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    Season 25 Deck Guide: Biood's Top 30 Healblade Warrior

    By joesilveira on 0

    It has been a while since I’ve done a Hearthstone deck guide. Despondency had overwhelmed me due to overplaying the game and the lack of deck diversity on ladder. Like always though, Blizzard hooked me back in with the news of the release of the upcoming expansion: Whispers of the Old Gods. Over the weekend, I’ve had to travel to Massachusetts from New Jersey (4-6 hour drive) and I was able to get some games in thanks to my lovely girlfriend chauffeuring me there and back. Since I had a lot of Read More »

    Deck Guide - LoE Budget Control Warrior by RegisKillbin

    By Corey_T on 0

    Control Warrior decks have never been accessible to new Hearthstone players. They require way too many expensive legendary and epic cards, meaning it takes months of playing before you can really think about playing a viable late-game Warrior deck. That's no longer the case if you've unlocked the League of Explorers adventure!  The LoE Budget Control Warrior allows you to compete as a late-game Warrior without totally breaking the bank. It includes a few amazing legendary cards thanks to Read More »

    Deck Guide - *LoE* Scarab Warrior by JustSaiyan

    By Corey_T on 0

    Control warrior decks have been a stalwart in Hearthstone ranked play forever. They evolve over time with small changes here and there, and that's exactly what's happened with this latest take on the archetype. Only one new card has been added from League of Explorers, but the deck is also aligned to combat the hyper-aggressive meta that the expansion has brought with it.    The Scarab Warrior is a control-style warrior deck that's built to stop early-game aggression Read More »

    Deck Guide - *TGT* Budget Control Warrior by RegisKillbin

    By Corey_T on 0

    Note: This deck has been updated for League of Explorers. See the new list >> The words "budget" and "warrior" don't usually go together in the world of Hearthstone. Most Warrior decks require tons of legendary cards, and therefore require loads of arcane dust to assemble. If you've been aching to play warrior, but feel like you lack the cards, don't give up hope just yet! This deck might be the answer to your prayers!  For only 600 arcane dust, I have Read More »

    Hearthstone: Top 3 Decks of Season 18 for Ladder Climbing

    By joesilveira on 0

    We are well into the first full season of The Grand Tournament and already, we are witnessing a serious meta-game shake up. New archetypes have been created and once, bottom dwelling classes, have risen to the top. In this article, I’ll go over three of the strongest decks to play for season 18 as well as some of their individual weaknesses. Dragon Priest: The Priest class was once considered one of the weakest classes to play in competitive mode; lacking strong early-game minions coalesced with Read More »

    Deck Guide - *TGT* Wrynn Warrior by RegisKillbin

    By Corey_T on 0

    The Control Warrior deck has been around in Hearthstone forever, and each new adventure or expansion seems to give it a few new weapons to make it even stronger. That's never been more true than with The Grand Tournament and the new legendary Varian Wrynn, which has enabled Control Warrior to transform into Wrynn Warrior. There's a reason the name rhymes with "win" after all.    If you were lucky enough to unwrap a shiny new Varian Wrynn when opening your TGT Read More »

    Hearthstone: Kolento’s Grand Tournament New Decks

    By Aaron on 0

    The Grand Tournament expansion officially launches today. How many legendaries have you opened up from the new packs? The new Grand Tournament cards also bring new decks and strategies. Today we will show you some brand-new deck list from legend player Kolento. Please note that all decks listed here are experimental and will likely be changed throughout the day.   Kolento's Grand Tournament Bolster Warrior   This is a mix of Taunt and Dragon synergy that combines to create a very defensive Read More »

    Hearthstone: The Top 3 Ladder Decks of Season 17

    By joesilveira on 0

    With the release of The Grand Tournament we are going to see a major shift in the meta game due to an influx in new cards and the inevitability of power creep (power creep = Evil Heckler > Booty Bay Body Guard). This is perhaps going to be one of the last times the meta-game will be stable for a long time. With the revelation of ladder specific rewards coalesced with a predictable meta, now is the time to climb, and in this article I highlight some of the strongest decks to do that with.   Patron Read More »

    The Almighty Chicken Warrior - Deck Guide

    By Jamniczek on 0

      Most of you are probably already excited for the new TGT expansion. So am I. There will be plenty of new decks and it's always the most exciting time in Hearthstone. While waiting for that moment I'd like to present you one of the craziest decks I've seen so far. Behold the mighty Chicken Warrior!    The thing of beauty isn't it? Normally I would point out the most important cards in the deck to give you the general idea how to play it, but in this case Read More »

    Hearthstone: Top 3 Decks of Season 16 for Ladder Climbing

    By joesilveira on 0

    Season 16 is already well upon us and the recent announcement of an imminent expansion means that this will probably be the last you see of these decks. So take advantage of these last few weeks because they may just be a nostalgic memory of the past soon. Patron Warrior: Week to week, month to month, this deck has lasted the test of time and has come up on top for the last three consecutive seasons! Runs like that don’t happen very often in the ever-fluctuating world of Hearthstone, so something Read More »

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