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    Dark and Light Mobile: Your Ground Horses Can Evolve to Flying Mounts

    By Aaron on 0

    Mount is the best way to make your character stand out in an MMORPG, so this is why players are willing to spend so much time and money to get the rarest mount in game. However, in Dark and Light mobile, you can evolve your basic ground mount to a cool flying, ground and aquatic mount. People love mount variety in most of MMORPGs, but sometime when a new expansion comes out, newer more practical mounts will take place of the old ones. In Dark and Light: Tales of Gaia, players will not need to worry their Read More »

    Class Exclusive Mounts Now Available to Grab in World of Warcraft

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

     World of Warcraft players can now own a mount exclusively for their class, as a reward for their bravery and courage. It won't be an easy task to have one of the 12 available class mounts in your collection, for it's rewarded upon a bunch of achievements are unlocked. "To claim your mount, first complete the achievement ‘Breaching the Tomb’ on the Broken Shore, then head back to your Order Hall. You’ll be rewarded, as befits a hero like yourself, with a mount that confirms Read More »

    Ashes of Creation Blows Past $1 Million; New Backer Rewards

    By Nephthys on 0

    Last night, Ashes of Creation, upcoming sandbox MMO by Intrepid Studios, did something I would not have believed possible until it happened. They blew through $1 million pledged in their kickstarter campaign, and it does not seem as though they will be stopping any time soon. This means the first stretch goal was reached within 36 hours of the campaign start, and players will have tavern games they can play with each other. Dicing? Cards? Who knows - but it will certainly make taverns much more interesting Read More »

    [Ended] Neverwinter: The Cloaked Ascendancy (PS4 & Xbox One) Unicorns Giveaway

    By 2P.com Admin on 0

    Winners announced Hey everyone, we are terribly sorry for the delay. We announce the winners of the unicorn mounts below and send the code to their registered emails. There are just 19 players asked for unicorn for PS4 version, so they are winners. Beisdes, there are 2 people didn't say which platform they were playing on, we will give them the code for PS4 platform. Green unicorns (Chartreuse) for Xbox One winners: Alura Lyn Bry Matte Chaos Clifford C Green Dezi Didier Cuny  DoYouDab Read More »

    Dark and Light Revealed the Difficulty Level of Taming Different Creatures

    By cerberus on 0

    Snail Games has teased 2 images on their Facebook the creature player can tame and ride. The developer just revealed at the Chinese official site details of creature taming including the difficulty level of catching different creatures. Take a look if you are planning to do some hunting in the game.   Horses, goats and deer are the easiest to tame since these herbivorous creatures have low attack and defense power. They usually choose to flee when they are attacked, says the developer, and they are definitely Read More »

    Revelation Online (CN) Introduces New Flying Mount That Has Various Skins

    By censeo91 on 0

    The developers of Revelation Online Netease Games has teased in a new trailer the new "flying chicken" mount which has released in the Chinese version. What's more, this mount has a lot of different skins for players to collect, and you can see some of the skins in the video and screenshots below. Could the mount skins become a part of the microtransaction? Do you want mount skins to be also available in the NA and EU version in the future? Read More »

    Riders of Icarus Previews November Content Update

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    We are in the middle of November and Nexon decides to give us a sneak peek of what we can expect from Riders of Icarus at the end of this month. First thing first, the Light's Banner Festival is celebrated in Hakanas, and this is good opportunity for players to achieve great rewards. The list of new activities prepared for you and your familiars includes: - the new Familiar Farm system allows players to group familiars together in one place, earning buffs for different combinations of familiars Read More »

    7 Amazing Mounts Coming to Riders of Icarus' Rift of the Damned Update

    By Maressa on 0

    Though Riders of Icarus may be fairly new on the market still it’s already getting a name for having some of the most unique mounts of any MMO currently available. We’ve been given a taste of just some of the amazing mounts that will be introduced to Riders of Icarus in the upcoming Rift of the Damned update which launches on September 29th.   Abyssal Vylet In the Exarahn Badlands, you’ll be able to find the Heroic Abyssal Vylet mount, a dark boney looking wyvern-like creature with Read More »

    Riders of Icarus Mount Taming Guide, Hakain’s Crossing

    By AnotherInfinity on 0

    While it is the next region after Brakarr Forest, which should have been somewhat easy (but time consuming) to complete if you followed our guide, Hakain’s Crossing can/will be awfully hard depending on how lucky/unlucky you are, and mostly due to the presence of one flying mount, the Windrunner. In fact, don’t even expect to be able to complete this zone’s bestiary before you’ve reached the max level. This guide will list the Hakain's Crossing mounts of Riders of Icarus, while Read More »
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    Sack of Gems (2500 Gems)


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    Chest of Gems (14000 Gems)


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