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    NosTale: Anime MMORPG Launched on Steam

    By Akami on 0

    Free-to-play anime action MMO NosTale has launched on PC via Steam. The game is published by Gameforge.   The game offers 3 playable classes: Swordsmen, Archers and Mages. In addition to 28 specializations and the possibility to tame wild animals and train them as a battle pet, you can also build your own home, look after the garden and party with your friends. About the game: Become part of a thrilling journey and change the fate of the world. Explore breathtaking locations on your adventures Read More »

    Buried Town 2 Is Released on iOS and Android

    By ledongzhuoyue on 0

    During long time waiting, Buried Town 2, the No.1 survival game in China presented by Locojoy is released on iOS and Android now. Buried Town global cumulative downloads has been breaked over 30 million times, but this quality mobile game just earned 100 thousand dollars. The black doomed gothic style has been continued, “Buried town 2” has been made with mainstream zombie survival background and advanced Roguelike framework, added more characters, goodness and open ending, and also the game Read More »

    Tanks Mobile: Battle of Kursk is Now Available for Android and iOS

    By Poppace on 0

    We are thrilled to announce the full release of Tanks Mobile: Battle of Kursk, you are now available to collect the WW2 tanks on Google Play and Apple Store. Tanks Mobile is based on the real WW2 history to bring the players back to the days of iron and fire. Players can collect all the WW2 tanks of Alliance and Axis, build a powerful squad to smash the enemies into dust! Whether it is Tiger or Sherman, your choice will make a big difference by applying different tactics and formations, and there Read More »

    Iris M Officially Launches Worldwide

    By JoeLW on 0

    ENP Games has officially launched mobile MMO Iris M worldwide. The game was previously called Light of Aiaran and with the official launch, new server has opened along with some new contents. If you have been playing Light of Aiaran, you won't be affected by the name change and the addition of new server.   Iris M is an open world mobile MMO for those who like traditional grinding MMOs with social features. Below are the main gameplay systems of the game.   Real-time Open Field Battles Real Read More »

    Nexon Soft-Launches Time-Traveling New Game Unknown Heroes in Selected Regions

    By Aaron on 0

    Mobile game enthusiasts in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the Philippines are among the first to traverse time and space through gorgeous lands in modern Japan, futuristic Hong Kong, medieval Europe, and more in Unknown Heroes, the pioneering turn-based RPG title from NEXON Korea Corporation, subsidiary of NEXON Co., Ltd. (“Nexon”) (3659.TO), a worldwide leader in free-to-play online and mobile games.   Unknown Heroes immerses players in a saga of long-forgotten heroes that must band Read More »

    Conan Exiles Finally Gets The Frozen North Expansion Launched

    By Akami on 0

    Conan Exiles finally got it's first major expansion The Frozen North launched today by Funcom, the developer and the publisher of the game. The territory of the game will be expanded by 70%, and the players will enjoy fighting new enemies while exploring this new land. But not just that, the game will be available finally for the first time on console 'Xbox One', also they announced that the game will leave early access and enter full launch on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 in Q1 201 Read More »

    LawBreakers Officially Launched; Is It Going to Challenge Overwatch?

    By Sr Yamamoto on 0

    Boss Key Productions finally launched the frantic team-based shooter LawBreakers on PC (Steam) and PlayStation 4. You can purchase the Standard Edition for $30 or the Deluxe Edition for $40. The frantic shooter is all about gravity-defying competitive combat reflects the style of Cliff Bleszinski, the creator of Unreal series and Gears of War franchise. The game currently has 9 roles represented by 18 hero characters. There are 5 game modes take advantage of the gravity-defying Read More »

    Dragon Nest 2 Legend Has Soft Launced for iOS and Android in English

    By Ashe Heleihel on 0

    Nexon has softlaunched their new Dragon Nest title Dragon Nest 2 Legend in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Netherlands, and the Philippines. The game is available for both iOS and Android systems and it has English language of course. If you are interested, you can download the game below: Apple App Store: https://goo.gl/3pUDrZ Google Play Store: https://goo.gl/3VzwX5 Dragon Nest II: Legend Features Discover the next chapter in Dragon Nest's epic story * Explore Dragon Nest's 500 years Read More »

    The Elder Scrolls:Legends Launches for Mobile Devices

    By Sr Yamamoto on 0

    The Elder Scrolls: Legends digital card game has finally been released for mobile devices. The game can be downloaded on Android and iOS. The mobile version had interface adjustments to make it look nicer on smaller screens. The base game is totally free-to-play, but anyone who wants to expand their experiences can buy Heroes of Skyrim expansion that adds more than 150 cards and new mechanics with Dragons, Shouts and Companions. Read More »

    Gigantic Launches on Windows 10, Steam, Arc and Xbox One

    By Sr Yamamoto on 0

    After five years of development, the free-to-play online shooter Gigantic has finally been officially released for Windows 10, Steam, Arc and Xbox One. The release version brings a new hero to the ranks: the nimble and crafty melee fighter Ramsay. He uses his poisoned blade to inflict damage for a while on enemies. He can also evade attacks by leaving behind traps that slow down opponents. In addition, Steam players who log in to the game and play a match will receive an exclusive Stone Relics skin Read More »
  1. League of Legends

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    playing 2156

    gplayed 1731


  2. DOTA 2

    favorite 359

    playing 1265

    gplayed 1726


  3. SMITE

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    playing 1047

    gplayed 1232


  4. World Of Warcraft: Legion

    favorite 303

    playing 509

    gplayed 1851


  5. Heroes of The Storm 2.0

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    playing 637

    gplayed 776


  6. AION

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    gplayed 1731


  7. The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind

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    gplayed 1092


  8. Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

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    playing 475

    gplayed 1155


  9. Neverwinter: The Cloaked Ascendancy

    favorite 304

    playing 337

    gplayed 1318


  10. Ragnarok Online

    favorite 293

    playing 277

    gplayed 1324


  1. Sack of Gems (2500 Gems) 1

    Sack of Gems (2500 Gems)


  2. Chest of Gems (14000 Gems) 2

    Chest of Gems (14000 Gems)


  3. Bag of Gems (1200 Gems) 3

    Bag of Gems (1200 Gems)


  4. Pile of Gems (500 Gems) 4

    Pile of Gems (500 Gems)


  5. Box of Gems (6500 Gems) 5

    Box of Gems (6500 Gems)


  6. Bag of Diamonds 6

    Bag of Diamonds


  7. Crate of Diamonds 7

    Crate of Diamonds


  8. Box of Diamonds 8

    Box of Diamonds


  9. Pouch of Diamonds 9

    Pouch of Diamonds


  10. Pile of Diamonds 10

    Pile of Diamonds


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