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    Midrange King Mukla Hunter Deck

    By alisalin on 0

    It is in my eyes, hunter is a quite hot class in legend, featuring effective income and decent winrate. 35% Hunters, 30% Zoo, 15% burst Druids and 20% something else in legend now. And that is the reason why I pick Acidic Swamp Ooze in this arsenal. King Mukla is a highlight in this deck and has a good synergy with Houndmaster and Kill Command. How to play Zoo decks and rush decks. Mulligan is important. Since zoo decks are quite hot in legend, always save Explosive Trap, UTH Read More »

    AoE Warlock Zoo Deck

    By flord on 0

    After playing over 20 days, I hit legend with my Warlock decks and deck is shown below. Actually, it is based on zoo decks and I make some amendments. Compared with traditional zoo decks which always go face directly, this deck allows you to make some trade or drop AoE to make a wipe if you are facing a negative situation. Since zoo decks are quite popular in ladder, I pick Blood Knight to answer annoying shield while creating a big giant on the board. Sometimes, I even pick dual Blood Knight Read More »

    Rank 87 Legend NA Anti Zoo Priest

    By flord on 0

    Dear guys, Hunters and Warlocks seem quite efficient classes for climbing ladder, while some guys like to stick on Priest and created a high winrate anti zoo Priest, also this deck works well against Hunters, especially when vs. aggro. How to play Mad Bomber, Wild Pyromancer and Shadowmadness are 3 key cards for anti zoo decks in the beginning, so always try to mulligan for them. Since zoo decks always try to establish their early advantage with sticking 2 or 3 potatoes Read More »

    Deck Spotlight: Mid Shaman of Kychu to Earn Legendary Card Back

    By tracy on 0

    Hello everybody, today I'm bringing you the deck tech video by Force about the mid Shaman deck of Kychu. According to Kychu, he played 4 classes to go for legend rank, and Shaman is the one deck which he played most at high ranks (1-3), the other classes are Paladin, Warrior, and Druid. If you are looking for the strongest deck, he recommends the Shaman deck. This mid Shaman deck is focus on controlling board at the early game, and win at the medium stage. Check out Kychu's strategy below. Read More »

    Legend Dragon Heavy Priest Deck - The Rise of Priest

    By flord on 0

    This deck is created by Slurmz in reddit, and built around shadowform and some dragon cards in Hearthstone, and that is the reason why it is called Dragon Priest. With the rise of Hunters and zoo decks, this deck has a decent winrates when vs. them (especially 80 +% vs. Hunters). This deck features strong removals both in early and late stage, especially effective AoE combo works well against zoo decks: Wild Pyro + SWS + Coin (if you are lucky) or other cheap spells to make an Read More »

    Deck Spotlight: Budget Zoo Warlock Deck

    By tracy on 0

    Hello everybody, today I'm bring you a deck tech video by Force about a hot deck - the zoo Warlock deck. Well, about the zoo Warlock, we've posted some threads before, check out the relevant threads below. Reynad’s Bran-new Zoo Warlock Deck – Updated on April 7 Reynad's Budget Zoo Warlock Deck to go for Legend Rank Trump's Divine Zoo Warlock Deck Deck Spotlight: Contrologist Warrior to Counter Zoo Warlock and Aggro Hunter Gameplay Video Read More »

    CN 44 Legendary Heavy Warrior – Anti Tempo Decks

    By flord on 0

    I like to play control style and stick on Warrior for a long time, especially for control Warrior. To play against Token Druids in last season, I pick dual Slam to answer his Chillwind Yeti or any other fatties, while with the rise of zoo decks in this season; I pick dual MCT and hope this guy can steal some solid minions early on. Additionally, Fiery War Axe, Cleave and Armorsmith are all good for playing against zoo decks, allowing you to slow down opponents’ tempo. In last season, Read More »

    Possible Playing Styles for Zoo Decks After Blizzard Released New Cards

    By flord on 0

    Thanks Ammy for sharing her zoo decks in 2P. As Blizzard released five new cards and its Adventure Mode in last week (more cards are still a mystery), the new decks built around these potential cards are hot topics for Hearthstone fans. Will they be strong or weak? Can they refresh current playing styles? All of them are mysteries, but they are all worthy to wait and hope. Based on current zoo decks, Ammy has made some amendments built around latest new cards and now that is it looks Read More »

    NA Legend Midrange Hunter Deck - No Any Secrets

    By alisalin on 0

    It is a midrange Hunter deck created by NA player – Kolento who hit legend with this deck yesterday. Against the back ground of T7 Hunters and Zoo decks in legend, this deck has some amendments – Scavenging Hyena, a good bait to force opponents to trade it first and if they can’t remove it in the beginning, you will benefit from the death of your beasts on the board. Additionally, King Mukla is quite unique when compared with other Hunter decks. With solid 5/5, it will give opponents a bit of pressure Read More »

    The Cooperation of Baron Rivendare and the Current Deathrattle Minions

    By Vincent on 0

    Greeting fellows, Blizzard announced 5 new cards in the adventure mode a few days ago, including a new legendary card - Baron Rivendare (4/1/7 - Your minions trigger their Deathrattles twice.). In this thread, I made a collection of all the minions with Deathrattle effect in Hearthstone, and let's check out what will happen when the Baron Rivendare cooperate with these minions. When the Leper Gnome cooperate with Baron Rivendare, it will deal 4 damage to the enemy hero when it dies. When the Loot Read More »
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    Sack of Gems (2500 Gems)


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    Chest of Gems (14000 Gems)


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