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    Monster Hunter Online Weapon Guide: How to Choose Weapons (Part 2)

    By Fireownzu on 0

    Hi guys! Today I will discuss the remaining weapons not covered in Part 1. 6. Hunting Horn (HH) Pros : HH is able to support party members by applying beneficial buffs (different HH has different buffs) to everyone such as attack up, affinity up and many more. In addition, certain HH can also heal everyone which saves up the amount of potion used and increased sustainability for the party since in much later hunts there will be multiple monsters appearing in a hunt. HH, like Hammer, can also apply Read More »

    Monster Hunter Online Weapon Guide: How to Choose Weapons (Part 1)

    By Fireownzu on 0

    Hi guys, today I shall touch on one of the most frequently asked questions by new players when playing Monster Hunter Online, "Which weapon should I go for?" One of the key features of Monster Hunter Online is the wide variety of weapons available for players to use for hunts. It is definitely possible for players to use all types of weapons. However, due to the high cost of crafting/upgrading weapons and the limited amount of ways to earn silvers and gold , it is rather difficult for new players Read More »

    Monster Hunter Online Guide: Level 25, Now What?

    By Fireownzu on 0

    Hi guys, this is a short guide for hunters who have just reached level 25. Getting to 25 begins a new chapter reason being the story quests now brings you from Milard Village (starting village) to Mezeporta (new town!!) There are a few new features which you will unlocked when you reach 25! >> Monster Hunter Online Registration and Download Guide >> Monster Hunter Online English Patch Lives Now! A little introduction to the new town Mezeporta Royal Hunting Ground: Unlocked Read More »

    Monster Hunter Online Guide: How to Hunt Estrellian and Akura Vashimu

    By Fireownzu on 0

    Hi guys, today's guide will be for those who are interested in breaking the parts of Estrellian (星龙) and Akura Vashimu (尾晶蝎).  >> Monster Hunter Online Registration and Download Guide >> Monster Hunter Online English Patch Lives Now! Estrellian has 3 different phases and it is important to take note of what it does in each phases. Here's how you differentiate each phases. Phase 1 :  Phase 2 : Phase 3 :  I believe most of you are Read More »

    Monster Hunter Online English Patch Coming out on May 30!

    By cindyhio on 0

    Monster Hunter Online has been released in China for a while but since it's a China-exclusive title, all UI is in Chinese, which is really frustrating for western players. But here's a great news for Monster Hunter Online fans! No more cry for English patch anymore as Team Hunter's Destiny (Team HD) has made their own version the unofficial English patch, coming very soon on May 30th! Kudos to them! Good news is there's no ip block for Monster Hunter Online. If you'd love to play the game Read More »

    Different Types of Currencies in Monster Hunter Online

    By Fireownzu on 0

    Greeting my fellow hunters, today we will be talking about the in game currency which I know many players are questioning and wondering why are there so many different types of currency being offered in Monster Hunter Online. The guide below will further explain into detail. >>> Visit our Monster Hunter Online hub for more news and guides! I shall explain about the types of currencies, their purposes and how to earn them (in RED) in MHO.   From top to bottom based on the image Read More »

    Monster Hunter Online - Weak Point of All Monsters

    By Baako on 0

    One thing that Monster Hunter Online is different to other action MMORPGs is you need the more you know about the monster, the better chance you got to defeat it. So here comes the compilation of the weak point of all monsters. For your reference, here's the list of all monsters currently confirmed for MHO Note: some monsters fear multiple elemental damage but the table only displays the primary element they fear   Shield Bash Water Fire Thunder Ice Dragon Read More »

    Monster Hunter Online Level 1 - 40 Monster's Drops and Tips

    By crystalfied on 0

    Monster Hunter Online has been available to the public to play for quite awhile now and I've noticed many western players are having trouble with what drops are from which monsters, so I've pulled out my time to make a translation of the drops and how to obtain rare drops e.g. capturing/part breaking. I've also included some tips on fighting the monster and a weakness analysis of the monster so as to help new hunters to better understand the monsters in the game. Note that there may be missing drops Read More »

    Monster Hunter Online Material Gathering Locations in All Maps

    By cindyhio on 0

    The basic but also core features of Monster Hunter Online are all about hunting and crafting weapons. To craft weapons, first you have to know where to gather those necessary materials. Players can do the gathering while hunting at the same time. You can either sell those materials or you can use them yourself. Below are the materials locations in the 10 maps so far but do note that in MHO, material location is not fixed but you can see a rough scope below. (All credits to a Chinese player named "神黎 Read More »

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