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    Warlock Turtle Deck - Not Gimmicks

    By flord on 0

    After the latest Hearthstone patch, sticking minions seems harder and hard, and more players tend to play control deck, especially for Warlock. Recently some Warlock decks built around giant minions gain their appearance in PvP, so I share one of these decks – it is not gimmicks. The main idea is similar with most Warlock Turtle deck and I just make some amendments. Also you can make some amendments for your play style. Although it is built around deck control and late game Read More »

    F2P Ultra-aggressive Rogue Deck (Rank 3)

    By alisalin on 0

    Not everyone is willing to spend much money in Hearthstone, well, that is one of the reasons why F2P decks are always meet players’ favor. In this article, I share three Ultra-aggressive rogue decks with in-depth guides attached. If you have any questions or supplements, please leave comments below. As you seen, the first one is a budget deck without any legendary or epic cards, actually only 4 rare cards. Thanks to massive low mana cost cards built in, it enables you to drop Read More »

    CN Legend Paladin Deck

    By flord on 0

    This deck works well in late game, while is weak in the early, especially when you are playing against swarm Warlock decks or Rogue decks. So I pick Mind Control Tech, Wild Pyromancer (The usage is fare to explain) for playing against such decks. Matchups Warlock & Rogue Save Equality, Wild Pyromancer MCT, Conseration and Abomination in the beginning when you are playing against Warlock and Rogue. The effect of MCT would enable you to take a control of one at random if your Read More »

    Shaman F2P Deck That Took Me To Legend

    By flord on 0

    Here’s a deck that I can recommend to your guys playing Shaman. I climbed to legend with this deck, having played only a few days before the open beta. If you are a F2P guy, you would be happy to hear that there is only one rare card built in this deck – Earth Elemental, and it is unnecessary. Actually, most cards in this deck are easy to craft or grab from packs. If your card pool is full enough or you have spare cards to disenchant, I attach some replacements for the late-oriented deck Read More »

    Legendary Priest Control Deck

    By flord on 0

    This deck is CN legendary Priest deck, although many players choose Warlock, Rogue or Shaman for instead in legendary. Well it is a heavy legendaries deck, which is not the best choice for F2P guys, however, some playing thinking and ideas are quite useful when you play as Priest or play against Priest. Shadow Word: Pain vs. Shadow Word: Death Picking dual Pain and Death would be the best choice, while there is no extra slot for them, so you have to make a hard decision: Read More »

    CN Hearthstone Fans DIY Cards

    By flord on 0

    Recently, some Chinese Hearthstone fans drew some HS cards which are quite vivid and interesting. Pictures are shown below, please enjoy. For more information about Hearthstone, you can visit our Hearthstone Hub or share your ideas, guides and comments in our Hearthstone Forum.    Read More »

    Priest Beginner Deck Guide & Strategies

    By flord on 0

    Priest is an easy to pick class in Hearthstone. He is a healing master and can heal friendly characters with his hero power to reinforce deck control, helping minions stay on the board as long as possible. In addition, his healing theme is stretched to exclusive cards, for example Northshire Cleric, Lightspawn, Inner Fire, etc. Coupled with some neutrals such as Injured Blademaster and Lightwarden, his ability and exclusive cards allow players to benefit from healing injured minions on the board Read More »

    A REALLY Budget But Solid Shaman Deck to Play in New Patch 4482

    By Camille on 0

    Since the launch of the new patch 4482, we’ve seen some new playing in the meta game, like the new Unleash the Hounds hunter. Many players would have 4 or even more than 4 legendary cards in their decks, really expensive to build, right? So here, I’d like to share a REALLY budget shaman deck with no legendary or even no epic inside! What you need are only some rare cards, which won’t cost you many dusts and it’s really easy to build. Deck list: Deck introduction: As you can Read More »

    New UTH Hunter Deck Built For Patch 4482

    By flord on 0

    After Blizzard released the 4482 patch, UTH gets a buff, down 2 mana from 4. This change enables Hunter to make some effective combos or deck AoEs in early game. I didn’t pick too many class exclusive cards, instead picking some low cost charge minions and Leeroy Jenkins in. This deck is legendary 33 now. It is a secret that I won’t tell anyone. Share some useful combos Knife Juggler + UTH Leokk + UTH Leeroy Jenkins + UTK UTK / Tinkmaster Overspark + Kill Command (minion cast by Read More »

    Bran-new OTK Warrior in the New Patch

    By Vincent on 0

    (Artwork Author: Dreamspirit  http://fav.me/d45tyd9) Since Warrior has been nerfed in the new patch, the one turn kill strategies of Giants Warrior and Alexstraza Warrior have been the history. So here is the question: Is there any other strategy for Warrior to realize one turn kill? Sure, there is. In this thread, I’d like to share you with a Warrior Deck to realize OTK. The key cards of this deck are the Bloodsail Raider, Charge, Inner Rage, and Faceless Manipulator Read More »

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