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    Heroes of the Storm - Haunted Mines Map Guide

    By Jamniczek on 0

    It's been over a month since HotS officially came out and I'm sure some of you are really into the game, but may feel a bit lost. The thing which distincts HotS from other MOBAs are multiple battlegrounds and each of them requires different tactics. This time I'd like to focus on Haunted Mines - arguably the most controversial map.    The map consists of two areas: the main map and the Mines. Let's start with short presentation of the main map. Read More »

    Dev Team: Deathwing May be A Boss on A Future Heroes of the Storm Map

    By Ancol Lin on 0

    At PAX Prime 2014, Dustin "Rock" Browder, Game Director of Heroes of the storm, and Phil Gonzales, Heroes Senior Artist, received the interview from Gamespot and Blizzplanet. They talked about the present and the future of Heroes, but haven’t revealed the beta day. Anyway, check the highlights of the interview summarized by Heroesnexus. And if you don’t mind the noise, you can watch the Gamspot interview video here and the Blizzplanet here. (I heard them. Really noisy!) Heroes Read More »

    Theo's Battleground Guide for Heroes of the Storm: Garden of Terror

    By theophay on 0

    Here's the new battleground from HotS: Garden of Terror. Once again, we will go through the map analysis, then proceed on to how best to play the battleground. 1. Map Analysis Garden of Terror is a 3-lane battleground featuring a day and night sequence. When night falls, the night horrors will come out in the garden area of the Battleground and all normal mercenary camps will disappear. The minimap displays the location of all night horrors with purple indicators, similar to the Haunted Mines Read More »

    Theo's Battleground Guide for Heroes of the Storm: Blackheart’s Bay

    By theophay on 0

    Based on my emphasis on how important knowing the Battleground for each HotS map is, I’ll be posting a few guides on how to play these Battlegrounds well. As we all know, knowledge of the map is important in HotS, since map objectives are more important than simply grinding and gaining levels. First up: Blackheart’s Bay  1. Map Analysis As you can see, the map is divided into 3 lanes. The emphasis, however, is not on lane pushing, but rather on getting Dubloons (coins) Read More »

    Details of Heroes of the Storm New Battleground: Garden of Terror

    By Ancol Lin on 0

    We have reported some elements of the Plant-VS-Zombie-like battleground in previous Heroes of the Storm patches. And in today’s Designer Insights, the game’s senior technical designer Meng Song gave us an overview of the new battleground.  Trikslyr: Garden of Terror is our brand new, 3-lane battleground featuring a day and night sequence. Can you tell us what changes occur when the night sequence begins? Meng: When night falls, the night horrors will come out in the garden area of Read More »

    A Basic Guide to the Buildings in Heroes of the Storm Map

    By Ancol Lin on 0

    Aside from the special buildings, there are 7 types of basic buidlings in each Heroes of the Storm Map. Today, I'll make a simple introdution about them. The Nexus Nexus is very important building in Heroes of the Storm. Your heroes get into the game from here and can be healed when go through the magic wall. You can run to the Nexus or release the Hearthstone to back here. And if you release the Hearthstone, you will be mounted automatically when you come back here. And mount casts inside of your Read More »

    [Rumor] An Early Preview of Heroes of the Storm New Map

    By Ancol Lin on 0

    According to the report of HeroesNexus, they found a new ‘Heroes of the Storm’ map from the game client. The gameplay of the map seems like the Haunted Mines which you need to collect items from minions to complete the grand objectives. Merely it’s Zombies and seeds instead of Undead and Skulls. There is a day and night cycle in the map and Zombies come out at night. You have to kill them and catch the seeds they dropped. When your team has collected 100 seeds, you can plant team to summon Read More »

    Heroes of the Storm Map Guide: Cursed Hollow

    By exist on 0

    Cured Hollow is the traditional 3-corridor battleground. Its main feature is to collect Raven Lord’s tributes. When your team gathered 3 tributes, the Raven Lord will curse your enemies. The curse will last 1 min, 10secs and cause the following effects: 1. During the time of the curse, the screen will darken. 2. Cursed forts won’t attack and have their half HP. 3. Cursed minions are reduced to 1 Hit Point. How to Play Raven Lord’s tributes will spawn randomly on 4 particular places. And Read More »

    Heroes of the Storm Map Guide: Dragon Shire Guide

    By Ancol Lin on 0

    Dragon Shire is traditional MOBA 3-corridor battleground. The only difference is the battleground has two shires and a dragon knight statue. Both shires and statue are located at the axle of the battleground. The way to control shires is similar with World of Warcraft's battle-map buildings – The progress bar will move toward the side which has more heroes within shire's control area. The progress won't go back automatically. So, if your rival doesn't go to capture the shires, Read More »

    Heroes of the Storm Map Guide: The Haunted Mines Guide

    By Ancol Lin on 0

    Haunted Mines is a 5v5 battleground with two levels. There are two lanes in this map above ground at the edge of the map and underground with many twisting tunnels. Before the entrances of the mines open, both side players just do everything you did in other battlegrounds. Then, the system will make a notice and tell you that the mines have opened. And now, you can enter the mine from the middle of the each lane and go to complete the objectives of Haunted Mines. Haunted Mines Objectives The main Read More »

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