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    TGT Deck Guide: Hawkeye's Legendary Ramp Druid

    By joesilveira on 0

    It has been less than a week and The Grand Tournament has already made a visible difference on the meta-game. Some decks look like they are here to stay while others project an air of transience. From what Ive noticed, the strongest decks so far were the pre-existing archetypes that have integrated TGT cards to Bolster their overall effectiveness. Hawkeyes Ramp Druid is one of those archetypes; taking an already successful deck and improving upon it with cards like Living Roots and Darnassus Read More »

    Deck Guide - *TGT* Wyrmrest Dragon Priest by Reynad

    By Corey_T on 0

    After the release of Blackrock Mountain, many players desperately tried to make Dragon Priest a competitive deck, but it was an absolute struggle. The Grand Tournament added a few new dragons to the foray, and now it looks like the deck has real potential. Reynads version is gaining steam as the best version of the new Dragon Priest, and were calling it the Wyrmrest Dragon Priest. Its hard to nail down the Wyrmrest Dragon Priests true archetype, because it feels Read More »

    TGT Deck Guide: Avant-Garde Mech Mage

    By joesilveira on 0

    Mech Mage has always been a Hearthstone enigma, with it constantly fluctuating in and out of the meta-game. It established itself in GvG, making it look like it was going to last for the long haul, but instead, it eventually got exposed for its lack of strength without a perfect curve and its inconsistent draw mechanics. Overall though, it was a successful deck; helping hundreds of pros and average Joes climb to legend and in this article, I highlight some of the possibilities of this archetype moving forward Read More »

    TGT Deck Guide: Strifecro's Midrange Totem Shaman

    By joesilveira on 0

    The Grand Tournament is finally here and professional hearthstone players are already producing quality, meta-changing decks. Strifecro has come up with a ladder viable, midrange totem deck, which has experienced success at the high legend ranks. In this article, I break down Strifecros deck by highlighting some of its key aspects while also providing some feedback on possible replacements. How to Play: Obviously, the decks core characteristics revolve around the use of totems. Totem Read More »

    Deck Guide - *TGT* Wrynn Warrior by RegisKillbin

    By Corey_T on 0

    The Control Warrior deck has been around in Hearthstone forever, and each new adventure or expansion seems to give it a few new weapons to make it even stronger. Thats never been more true than with The Grand Tournament and the new legendary Varian Wrynn, which has enabled Control Warrior to transform into Wrynn Warrior. Theres a reason the name rhymes with win after all. If you were lucky enough to unwrap a shiny new Varian Wrynn when opening your TGT Read More »

    The 10 Best Golden Cards from The Grand Tournament

    By Corey_T on 0

    Shiny new cards are the greatest treat in the world, and The Grand Tournament includes has added more than 130 new ones to Hearthstone. The artwork is incredible in this expansion, and its even better when brought to life in an animated golden card. We found the 10 best golden cards from the new expansion, so youll know what to craft once your arcane dust starts piling up! If you drop any of these cards in a game, your opponents are going to be left in sheer awe, and might not even be Read More »

    TGT Deck Guide: The Duggar Family Token Paladin

    By joesilveira on 0

    After weeks of anticipation, The Grand Tournament is upon us and the 130 plus cards are already rocking the meta game. Through my first few hours of play Ive seen a lot of broken dreams, wishful thinking, and crappy inspire decks. The ladder is filled with jejunely styled decks like beast hunter, inspire mage, and pirate rogue. Ultimately, they are fun decks to play but inconsistent if trying to climb ladder. Obviously, my deck is none of those things and is the best deck youll ever see or Read More »

    Hearthstone: The Top 3 Ladder Decks of Season 17

    By joesilveira on 0

    With the release of The Grand Tournament we are going to see a major shift in the meta game due to an influx in new cards and the inevitability of power creep (power creep = Evil Heckler Booty Bay Body Guard). This is perhaps going to be one of the last times the meta-game will be stable for a long time. With the revelation of ladder specific rewards coalesced with a predictable meta, now is the time to climb, and in this article I highlight some of the strongest decks to do that with. Patron Read More »

    Season 17 Deck Guide: IBioOrMech’s - Top 25 Legend - Ramp Druid

    By joesilveira on 0

    We are more than halfway through season 17 and The (nascent) Grand Tournament is swiftly approaching. Soon, deck archetypes as we know them will no longer exist, due to an influx of new cards and the power creep that they can entail. This is a time when the meta game is reasonably stable and climbing the ladder is practical and consistent. You can easily climb the ranks with a meta relevant deck and the skills that go along with it. In this article, I will give you the knowledgeable skills to achieve higher Read More »

    Review of All The Grand Tournament Class Legendary Cards

    By Corey_T on 0

    The coolest cards in Hearthstone are often the legendary minions made available to each class. Theyre usually the most powerful and recognizable cards in the game. Everyone runs in fear when Grommash Hellscream hits the board, and they cower in awe when Tirion Fordring comes out to play. The Grand Tournament is giving each class another legendary card, and theyre undoubtedly some of the most unbelievable and overpowered cards weve seen in the game so far. Just keep reading for an in-depth Read More »
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  1. Sack of Gems (2500 Gems) 1

    Sack of Gems (2500 Gems)


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    Chest of Gems (14000 Gems)


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    Bag of Gems (1200 Gems)


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