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    Legend Dragon Heavy Priest Deck - The Rise of Priest

    By flord on 0

    This deck is created by Slurmz in reddit, and built around shadowform and some dragon cards in Hearthstone, and that is the reason why it is called Dragon Priest. With the rise of Hunters and zoo decks, this deck has a decent winrates when vs. them (especially 80 +% vs. Hunters). This deck features strong removals both in early and late stage, especially effective AoE combo works well against zoo decks: Wild Pyro + SWS + Coin (if you are lucky) or other cheap spells to make an Read More »

    Deck Spotlight: Budget Zoo Warlock Deck

    By tracy on 0

    Hello everybody, today I'm bring you a deck tech video by Force about a hot deck - the zoo Warlock deck. Well, about the zoo Warlock, we've posted some threads before, check out the relevant threads below. Reynad’s Bran-new Zoo Warlock Deck – Updated on April 7 Reynad's Budget Zoo Warlock Deck to go for Legend Rank Trump's Divine Zoo Warlock Deck Deck Spotlight: Contrologist Warrior to Counter Zoo Warlock and Aggro Hunter   Read More »

    CN 44 Legendary Heavy Warrior – Anti Tempo Decks

    By flord on 0

    I like to play control style and stick on Warrior for a long time, especially for control Warrior. To play against Token Druids in last season, I pick dual Slam to answer his Chillwind Yeti or any other fatties, while with the rise of zoo decks in this season; I pick dual MCT and hope this guy can steal some solid minions early on. Additionally, Fiery War Axe, Cleave and Armorsmith are all good for playing against zoo decks, allowing you to slow down opponents’ tempo. In last season, Read More »

    Possible Playing Styles for Zoo Decks After Blizzard Released New Cards

    By flord on 0

    Thanks Ammy for sharing her zoo decks in 2P. As Blizzard released five new cards and its Adventure Mode in last week (more cards are still a mystery), the new decks built around these potential cards are hot topics for Hearthstone fans. Will they be strong or weak? Can they refresh current playing styles? All of them are mysteries, but they are all worthy to wait and hope. Based on current zoo decks, Ammy has made some amendments built around latest new cards and now that is it looks Read More »

    NA Legend Midrange Hunter Deck - No Any Secrets

    By alisalin on 0

    It is a midrange Hunter deck created by NA player – Kolento who hit legend with this deck yesterday. Against the back ground of T7 Hunters and Zoo decks in legend, this deck has some amendments – Scavenging Hyena, a good bait to force opponents to trade it first and if they can’t remove it in the beginning, you will benefit from the death of your beasts on the board. Additionally, King Mukla is quite unique when compared with other Hunter decks. With solid 5/5, it will give opponents a bit of pressure Read More »

    The Cooperation of Baron Rivendare and the Current Deathrattle Minions

    By Vincent on 0

    Greeting fellows, Blizzard announced 5 new cards in the adventure mode a few days ago, including a new legendary card - Baron Rivendare (4/1/7 - Your minions trigger their Deathrattles twice.). In this thread, I made a collection of all the minions with Deathrattle effect in Hearthstone, and let's check out what will happen when the Baron Rivendare cooperate with these minions. When the Leper Gnome cooperate with Baron Rivendare, it will deal 4 damage to the enemy hero when it dies. When the Loot Read More »

    Deck Spotlight: Kolento Midrange Hunter

    By tracy on 0

    Hello fellows, Today I'm bringing you the deck tech video about a midrange Hunter deck, which is contructed by a top player - Kolento in EU server. Check out the deck and the video below. Gameplay Video Minions 2x Stonetusk Boar 2x Timber Wolf 1x Ironbeak Owl 2x River Crocolisk 2x Scavenging Hyena 2x Starving Buzzard 1x King Mukla 2x Houndmaster 1x Stampeding Kodo 2x Savannah Highmane Abilities 2x Hunter's Mark 2x Flare 2x Tracking 2x Unleash the Hounds Read More »

    Giants Hunter Deck

    By Fagan on 0

    In the current ranking circumstance, zoo Warlock and roar Druid are very popular, which is a big thread for the aggro Hunter, and to be honest, aggro Hunter is kind of rely on luck to win a game in the top rank, so, by contrast, the giants Hunter is more stable. In this thread, I’d like to share you with my giants Hunter deck. Obviously, the core of this deck is giants – Sea Giant and Molten Giant. Compared with Molten Giant, Sea Giant is more rarely-seen in game; let Read More »

    Overflow Burst Rogue Deck

    By alisalin on 0

    Compared with miracle Rogues, this deck is funny and often makes opponents confused with your strategies until you clog theirhand while removing all oftheir minions on the board. And it often makes both of your and opponents’ hands full even overflow and that is the reason why I call it overflow Rogue deck. How to play I’ve said that this deck is quite funny but a bit of difficult for newbies to handle in the beginning. Generally, by multiple usage of Coldlight Read More »

    Miracle Paladin Deck – Secrets, Board Control

    By Cade on 0

    Hey guys, last time, I shared a Recreational Paladin Deck with you, recently, I constructed a miracle Paladin deck, which works well in the rank. The key cards of this deck are: the secret cards, Equality, and Gadgetzan Auctioneer. The general strategy is focus on some excellent combos to control board, and rely on the Gadgetzan Auctioneer + cheap spells to supplement hand cards. Board Clear Equality + Consecration/Wild Pyromancer (Well Known combos of Paladin) Read More »
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