    ArcheAge (KR): See the Trailer of the Upcoming Naval Update

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    On July 27th, the Korean version of ArcheAge will receive a large scale naval update. Beside the new sea area, the game will introduce in naval arena. In a area known as Trapaces, 4 teams of 5 players that are above level 30 will fight against each other in the sea battle. There will be 12-minute for each arena battle where the brave fighters will have to deal with opposing teams, big waves and sea monsters. Players will be able to choose between 4 types of ships, each of them featuring a strong point, such Read More »

    Blade & Soul: The Future of The Earthen Realm & Servers Consolidating

    By Akami on 0

    After one year and half of Blade & Soul launch, today BnS official facebook page announced an update on the game and the future of the Earthen Realm from game producer Jonathan Lien. Jonathan Lien talked about Blade & Soul past, and how it went from the launch till now with the various events and updates. He mentioned that they have had several pain points they have needed to correct or are still working on, beside mentioning that the BnS team priority is to ensure that they make the best decisions Read More »

    Black Desert Online: See How You Can Customize the New Mystic Class

    By Fury116 on 0

    Mystic, the female kung fu master class, will be coming to Black Desert Online KR server soon and Western server in the near future. Pearl Abyss has allowed selective KR players to try the character creation first. Take a look at the videos below for an early look at the customizations of the new class.   Mystic is fast in combat and skilled in high kicks and superfast punches. The shoulder charge allows her to force her way through enemy ranks. You can learn more about the new class here. Read More »

    Gigantic: Arc Founder's Pack (Values $30 Each) Giveaway

    By 2P.com Admin on 0

    The long-awaited action MOBA Gigantic has finally launched and we team up with Perfect World Entertainment to celebrate the milestone, by giving away 25 Arc Founder's Pack, each of which is worth $30.   The pack includes: All current heroes and all future heroes Charnok Origins Skin Tyto Origins Skin Lord Knossos Gladiator Skin Beckett Cloudracer Skin 1000+ Rubies 10 Win Boosts 10 Fortune Card Draws 1 Friend Code for Arc/Steam users only   How to win: Write in the comment who are Read More »

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