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    Lineage Eternal Engine Will Be Upgraded to Unreal Engine 4 - Report

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    Back in May, when NCsoft revealed the Q1 earnings, they announced that the Lineage Eternal development team was restructured because the game didn't reflect NCsoft's characteristics. The game pushed back the second closed beta indefinitely and had no update until recently.  According to insiders, NCsoft has decided to change the engine of Lineage Eternal from the in-house engine that used in Guild Wars, to Unreal Engine 4. It's a big upgrade that will greatly improve the game&# Read More »

    Lineage Eternal Development Team Got a Big Change

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    NCsoft has revealed the Q1 2017 earnings that registers a decline in sales in MMORPGs like Lineage, Aion, Blade & Soul and Guild Wars 2 compared with the same period in 2016. Lineage II is the only game that sees an increase in sales in Q1 2017. On the other hand, NCsoft confirms big change in the development team in Lineage Eternal, that the project will be led by a different developers.  NCsoft doesn't say who will lead the Lineage Eternal team but the company Read More »

    NCsoft Revealed Western Schedule for Lineage Eternal, Aion Legions, and MXM

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    NCsoft just released the Q4 2016 financial result as well as the western beta and release plans for several anticipated titles including Lineage Eternal, Aion Legions, and MXM. Lineage Eternal will start the second closed beta later this year in South Korea, followed by the open beta & commercial. NCsoft West is working on the mobile version of Lineage Eternal and they plan to launch both PC and mobile versions simultaneously. Aion Legions aims at a soft launch in Europe and North America in Read More »

    How the Multiple Character System from Lineage Eternal Works

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    Lineage Eternal, the hack-n-slash MMORPG conducted the first Closed Beta phase last year in December. As mentioned before, the game features a multiple character system which allows players to select 4 Eternal heroes, and switch between them while doing open world exploration and running a group dungeon. As for solo dungeons, the Eternal system works differently.    Steparu has a new gameplay video, which shows a level 30 open world adventure. You can see hero switch, combat, and open world Read More »

    Lineage Eternal CBT1 Impressions: A Typical Grinding Lineage Game with Twists

    By Wei on 0

    We've been waiting 5 years for Lineage Eternal and we are finally able to play the game this month. The anticipated action MMORPG has a massive open world to explore and also lots of dungeons to get gear. After played 5 days in closed beta, I got the impressions that the game was a typical Lineage MMO, which is grinding and heavily stresses on gear. And the game has some twists that make the grind less boring. Related: Lost Ark VS Lineage Eternal   Compared with Lost Ark, Lineage Eternal doesn Read More »

    ​Tons of Lineage Eternal Closed Beta Gameplay Videos Are Here

    By hanthienhai on 0

    Lineage Eternal has just kicked off first beta test in Korea. Steparu just uploaded 6 gameplay videos, including field questing gameplay, world quest, multiple character gameplay, party dungeon gameplay and shared party quest.   Just as we reported, players will be able to take control of a squad of 4 Eternal heroes and switch between them while doing sole dungeons. However, the Eternal heroes won’t share experience which means players need level up them separately. There is no words about Read More »

    Lineage Eternal Doesn't Actually Has Granado Espada's Squad System

    By Wei on 0

    When we first saw Lineage Eternal's Eternal system we thought it was like Granado Espada where you can take control of a squad of 4 Eternal heroes and switch between them. In fact it's not like that at all. You don't have a squad to lead and you still control a single character.   The twist is you have up to 4 Eternal heroes in your party but each time you can only summon and control one. You can switch between the 4 heroes depending on your tactics and the enemies you are dealing with. Read More »

    Lineage Eternal: 2014 VS 2016 UI Comparison Indicates the Game Has Changed a Lot

    By Wei on 0

    Lineage Eternal first closed beta finally starts today in South Korea, and it's been 5 years since the debut in 2011. The gameplay has been overhauled, with the role-playing experience being changed from Diablo style to Granado Espada style.   If you take a look at the UI in 2014, you can see the game was about controlling one character to explore and fight.  Now take a look at the UI in 2016, you can see the game allows you to press F1, F2, F3, F4 to switch between 4 selected heroes. I Read More »

    Lineage Eternal Datamining Finds Class Skins/Gear and English Language Support

    By JoeLW on 0

    Lineage Eternal's first closed beta will start on November 30 in Korea and the game's CBT client has been available. So data miners are starting digging things out of the client, and they do find interesting stuff.   It's discovered that about half of the client has been translated to English, and it contains English language support. If this is real, there won't be too much work to do when the game is about to launch in the west.   Now take a look at the classes' skins Read More »

    Lineage Eternal: 13 Hero Classes Preview

    By Baako on 0

    Lineage Eternal will start the first closed beta on November 30 and the game will allow players to recruit and play as 13 hero classes. You will not play a single class but instead choose 4 hero classes to form your squad. You will lead the squad and be able to switch between the 4 heroes you choose.   Each hero has unique weapon, an attribution, a combat type, and some abilities (the official site just reveals one ability for each hero at the moment).   Hector Weapon: Battle axe Attribution Read More »

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