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    Ashes of Creation Shows a Lot of Details of Player Home and Node System

    By censeo91 on 0

    Ashes of Creation's world and gameplay center around the system called Node. Player activities in a such area will make Node progress, and the culmination of the Node will result in Metropolis eventually. Rome wasn't built in a day and before players and their civilization can advance to the phase of Metropolis, they will go through several stages first. At the village stage players can build their own houses. Players houses are parts of the Node and as the Node keeps leveling up Read More »

    Crowfall Presents Player Houses with a Close Look at the Internal Decoration

    By censeo91 on 0

    One of the important features in Crowfall is the possibility to build settlements. But what is a town without homes? Today the developers discussed this feature in the new video. We will see 3 types of dwellings, from outside to inside. The cottage has an area of ​​167 square meters. The villa has an area of ​​511 square meter Those who want to have their huge estate will be able to build it into one of the worlds Crowfall., Crowfall is an sandbox MMORPG mixes strategy game elements. War Read More »

    Housing Is Coming to The Elder Scrolls Online

    By Nephthys on 0

    We finally have a date to wait for expentantly - housing in ESO will be here in February of 2017! Housing will come in the styles of all 10 playable races, an will be available to all players. A starting quest will grant free access to a modest room in a local inn, with nearly 40 other types of housing available for in-game purchase. That's in-game gold, although there will be the option to buy using Crowns as well. To further up the availability for all players - there will be no homes in any DLC zone Read More »

    Revelation House System Preview: You Can Bath with 4 Other Players

    By cindyhio on 0

    Revelation Online Chinese version will soon receive an expansion on August 18th. I've introduced the Kabe Don social interaction gesture to you and today I am going to bring you the biggest highlight in this expansion - the house system! Live and play together with other players The mysterious inn in Revelation Online has been renovated and is open to all players. There's a lobby in the ground floor, which is the road every player would get pass to their home. 9 rooms are located in every floor Read More »

    Revelation Offers the First Look at Player House System

    By Wei on 0

    Coming first to the Chinese server this August, Revelation's player housing is very unique and interesting feature. Unlike other MMOs' houses, Revelation's player houses are built on the back of giant tortoise. They are more like apartment or hotel, which has 9 rooms at each floor, and that means you have up to 8 neighbors on your floor.   What's more, it's almost free (at least it is for the Chinese server) to get your own house. You have 5 keys to your house that you can give to Read More »

    Twin Saga: New Feature Mobile House Terracottage Detailed Breakdown

    By emma on 0

    Twin Saga, the anime MMORPG from developer X-Legend Entertainment and publisher Aeria Games, will feature a fresh spin on the concept of player housing. A detailed breakdown of the Terracottage – the mobile house that all players will be able to access early on – has been released. Twin Saga: The Terracottage The Terracottage allows for fast travel in a technological marvel across the vast continent of Meridia. But it also doubles as a player's home, with several floors designed to fulfill Read More »

    League of Angels II Key Feature: Auction

    By Olivia on 0

    [Gameplay Access] Click on the "Auction" right below the small map on the higher right corner of the screen. [Requirement] The character reach lv. 40. [Description] 1. About Auction * Legendary and above Relic, Rune and some other items can be traded here. Players can bid and trade freely. * Auction is an X-server system. Players from the same X-server Zone can trade with each other. * Only recharged diamonds can be used in Auction. 2. I want to buy * Each bid increase the previous price Read More »

    Black Desert Online Housing System Guide For Beginners

    By AnotherInfinity on 0

    Housing systems, while not present in all of them, have always been an important part of MMORPGs. They give players a place to call their own, where they can relax, and that they can customize and/or use for various activities. With Black Desert Online slightly leaning towards a Sandbox theme, it could be no exception to this rule. It is even an essential element in the enjoyment of several aspects of this game.   The houses in Black Desert Online indeed have many utilities. You could, for example Read More »

    Blade & Soul Beginner Guide: The Mathematic Hidden in Gold Bidding in Dungeon

    By joyce on 0

    Blade & Soul’s dungeon loot auction system allows the team to choose from several looting methods: round robin, free-for-all, master looter, and the default gold bidding. The gold bidding is a unique one that you can barely find in other MMOs.   The mechanic of gold bidding is simple: everyone in the group has the ability to bid for an item, and bids happen in minimum increments until the timer runs out or everyone passes on submitting a bid. Once an item is won by a person in the party, the Read More »

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