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    Efficient Aggro Warlock for Climbing Ladder - Can You Drop Spells Smoothly?

    By alisalin on 0

    In order to stop opponents to drop AoEs or other spells in early game, players often bring Cho for their arsenal, especially for Murloc and Zoo decks. But now, players have one more choice Loatheb, which is a great solution for spell-oriented decks like freeze Mage and Miracle Rogue. With latest Naxx cards added in, it is harder for opponents to wipe out your board than before. Deck is below: When vs. Mage, Rogue, save Cho, Flame Imp, Shieldmaster, Voidwalker in beginning. If you get Read More »

    Naxxramas Plague Quarter Guide - Loatheb (Budget Priest Deck Attached)

    By lump4life on 0

    In your quest to rid the Plague Quarter of its devious denizens youve slaughtered scores of skeletons and safety danced your way around countless eruptions. Now its time to pop some spores and charge for the face of Loatheb. What are We Up Against? In the World of Warcraft version of Naxxramas Loatheb had the largest health pool in the entire dungeon. First timers through the floating necropolis shuddered at the thought of carving through so many hit points. Its been Read More »

    Naxxramas Plague Quarter Guide - Heigan the Unclean (Giants Warlock)

    By lump4life on 0

    Greetings traveler. If youre reading this then you must have taken down Noth the Plaguebringer already. Now its time to do the safety dance against Heigan the Unclean. What are We Up Against? If you want to describe Noth as a mage then Heigan could best be labeled as a warlock. As with Noth showing off the new mage class card, Duplicate, Heigan is rocking the new warlock class card, Voidcaller, which has a death rattle that will pull out a random demon from your hand to the Read More »

    Naxxramas Plague Quarter Guide - Noth the Plaguebringer (Giants Warlock)

    By lump4life on 0

    Hello once again, card slingers. With another week were greeted with a new wing in Naxxramas, the infectious Plague Quarter. If youre heading in to plunder its riches be sure to read these guides to better equip yourself against this trio of terrors. First up is Noth the Plaguebringer and his army of skeletons. What are We Up Against? Noth is chiefly a mage with respect to his card base. His main hook is playing with cards designed to pull out his mage secrets. One such card Read More »

    Anti-aggro Priest - You Can't Touch My Hero

    By flord on 0

    With latest minions added in, Priest seems not so as weak as before. This deck is built for playing against swarm / aggro decks and also has a good performance in board control. For Priest, one of the best solutions for playing against swarm / aggro decks is Wild Pyromancer + cheap spells in early game and go Auchenai Soulpriest + Circle of Healing in mid game. But now, players have more choices. They can drop Nerubian Egg in beginning to stop opponents to drop AoEs and trigger its Deathrattle with Wild Read More »

    Five Tips and Tricks to Get Better at Hearthstone

    By Camille on 0

    Written by [DKMR]DTwo Discussions about this topic brought to you by Team [DKMR] (sponsored by 2P, HearthStats, Gunnar, Waypoint and SoulFire Masters) Team DKMR: Twitter Website Forum With Naxxramas in the midst of release and the meta likely about to change, there will be many new decks around to get used to. With that in mind, here are five general ways to improve at Hearthstone, along with a difficulty score ranging from 1 (any player can handle this) to 5 (strategy reserved Read More »

    Spider Token Druid Deck

    By alisalin on 0

    It is a Token Druid deck and still in development. As it works quite well in ladder, I couldnt wait to share it with you guys. If you have any suggestion or adjustment, please leave them below. Deck overview This deck is built around latest Naxx cards. With Deathrattle, Haunted Creeper, Harvest Golem and Nerubian Egg can prevent your board to be wiped out. Imp Master and Violet Teacher have strong swarm ability, and you can buff them with Power of the Wild or grant them Soul of the Read More »

    [Guide] Defeating Heroic Noth the Plaguebringer with All Classes

    By Vincent on 0

    Greeting fellows, this thread is a guide with gameplay videos about the duels between the heroicNoth the Plaguebringerand each class. Noth the Plaguebringeris the 1st boss of theThe Plague Quarter, check the details of it below. Boss Name Health (Heroic) Hero Power Heroic Hero Power Noth the Plaguebringer(Heroic) 30(45) Raise DeadPassive- Whenever an enemy dies, raise a 1/1 Skeleton.Cost: Read More »

    Alextrasza is Forbidden in the Match with Loatheb

    By alisalin on 0

    In Arachnid Quarter, Alextrasza plays an important role when vs. Heroic Maexxna. But in the Match with Loatheb, If you play Alexstrasza, Kelthuzad says a sentence in the screenshot below. Alextrasza gets destroyed and you lose all the mana spent on summoning her, and the effect is canceled as well. Check out the video below. You cant play Alextrasza both on your hero and boss. Source: 5253 Recent Articles / Hearthstone Hub/ Forum Read More »

    [Plague Quarter] Beat Heroic Loatheb with Priest, Druid and Warlock

    By alisalin on 0

    Plague Quarters has been launched! Are you ready to enjoy? In this thread, I would like to share 3 decks to beat heroic Plague Quarters with deep guides / screenshots attached. Heroic Loatheb overview Heroic Loathebs hero power named Necrotic Aura which can deal 3 damage to the enemy hero without any mana cost in the beginning of each turn. And the game begin with 0/1 Spore and 3/6 taunt. Players always get first hand, which means they could not squeeze big spells or minions Read More »
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