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    Kakao Games Announces Lord of Dice, A RPG with Hero Collection & Dice Mechanics

    By Dacey on 0

    Kakao Games announced today that it will bring the critically-acclaimed Asian hit Lord of Dice to North America and Oceania territories with an official launch in January, 2018 for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Developed by NGEL Games, the tactical RPG that incorporates hero collection and dice mechanics is currently available as a free download on the App Store and Google Play in Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines and Japan and has achieved a total of 2.5 million downloads to date. Pre-registration Read More »

    Black Desert: The First Part of Free Kamasylvia Expansion Launches Today

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    Today is the day in which the Black Desert NA and EU players can enjoy the long-awaited Kamasylvia expansion, as its first part will be deployed on the western servers. Kakao Games plans to release the first part of the Kamasylvia expansion after a 6 hour maintenance that starts at 08:00 UTC. This massive PvE-centric expansion features a new region, new story quests, side missions, a new horse called Arduanatt, and a bunch of other goodies.   Black Desert Online's new region, Kamasylvia Read More »

    Black Desert - First Part of Kamasylvia Expansion will be Installed Next Week

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    On Black Desert Twitter account, Kakao Games announced when the first part of Kamasylvia expansion becomes available on the Western servers. The long-awaited expansion will be installed on September 27th, on the Black Desert servers. Kamasylvia is Elven homeland that lies to the south of Hexe Sanctuary, from the Valtarra Mountains to the Shady Tree Forest. Kamasylvia is roughly the size of Calpheon and houses an elven village known as the Old Wisdom Tree. There is no level requirement to enter in Read More »

    Black Desert Will Get Spanish Localization

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    The western version of Black Desert is available in English, German and French currently. As the game's player number grows, there's the demand for additional language support, and the developer Pearl Abyss announced the game will be getting Spanish language support sometime in the future. Now Kakao Games is hiring for additional employees for their localization team in order to speed up the process. If everything goes well, the Spanish language version will be ready around the end of Read More »

    Black Desert Online EU/NA Soft Level Cap Raised

    By Akami on 0

    During the latest Black Desert Online Maintenance of July 12th 2017, the dev team announced that the level up soft-cap will be raised to Lv61 alongside to the arrival of the Terrmian Waterpark. That was actually expected by many players, due to the forthcoming release of the Kamasylve expansion, which requires you to be at a higher level. So the dev team decided to raised the soft-cap preparing for the release of the Kamasylve expansion. Which is expected to be next week or before the end of July Read More »

    Black Desert NA/EU to Increase Cash Shop Item Price in Auction House by 50%

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    Relax, Kakao Games is not robbing you. It's just because it's easier for players to make in-game currency in the game today compared to a year ago when Black Desert was just released. When the general players has a large amount of fortune, the price for the supplies has to be increased to make sure the economy is balanced. Therefore, Kakao Games decided to increase the price for cash shop items listed on the auction house (in-game marketplace) by 50%. The price increase will happen on Read More »

    What Black Desert Did Right and What It Did Wrong Since the Past Year

    By Akami on 0

    After more than 1 year of playing Black Desert Online especially the EU/NA version, BDO developers made some mistakes, but also they did many good stuff to the game, and keep in mind it's just my opinion. So I decided to talk about it all in terms of what it did right and what it did wrong, but first let's start with the wrong. What it did wrong: ​1- The change in IP block policy The EU/NA version was not ip-blocked in the beta phases, and everyone wanted to play the game so bad, so typically Read More »

    Black Desert Teases Summer 2017 Massive Content Update

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    Black Desert Korean official site has teased the summer content update with a teaser trailer called "Amazing Adventures". Starting from June 15th, the KR version will get the new content gradually. Most things have been talked about before, such as legendary unicorn mount Dine, gigantic ocean boss Bell, and Kamasilve Part 2. There are more but the trailer doesn't specific so we don't know if the "remastered graphics" will be implemented in 2017. Below are some Read More »

    Kakao Games Announced Black Desert Had Sold Over 300,000 Copies on Steam

    By Aaron on 0

    It has been more than a week after Black Desert Online launched on Steam for North American and European players. Media reported that the game had sold over 120k copies on Steam and Kakao Games didn't agree. Today Kakao Games announced that the game had sold over 300,000 copies, which was a lot more than the number provided by Steamspy.   Although BDO Steam version is only accessible from NA and Europe, its sales remains strong, especially with a 40% discount in the first week. It's worth Read More »

    Black Desert NA and EU Servers Crowded Because of Steam Launch?

    By censeo91 on 0

    The Black Desert Steam launch has been a success although PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds remains the best seller on Steam. Although BDO Steam version requires players to create a new game account to play, it uses the same megaserver as the client version, and that makes the NA and EU servers crowded these days. Black Desert launches on Steam on May 25 for $5.99 for a limited time.  Read More »

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