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    Hearthstone: Gods of the Arena with Ratsmah pt. I

    By Jamniczek on 0

    Hi guys! Goblins vs Gnomes is one of the best things that has happened to Hearthstone. Id even say its a bit like Christmas. Its the time of joy, happiness and great hopes. But when the hype goes down there comes this really sad realization: Gosh Its so expensive! At this point if you dont want to give up on GvG you have to find the way to get some cash for these new cards, but you most likely dont want to spend your hard earned real money, do you? What can Read More »

    How to install Hearthstone on your Android Mobile Device [EASY]

    By ib0x on 0

    Greetings Fellow Hearthstone(d)ers, Today I will not write about a deck guide but I will briefly explain to you how you can easily install Hearthstone on your Android mobile device. Hearthstone has been officially released yesterday for Android tablets but it hasnt been released for Android mobiles. Generally i believe that being able to play your main game on your mobile device is very important since you can play whenever and wherever you want. As soon as I found out that installing Read More »

    Deck Guide - "GvG" Felhand Warlock by RegisKillbin

    By Corey_T on 0

    Handlock has been one of the most dominant and consistent decks in the game for a very long time. But Goblins vs Gnomes has shaken things up, and a number of Handlock variations are starting to come out with big changes and neat new tricks. The Felhand Warlockwas designed to take Warlocks new class legendary and build an altered Handlock deck around it, emphasizing all the great demon cards to which Warlock has access to in the process. The Felhand Warlock is a Read More »

    Gaara's New GvG Demon Warlock Deck

    By minishop on 0

    Since Gobins vs. Gnomes was released, most of deck guides are interested in using Mech cards. Over time, we would inevitably feel fatigued by these decks. So today, we need Gaaras new demon Warlock deck for a change. Check out the detail in below You may be also interested in other Gaaras deck gudes: Gaaras New GvG Zoo Warlock Deck Mid-Range Mech Hunter Deck by Gaara To my surprise, the demon deck hasnt Voidwalker. It seems Gaara planned to put the attacking Read More »

    Explosive Snipe - GvG Deck Guide

    By Billars on 0

    Theres a new realm of wonder and possibility with the extensive expansion of cards that Goblins vs. Gnomes has brought us. One of the best things I have seen so far that has come out of it is a new era for the Hunter class. This is a deck born out of this new era. General Strategy This is a type of deck we havent had a chance to really play around with on the Hunter side of things. Up until now, Hunter has been hated for its face, deathrattle, and other kinds of aggro. This is Read More »

    [GvG] Mech Mage will BLOW your mind!

    By Kleipop on 0

    Hello fellow Hearthstonians! The first big expansion set for Hearthstone is finally released. Blizzard gave us 123 new cards, and with these cards come new possibilities to create fun decks. You have opened your Goblins vs Gnomes packs, and now it is time to make a deck with the cards youve gotten! Brian Kibler has made this Mech Mage deck, which is very consistent. Besides being strong, it is also very cheap to craft, with only 1 legendary and 2 (optional) epics. This deck runs a Read More »

    The Future of Handlock

    By IDNTKNW_HS on 0

    Premise At first Id like to apologize for the lack of content in the last month. I moved from Italy to London and I needed some time, both before and after my departure, to sort things out. I actually got everything I needed about two weeks ago, but I took this time to get back into Hearthstone since I havent played much in these weeks. After all, you shouldnt write about Hearthstone if youre not playing Hearthstone, am I right? Most of you were probably expecting the Read More »

    [GVG Deck Guide] Mech Control Priest

    By joesilveira on 0

    With all the new mech cards that came with GvG, its hard for someone to not try and make a class specific mech deck. GvG has brought a multitude of great 1 and 2-drop cards that makes the priest hero power no longer ineffective in the early game. In this article, I will show you a tempo oriented priest deck, thats easy to play and that can be effective on the ladder. Early Game: Clockwork Gnome: Great one drop, especially for the people who are sick of only having Read More »

    Kripparrian's GvG Echo Mage-age-age

    By Jamniczek on 0

    Hello guys! The recent release of the GvG expansion provided a whole flourish of new possibilities for deck building. This is a really great time in Hearthstone when the meta still is developing and there are many, many innovations. Some of them are just small, but significant improvements of already existing decks, the others are completely new. Today Id like to present to you the example of quite innovative deck by Kripparrian and yes this is a constructed deck! Lets see what it looks like Read More »

    Deck Guide - "GvG" Murk-Eye Shaman by RegisKillbin

    By Corey_T on 0

    Goblins vs Gnomes gave Shamans two murloc-themed cards, suggesting an expanded synergy between the class and everyones most-hated aquatic monsters. Namely Neptulon was added, and a lot of people are looking for a deck to use him effectively. It might seem intuitive to simply dump every murloc card in the game into a Shaman shell alongside Neptulon, but a more finely-tuned approach will result in a much better deck to make use of your new legendary card. The Murk-Eye Shaman was designed to fit murlocs Read More »
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