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    Wild West Online Debuts as a Red Dead Redemption Style Open World MMO Shooter

    By Blake Lau on 0

    Form or join gangs to break or defend the law in the wild, vast western American world, you can play as cops or robbers in Wild West Online, an indie MMO shooter developed by 612 Games and published by DJ2. Wild West Online takes plenty of cues from Red Dead Redemption franchise, said Stephan Bugaj, the creative vice president of DJ2.   In addition to the fact that you can play with hundreds of other players in the seamless open world, you can also expect to see the sandbox elements such as resource Read More »

    Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade Free Version Removes Faction Restriction

    By censeo91 on 0

    Behaviour Digital has launched Warhammer 40000: Eternal Crusade free version. You can get the game for free now on Steam or the official site. When the developer announced the free-to-play transition a few weeks ago they planned to allow free players to play the Orks only. Now this restriction has been removed and there will be free update and expansions as the developer wants to reach a broaden audience. It's worth mentioning that Free Accounts can play 4 of the 5 classes although they can access Read More »

    LawBreakers Reveals New Trailer at The Game Awards; Beta Tests Coming In 2017

    By shaylynsun on 0

    LawBreakers, a fast paced first-person shooter from Boss Key Productions, unveiled a new trailer during The Game Awards 2016, showing off some killer gameplay. Check the impressive trailer below:     LawBreakers promises a bloodbath of role-based gravity-defying combat across an alternate futuristic landscape. Players will choose whether to fight to uphold the “Law,” or be out for blood as a “Breaker,” as they take part in the combat raging across iconic locations including Read More »

    WW2 MMOFPS Heroes & Generals Is Now Available on Steam

    By shaylynsun on 0

    Reto-Moto, independent Danish game studio, launches new WW2 MMOFPS Heroes & Generals on Steam today.   Heroes & Generals is a game about war. Players will assume the role of ‘Heroes’ fighting on the frontline, flying planes, parachuting, and commanding vehicles ranging from ordinary bicycles to heavily armored tanks.   Players can even take control of the war as a ‘General’, determining the strategic direction, moving army units Read More »

    Line of Sight to Launch on Steam on September 8

    By shaylynsun on 0

    If you are a fan of shooter games, maybe you have heard of Line of Sight before. Yes, Nexon used to launch close beta test for this game in Europe. But for some reasons, they decide to close the game. And now BlackSpot Entertainment, which comprises the Team Leaders from Nexon and creators of Combat Arms, announced that they will bring the next-gen FPS online game to Steam on September 8.   Line of Sight takes place in era of modern military settings but with twisted reality. The epic battle begins Read More »

    Survarium Beta - Honest Game Review

    By FifthSin on 0

    Survarium is a post-apocalyptic shooter set in Earth, and more precisely in Eastern Europe. The planet is being plagued by a deadly viral pandemic which has killed billions of people already and the few survivors that still live are scraping the land for resources with occasional skirmishes with one another. Mother Nature has begun taking back what is rightfully hers and now the bigger part of the planet is covered by an anomaly which the survivors call the Forest. According to them, no man is Read More »

    E3 2016: Warframe Adds Arena Sports with Lunaro Update

    By shaylynsun on 0

    ​Developer Digital Extremes released a new and surprising bit of content of free multiplayer shooter Warframe at the PC Gaming Show during E3 2013. It’s called Lunaro which is set to launch on PC later this week with consoles to follow at a later late. See this high-action Tenno sport below.   Lunaro is a new Conclave mode that accommodates up to four players per team. This new game mode focuses on skill, mobility, teamwork and creativity.   Players will be able to work together on team Read More »

    Mobile Shooter Midnight Star: Renegade Closed Beta Sign Ups Open Now!

    By shaylynsun on 0

    Industrial Toys announced that the closed beta sign-ups for its upcoming first person shooting game Midnight Star: Renegade is now open for Android users. It is a combination of RPG and FPS gaming rolled into one title. The game is set into the future, and comes with a larger number of distinctive features that you would typically find in MMORPGs. As the tale is going, “In 2135 we discovered we don’t seem to be on my own within the universe. The invention marked the start of a brand new Read More »

    Something Important You Should Know in Overwatch

    By molinghuang on 0

    Overwatch is a fast shooting game, which is both simple and complicated in the way. It is easy to start playing, without owning much strategy or thinking too much about your characters. You can start at anywhere, and it is fine to jump in and start blasting when you first get access. Building and maintaining a positive winning rate will take much time and energy. If you're struggling to improve your winning rate, here we would like to share some important tips with you. 1. Read More »

    Overwatch: Reinhardt Skins Preview

    By shaylynsun on 0

    Reinhardt is a true definition of a tank. He has a massive shield, rocket thrusters on his back, and a huge Rocket Hammer to hold back and decimate his enemies with. His massive shield can protect his whole team as they push forward absorbing an incredible amount of damage. His rocket thrusters on his back enables him to Charge forward quickly and pin anyone in his path to a wall, which will usually kill anything. Reinhardt's Rocket Hammer is an extremely powerful melee weapon that has the longest range Read More »

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