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    Smite Tactics Alpha Impressions, Currently Underwhelming

    By AnotherInfinity on 0

    Smite Tactics is Hi-Rez’s new turned-based strategy game, a spinoff of the far more popular Smite MOBA. After months of putting it off, and being a longtime fan of TCG and Strategy games, I finally caved in and bought one of the founder packs to gain instant beta access. Was it worth it? Let’s find out!   Smite Tactics plays similar to the Fire Emblem or Final Fantasy Tactics games, where two teams fight each other on a map separated into grids. Here, however, the main goal is to kill Read More »

    ​Paladins Closed Beta Now Starts on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

    By hanthienhai on 0

    Hi-Rez Studios has announced the tactic first person shooter Paladins enters closed beta on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You can get guaranteed beta access by purchasing Founder’s Pack available for $15 through March 28, 2017. The console version will be free-to-play like the PC version, so those who don't want to make a purchase can wait for the open beta in the future.    The Founder’s Pack doesn’t just give you Closed Beta access. It also includes: - Every Read More »

    ​Paladins Open Beta 41 Patch Adds New Map Stone Keep

    By hanthienhai on 0

    Hi-Rez Studios has released Pladins Open Beta 41 patch featuring new map Stone Keep, Ying Genie Collection and minor balance changes. Stone Keep has mirrored layouts and is designed for 2 teams of 5 players.    There is a Capture Point in the middle. The bases are located at opposite ends of the map. This map features Stealth Grass. The only game mode that is currently playable in this map is Siege. New map Stone Keep   Ying Genie Collection   Items Balance Read More »

    ​Hi-Rez Studios Announces Clash Royale Style Game SMITE Rivals

    By hanthienhai on 0

    Hi-Rez Studios has announced another new game sets in the SMITE universe called SMITE Rivals. The game is a collectible card arena (CCA) for mobile and Steam platforms, featuring well-known deities and characters from SMITE. Take a close look at the gameplay, you will easily notice it's a Clash Royale style game with 3 lanes.   According to Brian Grayson, Executive Producer of SMITE Rivals: With SMITE Rivals, we want to create a game for our fans that is familiar, fast-paced Read More »

    ​SMITE Unveils New God Nike; Will Be Available on December 6

    By hanthienhai on 0

    Hi-Rez Studios has unveiled new SMITE trailer featuring Nike, the last god that's coming later this month. Nike will be available in the 3.23 Wings of Victory patch, on December 6, 2016.   Lore It is often said that history is written by the victor. If that is true, then history is shaped by a single Goddess: Nike, the winged warrior. When the fastest runner bears a golden medal, when a cunning hunter slays the fiercest beast, when the soldiers seize the day, the Faithful of Read More »

    Paladins and Overwatch: Inspiration Meets Imitation

    By jshieldsmith on 0

    Overwatch, the team-based FPS released by Blizzard in May, has been a smash hit with more than 20-million players registering accounts. A few months after Overwatch’s release, Hi-Rez Studios released their team-based FPS Paladins on Steam. Paladins has managed to garner a large following of its own, with an average of 40,000 players online each day. Almost immediately after release, Paladins faced immediate criticism from many, being accused of stealing Overwatch’s character designs and mechanics Read More »

    Paladins Has 4 Million Players Worldwide Now

    By Blake Lau on 0

    Paladins had been doing not bad since the game started open beta in September. Although it was accused of stealing ideas from Overwatch, Paladins was able to establish its own player base, and now the game has over 4 million players worldwide.   Sha Lin - some may say this is a similar hero to Overwatch's Hanzo It's unfair and unnecessary to compare Paladins' number to Overwatch's 20 million players, because the latter is released on 3 different platforms across the world, and Paladins Read More »

    ​Paladins Open Beta 36 Patch Nerfs Fernando and Ying

    By hanthienhai on 0

    Hi-Rez Studios has released Paladins Open Beta 36 patch notes with some changes for Fernando, Ying, Drogoz, Makoa and Mal'damba. Paladins Open Beta 36 The Pumpkin Patch will release on October 26th, 2016.   General Improved firing range of hitscan weapons.   Drogoz Dragon Punch: Reduced duration in flight from 5s to 4s. Salvo: Increased bonus damage to shields per hit from +100% to +200%.   Fernando Charge: Increased cooldown from 6 to 8s.   Mal’Damba Read More »

    Hi-Rez Studios Announces New SMITE Game, SMITE Tactics

    By hanthienhai on 0

    Hi-Rez Studios, developer of SMITE and Paladins, has announced new strategy game SMITE Tactics which sets in the universe of SMITE and features the gods from SMITE.   Players will carefully choose which minions to deploy on the battlefield and which gods will lead them since every unit has unique abilities that could make your strategies unique. Players have to build their armies prior to battle with collectible cards. They can compete in 1v1 ranked mode or experience various adventure Read More »

    ​Paladins: New Champion Mal'Damba Slithers into the Realm

    By hanthienhai on 0

    Hi-Rez Studios has announced Paladins' newest champion is Mal'Damba, Wekono's Chosen. Mal'Damba slithers into the realm in the patch of OB35. You can see his abilities below as well as a introduction trailer. Related: Paladins Closed Beta Review: Clo-Alph-Open... Beta?   Abilities   Spitting Cobra (LMB): Mal'Damba's cobra shoots poison at enemies. On reload, Mal'Damba throws the cobra forward, stunning the first enemy champion hit. This weapon Read More »

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