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    Mobile RPG Heroes of Perfect Element Online Kicks off Pre-registration in Japan

    By Sr Yamamoto on 0

    H2 Interactive has started pre-registration for their latest mobile game, Heroes of Perfect Element Online in Japan. Players can recruit over 300 different heroes and raid and loot enemies' castles. The game's core gameplay features including hero progression, fast combat in castle siege, castle building, and PvP, etc. In terms of PvP, Heroes of Perfect Element Online supports up-to 8 players real-time competitive play in Team Battle and Battle Royale mode. Official site Read More »

    God Eater Online Hands-On: Amazing Japanese Action Mobile RPG [Download Link]

    By rajath on 0

    Hey Guys, the latest and most entertaining game in the MMORPG category is God Eater Online. The game was released 21st February 2017 and is set to meet the rising standards in the competitive gaming industry and it also has the potential to be amongst the top in the particular genre. This article will provide an in-depth review of the game along with all the pros and cons. In addition to this, a download file has been attached so that you don’t have to struggle finding the game as it is still hasn&rsquo Read More »

    Japanese-style Turn-based Strategy RPG Shooting Girl Midori Tatara Code Giveaway

    By 2P.com Admin on 0

    Nutaku.com launched its Japanese-style turn-based strategy RPG Shooting Girl lately. In celebration of the official launch, 2P.com and Nutaku.com give you an opportunity to unlock the new character, Midori Tatara. Please check out how to participate in the giveaway below: Midori Tatara Enfield Bren Light Machine Gun "Though she originally set out to become a chef, she never seemed to be able to complete a dish because she would eat the ingredients midway through. She enrolled to get some exercise Read More »

    Square Enix’s Latest RPG Celestial Arculs Revealed Character Concept and Trailer

    By Aaron on 0

    Square Enix has recently revealed new character concept and trailer for its latest mobile RPG Celestial Arculs. The game is set in a fantasy world where people are seeking the mysterious power of Arculs. In order to pursue father’s will, novice adventurer Riehen joins the explorer's guild and happens to meet 3 companions, and the epic journey starts. Celestial Arculs features anime style characters, immersive story, robust communication system as well as multiplayer gameplay, allowing four Read More »

    Mobile Beta Review - One Piece: Thousand Storm "a MORPG for Straw Hat fans!"

    By MFGLife on 0

    One Piece: Thousand Storm MORPG rating: +3 “Perfect for One Piece Fans, Bad for Competitive Gamers” - @Myekule Dubbed a “united pirates RPG,” players can form a maximum party of three, fight and progress alongside friends in real-time multiplayer coop-battles with three abilites and two interchangable Heroes. [Android Download] Gameplay (+) One Hand Operation (+) Mobile Optimized (+) Difficult Storyline (+) Multiplayer focused (+) Timing, and Combos reflect in combat Read More »

    Gree’s New Action RPG Soul Arms Features Deep Dual Weapon Combination System

    By JaminNoob on 0

    Wright Flyer Studios, the Gree’s lately-lunched studio, has just announced that the highly-anticipated mobile game Soul Arms is now available on Japan’s App and Play Store. With more than 100,000 registered users, Soul Arms got so much attention even before the beta phase. Soul Arms is a side-scrolling mobile RPG featuring hack & slash gameplay and dual weapon combo system, where players are equip two different weapons and cast different combo skills to smash evil monsters in the Read More »

    Anime Adaptation Game Kantai Collection Heads to Android in May

    By Aaron on 0

    Kantai Collection, abbreviated as KanColle, is a popular browser game adapted from popular Japanese television anime series, and it has more than 3 million registered players in Japan. Earlier today, the developer KADOKAWA GAMES post a twitter to announce that the mobile version is scheduled to launch in Android devices late this May, to be exact, after the spring event in the browser version which will start from May 2 and last 3 weeks. Account data for both the browser version of the game and the Android Read More »

    Hands On With Pokemon Co-Master: The Strategy Figure Battle Mobile Game

    By Aaron on 0

    Strategy figure battle game Pokemon Co-Master has just officially launched on Android devices in Japan. In this game, player’s goal is becoming the champion of PFG World tournament. PFG is short for Pokemon Figure Game, a collectible miniatures game similar to HeroClix, and players can battle with friends around the playmat. Pokemon Co-Master is ported from PFG and optimizes it for the modern mobile gaming experience. The App is available only for Japanese Apple Store: Character Creation Read More »

    Samurai Rising is Square Enix’s Fantasy-ish Action RPG Mobile Game

    By Aaron on 0

    Last week, we reported Square Enix teased a wave of mobile game, and one of them is Project: RISING, which is actually apparently the code name for the upcoming free to play RPG Samurai Rising. The game is an action RPG featuring Fantasy-ish characters and hack & slash gameplay. In addition, you can also find the potentially party system in the trailer, so we have reasons to believe that it will be a multiplayer game. Samurai Rising is scheduled to launch in Japan in spring 2016, and western release Read More »

    Clash Royale-Inspired Game Heroes’ Warfare to Hit iOS and Android

    By Aaron on 0

    Last time, we reported that Supercell’s blockbuster Clash Royale is on the road to make over $1 billion per year. As the most successful mobile title in the world, it’s inevitable to be cloned. A Chinese company has already come up with a clone of Clash Royale and more and more Clash Royale-like titles are on their way. Japanese developer Summer Time Studio has just revealed a new real-time strategy battle arena game named Heroes’ Warfare. Similar to Clash Royale, Heroes’ Warfare Read More »
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