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    Hearthstone: The Best Wild Format Cards from Old Expansions

    By Corey_T on 0

    With the upcoming release of Whispers of the Olds Gods, Hearthstone ranked play will be split into two formats, Standard and WIld. Th initial iteration of Standard format will be called "Year of the Kraken," and limits the card pool by rotating out old sets of cards. Specifically the Naxxramas adventure and the Goblins vs Gnomes expansion are both being relegated to Wild format where anything goes from any expansion. If you're still going to be playing Wild format (like me!) then you might Read More »

    Hearthstone: Review of All Whispers of the Old Gods Cards

    By Corey_T on 0

    The latest Hearthstone expansion is almost here, and it includes more than 130 new cards to discover, memorize, and collect! If you're having trouble keeping up with all the new Whispers of the Old Gods card reveals, and hoping to make sense of them all along the way, then you're in the right place!  In the videos below, I spend a few minutes discussing each and every Whispers of the Old Gods card that has been revealed so far. Anyone wondering which cards will shake up the meta, which cards Read More »

    Hearthstone Pros React to the Format Change

    By Corey_T on 0

    If you haven't already heard, Hearthstone will be introducing some big changes in the Spring of this year. They're adding a new format called "Standard" that will limit the available card pool to the classic set and the latest expansions. We've already covered all the details of the new formats, but maybe you haven't heard what various Hearthstone pros and personalities have been saying around the web.  To help you make sense of the biggest shift in the game's history Read More »

    Learn to Play Hearthstone's Top Decks: Renolock

    By Corey_T on 0

    Renolock has been one of the best decks to arrive with the League of Explorers era, and it doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon! It's still a top tier deck and learning to play it will give you a reliable and powerful deck to climb the ranked ladder all the way to legend. In the video below, I take Renolock out onto the legend ladder in order to educate viewers about the decks intricacies. You'll learn all the ins-and-outs of Renolock, including mulligan tips, gameplay tactics, lines of Read More »

    The 10 Best Mage Cards in Hearthstone

    By Corey_T on 0

    Mage is a class that's had a variety of viable decks throughout the history of Hearthstone, primarily thanks to its wide array of good cards that all do very different things. New players trying to craft a diverse collection of Mage cards may not know which ones are the best, or how to even use them. The video below will help you identify the strongest Mage cards in the game, along with in-depth discussion on the factors that make them so good. Whether that means they're cards you need to craft or Read More »

    The 10 Best 2-Mana Cards in Hearthstone

    By Corey_T on 0

    They might not look like much, but the 2-mana cards in Hearthstone are some of the game's most important. If you're not able to establish an early-game presence with a strong 2-mana card, you may have already lost the game! Getting a good one on curve gives you an awfully good chance at competing in any-given game. That's why it's vital to know which 2-mana cards will help you build a powerful card collection! In the video below I discuss my absolute favorite cards in the 2-mana slot. These Read More »

    The 10 Best Druid Cards in Hearthstone

    By Corey_T on 0

    Druid is a class that has always relied on its class cards in a major way thanks to ramp elements and its big combo. Unfortunately there are a lot of Druid cards that are absolutely terrible as well. New players who are looking to craft Druid cards might have trouble telling the difference. To figure out which ones you should value when building decks, a little guidance might be necessary.  Check out the video below to hear my thoughts on the very best class cards Druid has available. You might be surprised Read More »

    Deck Guide - LoE Budget Aggro Warlock by RegisKillbin

    By Corey_T on 0

    Budget Warlocks have always been popular thanks to the affordability of Zoo-style decks. League of Explorers has made the archetype even better for new players thanks to a few exciting new cards and interesting synergies.  The LoE Budget Agro Warlock takes full advantage of these cards, creating a powerful new take on an old-fashioned budget aggro deck. Check out the video below to see the full deck list, hear my thoughts on every single card, and see the deck in action against top-tier meta decks Read More »

    Hearthstone's Top 5 Cards of 2015

    By Corey_T on 0

    There's little doubt 2015 will be remembered as one of Hearthstone's best years. Not only were there three new card sets released, but the meta game has been more diverse and enjoyable than ever before. That doesn't mean that overpowered cards didn't have an impact!  In the video below, I discuss the five cards that dominated the meta game throughout 2015 (and maybe beyond!). These cards are either a part of every deck or the defining cards in the best decks of the year, and I defend Read More »

    Deck Guide - LoE Budget Battle Mech Shaman by RegisKillbin

    By Corey_T on 0

    Shaman only has one popular deck in the meta right now, but it's a great class to play on a budget. This budget take on the class is a refreshing and exciting new way to play with battlecries, mechs, and totems that gives new players an outlet to play Shaman on the ranked ladder.  The LoE Budget Battle Mech Shaman is all about synergy. It can win games on the back of big mech plays, or on the back of combo battlecry plays. It's both consistent and dynamic, making it full of fireworks and Read More »

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