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    Tencent shut down the China Server for Smite

    By aoneko on 0

    Tencent officially announced that the China Server for 3D action MOBA SMITE will be shut down shortly. The recharge Service and Registration will not be available in China server from October 17th. According to the official Announcement, all the account information will be retained and transferred to the International Server from late November; and therefore players will be able to against with each other from all over the world.   The in-game currency in China Server will also transfer to that in Read More »

    Nexon's New Title Project B Reaveled and Maybe a MOBA

    By EdwardsLin on 0

    Along with G-Star 2017 coming next month, Korean gaming gaint Nexon has yet to reveal its new title known as "Project B".  Without no further information, the game's official site showed off a slogan called "Ultimate Ready! Coming soon" and a pair of mysterious fire eyes with darkness background.   According to NEXON's official site, we can find Project B has been in the MOBA category with other famous titles such as Cyphers and Chaos Online.   G-Star 2 Read More »

    Arena of Valor pre-registration NOW OPEN

    By aoneko on 0

    Tencent’s 5v5 mobile MOBA Arena of Valor opened pre-registration today. Anyone who pre-registers will get exclusive skins and in-game currency on launch day. However, there has no official announcement about the release date for the game.​ Arena of Valor (named Honor of Kings in China) is not only the most popular mobile game in China, but also the most successful video game ever. According to Bloomberg, it almost makes revenue about $441 Million per month, and reaches more than 50 million daily active Read More »

    Dark Eclipse: Finally, a MOBA Is Coming to PlayStation VR

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    VR game changes the way we play games, and it will continue to do so. In 2018 you will be able to play MOBA in VR, although you may not like it. But let's not get to the conclusion so fast and take a look at the gameplay trailer first. At Tokyo Game Show 2017, Sony presented a VR MOBA called Dark Eclipse. Labeled as a hybrid between real-time strategy and MOBA genres, Dark Eclipse allows players to choose three characters from over 20 available heroes. You win by forcing your opponent to retire his Read More »

    Tango 5: The Last Dance English Version Soft-Launched in The Philippines

    By Akami on 0

    Tango 5: The Last Dance is a cross-platform MOBA-like tactical game which was announced by Nexon at last year's G-Star. The game's English version has officialy soft-launched in the Philippines on iOS and Android devices, and it will be launched later for other regions around the world. The game offers a real-time and turn-based hybrid PVP system, skill-based combat and teamwork-based gameplay. Each round of game lasts 99 seconds, allowing players to fight a game anytime anywhere. To learn more details Read More »

    Battle of Blades Is a New JRPG Style Mobile MOBA from Square Enix

    By Akami on 0

    Battle of Blades is a new mobile battle arena which lets you participate in 4v4 fast-paced team battles, each of which lasts just 3 minutes. A teaser trailer was revealed today by Square Enix, introducing the game mechanics including boss battle and rewards and hero customization system.  The pre-registration is currently available for Japanese players and the game will launch later this year on iOS and Android devices. You can see some art at the JP official website. Read More »

    Battlerite Will Be Launching as F2P MOBA on November

    By Akami on 0

    The action-packed team arena brawler game Battlerite will launch on November 8, announced by Stunlock Studios, the developer and publisher of the F2P game. In addition to that, the game will enter a free week which will begin from September 25 until October 1st beside having a 50% discount during that week. The game has a very positive user review on Steam and it's available for 19.99 USD during it's Early Access Steam phase. For more information about the game, visit it's Steam Read More »

    Tencent’s Mobile MOBA Arena of Valor is Coming to Nintendo Switch

    By Aaron on 0

    Last month, Tencent’s Mobile Hit Arena of Valor (or you can also call Honor of Kings) was launched in western market last month and had already taken gamers by storm. Now this well-known mobile MOBA game is heading to Nintendo Switch, according to today's Nintendo Direct. This is the first time that a MOBA has been put on Nintendo’s system, and till now Nintendo hasn’t revealed whether the game will support cross-platform feature. If cross-platform match-making works, what should Read More »

    Hyper Universe Boobs Censorship Will Apply to Korean Version as Well

    By Wei on 0

    The South Korean version of Hyper Universe didn't survive the boobs censorship that had been applied to the western version. According to Nexon, the decision to add more cloth to the female characters' costumes is made based on players' feedback in the NA and EU version. The other version around the world will receive the change as well. Related: Hyper Universe Early Access First Impressions: Is It Worth Your Time?  According to report, players are concerned that the level of exposure Read More »

    Mirage: Arcane Warfare is Going Free For a Day Due to Poor Launch Sales

    By Aaron on 0

    Developed by Torn Banner Studios, the creator of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, Mirage: Arcane Warfare is a skill-based multiplayer FPS that lets you tear your enemies limb from limb with destructive magic and melee combat. However maybe due to the existence of Overwatch or Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, the sales of Mirage: Arcane Warfare is very limited and sometimes 24-hour peak is less than 10. Mirage: Arcane Warfare Steam Page Although we love Mirage: Arcane Warfare, the studio has still made Read More »
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    Sack of Gems (2500 Gems)


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    Chest of Gems (14000 Gems)


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    Bag of Gems (1200 Gems)


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