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    Monster Hunter Online: Classic Monster Nargacuga Flying into the Game

    By Wei on 0

    Monster Hunter Online developer and publisher Tencent Games has revealed upcoming new monster Nargacuga, a flying wyvern that has appeared in several MH games like Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, Monster Hunter 3 G, Monster Hunter X, and Monster Hunter XX, etc.   In addition to the new monster, Tencent teases that major improvement will be made to the weapon and weapon upgrade system to make it more familiar to fans of the MH series. Details are to be announced. Read More »

    Monster Hunter Online Rajang Debuts; Hunters Can Boost to Level 50 for Free

    By cindyhio on 0

    As a classic monster in Monster Hunter, Rajang is going to meet all the hunters today on August 2nd in Monster Hunter Online. Besides, there is also a "level up to 50 directly" event. From today to August 16, all hunters as long as they reach 20 levels, can get a ticket which can level your character up to 50 directly, along with some HR points. Moreover, hunters can claim a level 70 weapon, 100K silver coin as well as an advanced hunter outfit so as to challenge the Rajang. Rajang are found in Read More »

    Monster Hunter Online Weapon Guide: How to Choose Weapons (Part 2)

    By Fireownzu on 0

    Hi guys! Today I will discuss the remaining weapons not covered in Part 1. 6. Hunting Horn (HH) Pros : HH is able to support party members by applying beneficial buffs (different HH has different buffs) to everyone such as attack up, affinity up and many more. In addition, certain HH can also heal everyone which saves up the amount of potion used and increased sustainability for the party since in much later hunts there will be multiple monsters appearing in a hunt. HH, like Hammer, can also apply Read More »

    Monster Hunter Online Weapon Guide: How to Choose Weapons (Part 1)

    By Fireownzu on 0

    Hi guys, today I shall touch on one of the most frequently asked questions by new players when playing Monster Hunter Online, "Which weapon should I go for?" One of the key features of Monster Hunter Online is the wide variety of weapons available for players to use for hunts. It is definitely possible for players to use all types of weapons. However, due to the high cost of crafting/upgrading weapons and the limited amount of ways to earn silvers and gold , it is rather difficult for new players Read More »

    Monster Hunter Online English Patch Lives Now!

    By cindyhio on 0

    Greetings all hunters! The long-awaited English patch for Tencent Game's Monster Hunter Online is finally released now! The English patch is made by Team HD so it's not the official patch. Still, it will be very useful for western MHO fans who probably have a lot of problems with the Chinese UI. >>> English patch download link: http://kogath.com/TeamHD/ Note: THIS IS A BETA PATCH, not a full one, so don't expect it to be 100%. There's no ip block for Monster Hunter Online Read More »

    Monster Hunter Online English Patch Delayed to June 1st, Here's the FAQ

    By cindyhio on 0

    Days ago, we are excited to share the English patch news for all the western Monster Hunter Online fans. The unofficial English patch was made by Team HD and was scheduled to go live on May 30th. However, due to the official game update, which is either around May 31st or even 1st of June, the English patch will delay to that time after the update. Aslind Samure posted a FAQ for the unofficial English patch as following, which I think those who are waiting for the release of the patch should read beforehand Read More »

    Monster Hunter Online English Patch Coming out on May 30!

    By cindyhio on 0

    Monster Hunter Online has been released in China for a while but since it's a China-exclusive title, all UI is in Chinese, which is really frustrating for western players. But here's a great news for Monster Hunter Online fans! No more cry for English patch anymore as Team Hunter's Destiny (Team HD) has made their own version the unofficial English patch, coming very soon on May 30th! Kudos to them! Good news is there's no ip block for Monster Hunter Online. If you'd love to play the game Read More »

    Monster Hunter Online First Expansion on April 26, 8 New Monsters Coming!

    By Fireownzu on 0

    On 26th April, Tencent will be releasing the first expansion for Monster Hunter Online. One of limelight in the preview would be the appearance of an Elder Dragon. The name of the Elder Dragon is still unknown but it was said that this Elder Dragon has the ability of controlling all 5 elements and resides in the Volcanic Area. Other than the appearance of the Elder Dragon, there will also be many other species appearing which includes Flying Wyvern, Bird Wyvern, Elder Dragon, Carapaceons and Neopterons species Read More »

    Classic MH Monster Diablos Coming in the Next Update of Monster Hunter Online

    By cindyhio on 0

    Diablos, the classic monster in other previous MH series, is coming in the next update of Monster Hunter Online with a special version being called the "Desert Tyrant Wyvern Diablos" (Chinese name: 砂原暴君). Diablos are large, bipedal wyverns with powerful armor plating covering much of their body. Their most noteworthy feature is a pair of massive, solid horns above their eyes. Diablos also possess a pair of tusk-like fangs and a large, spiny neck frill. Their tail ends with a heavy, studded Read More »

    New Wolf Species Monster Coming to Monster Hunter Online

    By Aaron on 0

    Following the new major expansion on March 1st, Monster Hunter online is rolling out a brand new monster, an original one in MHO. With the continuously increasing amount of monsters, Tencent Games and Capcom are going to introduce a new wolf species besides seven existing ones. Watch out hunters! Slicemargl(剑极狼) is coming. >>> Check out our Monster Hunter Online hub for more! Slicemargl(belongs to fanged beast category) is an enormous but agile wolf living alone in the snow Read More »

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