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    Watch Mobile RPG Elsword M: Shadow of Luna Releases Closed Beta Gameplay

    By Sr Yamamoto on 0

    Nexon Korea just released Elsword Slash several months ago and now they have another Elsword mobile game named Elsword M: Shadow of Luna. The game is a side-scrolling brawler developed by KOG and is currently in closed beta in South Korea. You can watch the beta gameplay videos below. Like many mobile game, Elsword M: Shadow of Luna supports auto-fight, but the game requires manual control if you want to do advanced combat moves such as dodge. Video source: Steparu And you can also take a Read More »

    ​Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed Global Release Date Announced

    By hanthienhai on 0

    Nexon has announced action mobile tittle Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed will be released globally on March 30, 2017. The publisher also announced the game's PvP servers will be divided into 4~5 regional servers in order to achieve an optimized network condition.   Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed is the mobile version based on Dynasty Warrior 8 developed by XPEC Entertainment. Suzuki Akihiro, the producer behind Dynasty Warrior series, also got involved in the mobile title.     Read More »

    Nexon's Strategy Action Mobile RPG Giantica Will Launch CBT2 in Korea

    By Sr Yamamoto on 0

    Giantica is an upcoming strategy action RPG from Nexon. The game has kicked off CBT2 pre-registration for Android in South Korea. While the game won't be available for most of us in the west, it's a game that worth some attention. The game is quite unique as it features a real-time action combat system that rely on the use of cards. Unlike other action RPGs where you tap on the skill buttons on the screen to fight, Giantica offers you multiple cards you can select to use special abilities Read More »

    Durango Beta Test Has Been Eextended

    By ProtosX on 0

    Durango is a unique Open world MMORPG for mobile where players can experience the struggle of survival in a very unfamiliar era, the pre-historic times! Walk, breath and venture along with other players, ride dinosaurs, mend your very own land or create a whole village for your clan! The World of Durango is a wide free land yours for the taking! But beware, as humans are the strangers in these lands.   The Limited Beta Test started last December 14th and supposed to end by January 3, 2017. However Read More »

    Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed Closed Beta Date Announced

    By shaylynsun on 0

    Nexon announced that the closed beta test for its latest mobile ARPG Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed will be available during January 12-16. Along with the announcement, they publish a new opening trailer. Check it below.    This mobile game is developed by Suzuki Ryoko, the producer behind Dynasty Warriors 6&7&13. From what we have learned so far, Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed is similar to Dynasty Warriors series. Players can expect big map on the screen and will control Read More »

    Watch the Gameplay of 4 Classses in Dungeon & Fighter: Spirit

    By hanthienhai on 0

    Nexon Korea has just realeased a cinematic trailer and a series of gameplay videos featuring 4 starter classses in Dungeon & Fighter: Spirit, the 3D version of Dungeon Fighter Online for mobile platform. The 4 character classes are: Mage, Fighter, Gunner and Ghost Knight. Different from the PC version, there are just 4 playable characters in Dungeon & Fighter: Spirit. However, the class advancement system remains intact. Nexon Korea has started Pre-Registrations for the Korean version. No word Read More »

    Pinpop VEGAS: First Multiplayer Pinball Battle Games Now Available on Mobile

    By shaylynsun on 0

    NEXON just released its latest competitive mobile game, Pinpop VEGAS: Extreme Pinball. It is a fast-paced, real-time multiplayer pinball game.   As one of the first real-time multiplayer pinball battle games, Pinpop VEGAS reimagines pinball with a unique twist as players tap and aim their way through forest, mine, desert, and ocean stages, which change according to the weather. Real-time player-versus-player pinball battles elevate the intensity of Pinpop for gamers vying for the Read More »

    Watch How Titanfall Online Actual Gameplay Looks Like

    By hanthienhai on 0

    Nexon and Respawn has brought the Titanfall franchise to Asia with Titanfall Online. The game just started the closed beta in South Korea and we can finally see the actual gameplay of the game.  Titanfall Online features the iconic pilot and Titan combat that define the series. There are 4 Titans currently available in the game: Atlas, Ogre, Stryder, and Destroyer. You can watch the gameplay videos below. Tutorials:   Team Deathmatch Mode:   Consumer War Mode:   Read More »

    Closers Online (KR) Teases New Character

    By Sr Yamamoto on 0

    Nexon Korea released a new trailer for Closers, teasing the upcoming character Violet, the 5th member in the Wolf Team. The trailer doesn't show any actual combat but tells that she uses a big sword that implies she's a melee combat character.  ​ Violet is scheduled to release on December 22th in Korean server. Read More »

    MapleStory 2 Wants to Bring Back Players by Making the Game Easier

    By hanthienhai on 0

    Nexon Korea has released a Restart update for MapleStory 2 as part of the Winter 2016 update. This update aims to bring back players who have left the game while attract new players with a re-organization of the game content.    Dungeons become easier, and the requirements to access certain features are lowered (housing, mining, farming, etc), and Nexon will be giving out bonus items for players who play the game. The western version of MapleStory 2 is said to be coming soon Read More »
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