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    Monster Hunter Online Opens Monster Manual System; New Costumes Unveiled

    By shaylynsun on 0

    In Monster Hunter Online’s recent update, players will have access to Monster Manual System, Refinement System and new costumes.   The monster manual collected most monsters’ data in the game. Players can find where they live and what’s the best way to deal with them.   The refinement system will be unlocked when players hit lvl 40. Players will be able to get advanced Guardian Stone by using 3 lower level guardian stones.   Apart from that, they also unveiled Read More »

    Monster Hunter Online Rajang Debuts; Hunters Can Boost to Level 50 for Free

    By cindyhio on 0

    As a classic monster in Monster Hunter, Rajang is going to meet all the hunters today on August 2nd in Monster Hunter Online. Besides, there is also a "level up to 50 directly" event. From today to August 16, all hunters as long as they reach 20 levels, can get a ticket which can level your character up to 50 directly, along with some HR points. Moreover, hunters can claim a level 70 weapon, 100K silver coin as well as an advanced hunter outfit so as to challenge the Rajang. Rajang are found in Read More »

    Monster Hunter Online Latest Trailer Shows off 8 New Monsters in 2nd Expansion

    By cindyhio on 0

    Yesterday, we gave you guys a sneak peak at what's new in Monster Hunter Online's second expansion, which is coming on June 28th. Today Tencent released a new promotional trailer showing off the 8 new monsters and the new hunting area. Check it out after the break: Among the 8 new monsters, 3 of them will be MHO exclusive. Fire attirbute Blangonga (MHO exclusive) Merphistophelin subspecies (MHO exclusive Elder Dragon) Slicemargl subspecies (MHO exclusive) Click here to get more details Read More »

    Monster Hunter Online First Expansion on April 26, 8 New Monsters Coming!

    By Fireownzu on 0

    On 26th April, Tencent will be releasing the first expansion for Monster Hunter Online. One of limelight in the preview would be the appearance of an Elder Dragon. The name of the Elder Dragon is still unknown but it was said that this Elder Dragon has the ability of controlling all 5 elements and resides in the Volcanic Area. Other than the appearance of the Elder Dragon, there will also be many other species appearing which includes Flying Wyvern, Bird Wyvern, Elder Dragon, Carapaceons and Neopterons species Read More »

    Classic MH Monster Diablos Coming in the Next Update of Monster Hunter Online

    By cindyhio on 0

    Diablos, the classic monster in other previous MH series, is coming in the next update of Monster Hunter Online with a special version being called the "Desert Tyrant Wyvern Diablos" (Chinese name: 砂原暴君). Diablos are large, bipedal wyverns with powerful armor plating covering much of their body. Their most noteworthy feature is a pair of massive, solid horns above their eyes. Diablos also possess a pair of tusk-like fangs and a large, spiny neck frill. Their tail ends with a heavy, studded Read More »

    Monster Hunter Online: S Grade Animated Weapon Costume Debuts in Today's Update

    By cindyhio on 0

    So as you probably already know that there's a big update coming on Jan 26th where we can see new weapon Gunlance, two new monsters Shen Gaoren and Tartaronis as well as a brand new 12 man raid. Besides that, we are going to see the animated S-grade weapon costume for the first time and much more. Server maintenance time: Jan 26 from 2AM - 8AM (GMT+8) ---> already done now 1. New weapon: Gunlance 2. New monster: Shen Gaoren 3. New monster: Tartaronis 4. New party format: 12 Read More »

    Monster Hunter Online New Update Going Live on Jan 26 with New Weapon Gunlance!

    By cindyhio on 0

    As Chinese New Year is approaching, there will be a major content release on Jan 26. Below are a preview of what we are going to expect in the new patch. Visit our MHO hub for more info or join in our forum where you can ask for help if you have any! 1. New weapon: Gunlance "Gunlances are long, piercing weapons with a mechanism inside which can fire an explosive round. This is called Shelling. Unlike Bowguns, the Gunlance cannot fire over distances. The Shelling ability can only be used from close Read More »

    Monster Hunter Online: New Weapon, Monster, Bug Fixes and Adjustments

    By crystalfied on 0

    New weapon to be added In a recent post from their official website, Tencent has announced an update that will finally release a new weapon for Monster Hunter Online. Tencent did not say anything about the weapon in their post but they did say that it will be available at the Blacksmith in 梅杰波尔坦(second main town). From the previous interview, it should be the long awaited Gunlance that everyone is waiting for. Return of Rathalos Tencent also wrote that they will be adding a new monster into Read More »

    Monster Hunter Online: Gunlance & New Monsters Coming in Jan Update

    By cindyhio on 0

    After 7 years development and six beta tests since 2013, Tencent finally launched pre-open beta test for Monster Hunter Online. In an interview with Duowan, MHO producer Tao Weishi shared their development story and the future plans for MHO. It’s suffering for both MHO developers and players in the past 7 years Tao said it’s really hard to keep unremitting with the development. MHO has tried 4 engines in the past 7 years and finally they decided to use CryEngine 3. Since the opening of the Read More »

    TGC 2014: Monster Hunter Online New Trailer and Chinese Dragon Preview

    By Aaron on 0

    At this year’s Tencent Games Carnival (TGC 2014), Tencent and Capcom co-developed title Monster Hunter Online has just revealed two brand-new trailers which feature the exquisite graphics under CryEngine 3 and a Chinese style dragon monster. This dragon will use the name by fan online voting. Besides, the music composer Tetsuya Shibata also presented in TGC 2014 and shared the creation process with all Monster Hunter fans. In order to let all Monster Hunter fans test their computers, Tencent Read More »

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