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    Destiny Child (KR) First Look - Astounding and Beautiful Card Game

    By rajath on 0

    Hey guys, Destiny Child has officially been made available on the South Korean Google play store and iOS. The game had been much awaited in the market and it has been able to meet the general expectations. Here is a quick review of the game which will take you through the basic features of the game while also focusing on the intricate details. INTRODUCTION. Destiny child is an entertaining and challenging game for all the right reasons. The game brings together two different genres of gaming and does Read More »

    Smite Tactics Alpha Impressions, Currently Underwhelming

    By AnotherInfinity on 0

    Smite Tactics is Hi-Rez’s new turned-based strategy game, a spinoff of the far more popular Smite MOBA. After months of putting it off, and being a longtime fan of TCG and Strategy games, I finally caved in and bought one of the founder packs to gain instant beta access. Was it worth it? Let’s find out!   Smite Tactics plays similar to the Fire Emblem or Final Fantasy Tactics games, where two teams fight each other on a map separated into grids. Here, however, the main goal is to kill Read More »

    Turbo League Is Mobile's Answer to Rocket League, But Is It Any Good?

    By Barrett Baker on 0

    About a month ago, this mobile game popped up that promised that it was Rocket League but for mobile devices. It had beautiful screenshots and the article mentioned it was free to play. When those words, Free To Play are read, I naturally become cautiously optimistic. So many games are doing everything they can to make money on the AppStore and GooglePlay store, that it's downright sad. This game to me has promise, but the Developers are a bit greedy. Now, here's why I say that. In short, this Read More »

    ​Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag - A Quick Look Into the Manga Based Mobile Game

    By rajath on 0

    Hey Guys, Sword Art Online recently released its latest game in the franchise; Memory Defrag. Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag. Memory defrag brings a lot of entertainment to the fans of the Anime based franchise. The global launch of the game can be expected soon as the game was recently made available in the US in the English version. The game brings with it almost all the important characters such as Kirito, Asuna etc. It also features a new control system and different gaming environment. Storyline Read More »

    Revelation Online, Closed Beta First Impressions

    By AnotherInfinity on 0

    Revelation Online takes players to the lands of Nuanor, a relatively wide open world where dark forces and adventures abound. The whole is in a very typical medieval Chinese fantasy setting, with many touches that plunge players entirely into phantasmagoria, notably with the many different NPC races that populate the game universe. The Falmaris, beings that resemble both humans and amphibians, the Hyphaeans, basically speaking mushrooms, or even the Ursids, large ursine protectors of the forests. And they are Read More »

    Transformers: Forged to Fight First Impressions

    By Barrett Baker on 0

    AppStoreBeta Out on the Spanish App store, then quickly taken down for a time, The new Transformers game, Forged to Fight has been a blast to play. I've made a video that showcased myself playing it and i wanted to show you what the gameplay and the base building is capable of. As first impressions go,you start out infront of a crashed ship, using the Transformers as guards against your base's attackers. These guards can not be used to fight in the game as well, making you aware that you need Read More »

    Revelations Online CBT1: A Reminder.

    By Masterseek on 0

    Hello guys! it's been a while. Today I decided to write down some of my experiences when I played CBT1 of Revelations Online, so that people who didn't play it, or people who did but don't have a fresh memory of it, knows what may have changed in the CBT2 that is about to come up. SO! For those who haven't heard, Revelations Online is an action MMORPG that is coming by hand of My.com, bringers of other games that may sound familiar, like SkyForge. It's main assets in my opinion Read More »

    First Impressions of Lineage: Red Knights

    By Barrett Baker on 0

    The loom on the horizon that is Lineage 2: Revolution is over. It's the glorious basking in it's glory that will take a bit, especially since servers keep timing out haha. So it's time then to give a brief breakdown of what to expect from Lineage's offshoot game, Red Knights.   As a side scroller, it starts out as standard fare. Turn based system with great graphics and special moves that are pure eye candy. But the first thing that caught my interest was the fast that its in english Read More »

    ArcheAge Invites You to Start Over with Revelation

    By Maressa on 0

    Have you ever gone back to an MMO and decided to just start over completely with a new account? I’m betting quite a few of you have. Have you ever made a new account to play an update to a game? I’ll take a guess that not many if any have. Have you ever started a new account for an update at the request of the developers on a large scale? No? I’m not sure it happens often, if at all, but that’s exactly what ArcheAge is asking players to do if they want a fresh start. ​ On Saturday Read More »

    Lineage Eternal CBT1 Impressions: A Typical Grinding Lineage Game with Twists

    By Wei on 0

    We've been waiting 5 years for Lineage Eternal and we are finally able to play the game this month. The anticipated action MMORPG has a massive open world to explore and also lots of dungeons to get gear. After played 5 days in closed beta, I got the impressions that the game was a typical Lineage MMO, which is grinding and heavily stresses on gear. And the game has some twists that make the grind less boring. Related: Lost Ark VS Lineage Eternal   Compared with Lost Ark, Lineage Eternal doesn Read More »

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