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    Kingdom Under Fire II Russian Publisher Announced

    By Sr Yamamoto on 0

    Blueside has signed a contract with Russian publisher Innova to distribute Kindom Under Fire II in Russia through the 4Game portal, according to MMOCulture. Russian MMO market is growing fast and 4Game has already released big titles such as Lineage II and Blade & Soul. Blueside has also revealed huge plans for the Kingdom Under Fire IP including 3 mobile games, the console version and the VR version. Related: Kingdom Under Fire 2 Western Release Time Is Between Late 2017 and Early 2018 Kingdom Read More »

    Kingdom Under Fire 2 Western Release Time Is Between Late 2017 and Early 2018

    By Wei on 0

    In an interview last month, Blueside CEO Lee Sang-youn told us they will launch Kingdom Under Fire 2 open beta in Russia this fall and then move to the NA/EU version. In a recent press conference in South Korea, Blueside confirmed the PS4 version will start closed beta around the end of 2017 in South Korea, Japan, North America and Europe. The PS4 commercial launch will follow very soon, according to Korean media inven, because all gameplay content are based on the PC version.   Blueside also confirmed Read More »

    Kingdom Under Fire 2 Starts OBT in Russia This Fall and Then Comes to NA & EU

    By cerberus on 0

    Kingdom Under Fire 2 has been in development for years. The developer Blueside not just worked on completing the game, they evolved it and will do that in the next one or two years. We know western players want to know when they can play the game in the west, and we asked the game's director and the company's CEO Lee Sang-youn in a recent interview. Read on to find out.   Russian open beta schedule and NA/EU plan   Lee said the game has cost about $78 million USD to develop and it's Read More »

    Kingdom Under Fire 2’s PC Specs Have Been Tremendously Raised?

    By Baako on 0

    Kingdom Under Fire 2’s Taiwanese version just announced the PC specs, which was a lot higher than the specs for the Southeastern version that were revealed years ago. It seems that the latest version of KUF2 has greatly raised the specs, and the game now requires at least 8GB RAM to play. What’s more, the game no longer support Windows XP.   System requirements for the TW version (the left are minimum specs and the right are recommended specs)    System requirements for the SEA Read More »

    Kingdom Under Fire 2 Still Comes to the West, Only After the CN Version Launches

    By JoeLW on 0

    Kingdom Under Fire 2 has an English version but it's for Southeast Asian server. But if you want to play the newest content and new classes, the Chinese server is where you will go. How about the western version? We just asked the game's developer Blueside and we were told that the game will still come to the west, but only after the launch of the Chinese version.   Currently Bludeside's priority is to complete the development and work with ChangYou for the localization of the Chinese version Read More »

    Kingdom Under Fire II- Honest Game Review

    By FifthSin on 0

    Hello gamers, In this article we will be reviewing Kingdom Under Fire II, a Korean MMORPG developed by Blueside. Kingdom Under Fire II original concept was to be a single-player game for Xbox 360, a sequel for Kingdom Under which was released in 2005, a game that mixed hack-and-slash with RTS combat. However, in 2009, the developers decided to make the game for PC only. And so the game’s release date was postponed for 2013 and also the game was remodeled to be a multiplayer online game Read More »

    E3 2016: 5 MMOs/Online Games We Wish to See This Year

    By Fury116 on 0

    E3 is not a main stage for MMO genre but it does have a place for the best and promising MMOs. E3 2016 will kick off later this month and I wish we can hear and see new information of 5 MMOs listed below. Deep Down Capcom's next-gen PS4 MMO has hidden itself for couple of years and it's not dead. Rumors are the game may make its appearance at this year's E3. Players are eager to know what's changed in the game and what's next for it, and mostly, the quality of graphics, and the level Read More »

    Kingdom Under Fire 2 (CN) Closed Beta Account Giveaway

    By 2P.com Admin on 0

    Update on May 27 Really sorry for the trouble the account has caused. ChangYou has confirmed to us that these accounts require real name verification. Therefore, we write a new guide to help you verify your account.   If you've activated your beta account, jump to 2. How to verify your beta account; If you haven't activated your account, read from 1. How to activate beta account. Update on May 25 We'll send out the beta accounts today. There's some issues for the accounts but we Read More »

    [Exclusive] Kingdom Under Fire 2 Reveals New Class Elementalist - Trailer

    By Wei on 0

    Elementalist is the first mage class revealed for Kingdom Under Fire 2. This little girl is from High Elf and masters middle/short range attack. She can control the power of wind and earth to damage enemies. See some of her abilities in the trailer below.     Elementalist can also summon creature to fight alongside her. See the bear and cheetah she calls out below. Read More »

    Kingdom Under Fire 2 Has 2 New Classes Coming on the Way

    By cerberus on 0

    Sang-Youn Lee, CEO of Blueside, the developer of Kingdom Under Fire 2, has just revealed some future plans for the action MMORPG that involves a lot of strategy and troop commanding gameplay. Ranger is a newly added class and you can learn details of Ranger as well as other existing classes in the interview video (with English subtitles) below.     Coming next to the game, according to Sang-Youn Lee, is 2 new classes Elementalist and Dark Mage (unofficial names), along with tons of new unit types Read More »

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