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    Shine on Dark Age is a Mobile Action Shooter With Robust Character System

    By Aaron on 0

    Action mobile game is the most popular genre in Korea, and ED Games has recently published a new action game named S.O.D.A(Shine on Dark Age)which combines shooting game element with robust character system. The game just kicks off pre-registration in Korea, and hopefully the game will also be released in western market. As an action shooter game, S.O.D.A features beautiful anime characters and visually-stunning combat. Players are able to choose one of 17 Ace members and fight against waves of Read More »

    NCsoft’s MMORPG Lineage M Launches in Korea; No Plan for Western Release Yet

    By Aaron on 0

    After the incredibly success of Netmarble’s mobile MMORPG Lineage 2: Revolution, NCsoft, the owner of Lineage IP, finally launched its own mobile game Lineage M in Korea. For now, NCsoft has only confirmed the Taiwan server of the game and western market plan is not determined yet. Lineage M was directly ported from PC system to mobile devices, and it optimized those iconic features for modern mobile gameplay. The game implements "Arc Selector" and "Quick Button" systems, allowing Read More »

    Unreal Engine 4 Mobile Game Three Kingdoms: Blade Shows an Action-Packed Trailer

    By Sacharin on 0

    In November last year, I introduced Three Kingdoms - Blade developed by Korean developer ActionSquare to you.  In GDC 2016, ActionSquare unveiled hands-on video of Three Kingdoms: Blade at the first time. Three Kingdoms - Blade is also the only one mobile game demonstrated on ActionSquare’s booth this year. Three Kingdoms - Blade is the second game of ActionSquare. This new game is a new action mobile RPG sets in Chinese Three Kingdoms era. It features Unreal 4 Engine Read More »

    Mobile Action RPG Lost Kingdom Revealed a Gorgeous Cinematic Trailer

    By Aaron on 0

    Developed by 4:33 Creative Lab, Lost Kingdom is regarded as one of the most anticipated mobile titles since it was announced at G-Star 2015. Today the developer released an epic cinematic trailer for this blockbuster action mobile RPG. In Lost Kingdom, players can choose different characters to experience the epic action battle and stunning graphics.  More Related Articles: >>>Top 8 Most Anticipated Mobile Games at G-Star 2015 >>>​Battle-themed Action Mobile RPG Lost Read More »

    Immortal Warrior 2: Winners(KR) - Limited Beta Test Kicks off & Recruits Tester

    By Sacharin on 0

    Lee Ji Hoon, CEO of Red Sahara Studios announces its new mobile game Immortal Warrior 2: Winner kicks off LBT (Limited Beta Test), starts recruitment of participants today and last from Jan. 18th to 27th. The reservation page of the LBT is here. Red Sahara Studios also unveiled the trailer, check it to know more.  Immortal Warrior 2: Winners is a follow-up of Red Sahara Studios’ Immortal Warrior. Immortal Warrior 2: shares same storyline with Immortal Warrior but instead of more olorful Read More »

    4399 Korea Released A New 3D Mobile MMORPG Crasher on Google play

    By Sacharin on 0

    4399 Korea announced that they would released a new 3D mobile MMORPG Crasher (크래셔:전투의신) in Korea’s Google play. The number of people who took part in the pre-registration is more than 300 thousands. Check out the trailer below. Crasher is based on the Nordic myth story and focus on the fierce battles between three races. Besides for the grand Nordic myth storyline, the combat element is also added. Now the pre-registration is drawing to a close, players who are interested must seize the Read More »

    Anime Style MMORPG Ar:piel Online Unveil the Sixth Class- Dean Saver

    By Sacharin on 0

    Today, Nexon unveiled the sixth class of its anime style MMORPG - Ar:piel Online. This new female character named Dean Saver, a Tomboy with the cute cat ears. The official website for Dean Saver is available now. More information please head over our Ar:piel Online hub! Wearing Equipment Fighting Attribute More Related: >> Anime Style MMORPG Ar:piel Video First Impression by Cartoon Girl >> Overclocked Preppy Style RPG Ar:piel Online(KR) Kicked off Open Beta Read More »

    3D Action RPG Tora Kick off Pre-Registration Now

    By Sacharin on 0

    Korean Gurum Company announced its new 3D action RPG- Tora(토라)kicks off pre-registration in Korea since now. In Tora, players can experience 3D high quality interface and the gameplay of puzzle challenge RPG. There are more three hundreds of characters for players to choose from. And Raid Boss battle and PVP combat are also available. From 23th to 27th, Tora is under closed beta test in these 5 days. And more than fifty thousands players will join in this beta test. And Gurum Company also guarantees Read More »

    Nexon 3D Hardcore Mobile RPG Hit Reach 3 Millions Downloads

    By Sacharin on 0

    A month and a half ago, we are talking about Nexon's 3D ARPG HIT got over 500 thousands pre-registration. But it’s not until the new year that the total downloads of Hit reached 3 millions. Download: To refresh your memories, Nexon Korea's next-gen mobile RPG, Heroes of Incredible Tales (HIT 히트) officially launches in South Korea (not global launch both iOS and Android devices. Developed by studio Nat Games and crafted by Unreal Engine 4, HIT is apparently Nexon's first foray Read More »

    Nexon – Korea Gaming Giant Revisits G-Star 2015 With 2 New Videos

    By Dacey on 0

    Nexon recently released video footage from Korea’s largest annual game exhibition, G-Star 2015 and the company’s record-setting participation as well as its second annual Nexon Developers Conference for Partners (NDCP), held for game developers partnered with Nexon. These partners, highlighted in the video, include Shiver Entertainment, Socialspiel Entertainment, and QC Games. At G-Star 2015, Nexon exhibited 15 titles, including both PC online and mobile games. Nexon also Read More »

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