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    Life Is Feudal: MMO April Closed Beta Dated

    By cuneese on 0

    Developer and publisher Bitbox announced today that the next closed beta test period from their upcoming medieval society simulation, Life is Feudal: MMO, will begin on April 26 and will last for approximately ten days. The closed beta will allow players to experience Bitbox's group-focused feudal life simulation as they explore the expansive game world, craft tools and gear, build homes, meet other players, form guilds and maybe even conquer their own kingdoms. Life is Feudal: MMO is a Read More »

    Watch the First 5 Hours of Life is Feudal: MMO Content in the 9-Minute Trailer

    By JoeLW on 0

    Developer Bitbox has released a new trailer for their medieval life simulation game, Life is Feudal: MMO, which guides viewers through a new player's first five hours in the game. Watch the video now, and immerse yourself in the harshly realistic, socially focused, medieval life simulation. Starting as a simple and poorly equipped peasant, players will need to gather resources to set up a camp while foraging for food and starting their first campfires. Soon, they will socialize with other players Read More »

    Life Is Feudal: Hardcore Medieval MMORPG Started 2nd Closed Beta Test

    By censeo91 on 0

    Indie developer Bitbox's Medieval sandbox MMORPG Life is Feudal has started the second closed beta. You can apply for beta at the official site, or just purchase a game pack to get guaranteed beta access. Don't confuse this game with the company's another title Life is Feudal: Your Own, a MORPG that can host up to 64 players in each server.  Life is Feudal MMORPG can be played by over a thousand players in the same server and its game world is 49 times larger than Life is Feudal: Your Read More »

    Life is Feudal Closed Beta Is Finally Coming

    By Sr Yamamoto on 0

    BitBox and Xsolla have announced that Life is Feudal's first round of closed beta will kick off on December 14th. You can sign up at the official site if you are interested, or you can get guaranted beta access by purchasing the contribuition pack starting at $40. Life is Feudal is a realistic medieval MMORPG with building and terraforming features. The game is all about living a medieval life, from daily crafting to large scale siege battle. To learn more details, you can head to the official website Read More »

    Life is Feudal: MMO Servers Are Up, Beta Test Coming Soon

    By cindyhio on 0

    Back in January this year, Bitbox announced that its sandbox MMORPG Life is Feudal was going to enter closed beta in March and now seems things are going not bad for the game as the MMO servers are already up and players can expect the beta test soon. “MMO servers are UP!” writes Bitbox. “Currently, we won’t be opening the beta servers up to anyone outside of our studio for now, but we will soon!” The first beta wave would only be opened to "original backers/testers (golden Read More »

    Sandbox MMORPG Life Is Feudal Could Be Buy-to-Play; Closed Beta Slated for March

    By Blake Lau on 0

    It’s been a while since the last time we heard something about the medieval MMORPG Life is Feudal. Now the project seems to go well and the developer Bitbox has pretty lots of details to share. They told Massively in an interview that they planned to start closed beta in March 2016. Beyond that, they said the game might use a buy-to-play model and get an in-game store where players can buy cosmetics.   The interview also talks the major features you can play in the game, including the massive and Read More »

    Life is Feudal: Your Own Gets Impressive Weather Effects

    By Aaron on 0

    The Medieval MMORPG Life is Feudal: Your Own has been updated with a new patch including many bug fixes, new content, new weather effects along with ”White Standers”. Among all these changes, the weather effect is the most impressive.  Implemented advanced weather effects including wind affecting trees. Each season will have a certain set of different weather types and each weather type affects the growth rates of trees, cattle and farm harvesting yields. Piles of snow are now randomly Read More »

    Life is Feudal Introduces New Visuals and DX 11 Support

    By censeo91 on 0

    Medieval sandbox MMORPG Life is Feudal will start early access on Steam On November 17, with an 40% discount. The game has been greatly improved in terms of visuals, with the implement of DirectX 11 support. What's more, more environment details and higher quality textures are also added to the game. See for yourself at the trailer below. >> Sandbox MMORPG Life is Feudal Releases This Month   Read More »

    Sandbox MMORPG Life is Feudal Releases This Month

    By censeo91 on 0

    Life is Feudal: Your Own will be released on November 17. "Life is Feudal is a hardcore sandbox MMORPG Medieval  (no magic explicitly) with fries PVP , fullutom, nontarget combat system, terraforming and development system based on skill. The game offers the iconic sandbox features like craft, city construction, and terrain changes, etc. The developers have prepared a new animated trailer, timed to coincide with the release, in which the narrator is a famous British actor Sean Bean. Read More »

    Life is Feudal 2015 Updates Preview

    By censeo91 on 0

    If you've heard about the project Life is Feudal, then you already know that this is a sandbox in which the player will have to achieve everything yourself, using craft and power fists. Now this game is at the stage of early access and to access it you need to pay $ 29.99. Today we found out that the developers plan to introduce in Life is Feudal this year: • January: 1. System failure is not fortified tunnels • February: 1. Changes in the guild system. 2. Separation of buildings Read More »

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