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    [Guide] Naxxramas: Defeat Heroic Maexxna with All Classes

    By Vincent on 0

    Greeting fellows, this thread is a guide with gameplay videos about the duels between the heroic Maexxna and each class. Maexxna is the last boss of the The Arachnid Quarter, check the details of it below. Boss Name Health (Heroic) Hero Power Heroic Hero Power Maexxna(Heroic) 30(45) Web Wrap-Return a random enemy minion to your opponents hand. (Costs 2 Mana) Web Wrap-Return 2 random enemy minions to your opponent Read More »

    Reynad's Naxx Zoo Warlock Deck

    By flord on 0

    Curse of Naxxramas is open today. Are you ready for enjoying this new patch? In this thread, I would bring you Renads new Naxx zoo Warlock which is built around new Naxx cards and features good board control as well. Players will get new cards after beating bosses. Deck list is below: Recent Articles /Hearthstone Hub/Forum Reynads Modern Zoo Warlock Guide #1 - Decks to Get Legend With - Handlock · Read More »

    [Naxxramas] Heroic Anub'rekhan Guide: Noxious's Priest

    By Vincent on 0

    Greeting fellows, now Im bringing you guys a video guide with Noxiouss Priest to beat AnubRekhan in heroic mode. Boss Introduction Boss Name Health (Heroic) Hero Power Heroic Hero Power AnubRekhan(Heroic) 30(45) Skitter-Summona 3/1 Nerubian. Cost: 2 Skitter-Summona 4/4 Nerubian. Cost: 2 Recommended Decks Zoo Warlock, Handlock Warlock, Priest. You can find the decks in the link Read More »

    Solid Druid Midrange Control Deck

    By flord on 0

    Deck overview It is a druid control with decent solid minions and great burst in mid game. Two legend minions and three epic make it a bit of difficult to offer for newbies, but, it really plays well in current mata. If you are a veteran or have enough dust to offer, try this one. Strategies Most Druid decks rely on mana acceleration provided by Innervate and/or Wild Growth in order to the reach late game faster. In order to gain early board control, I brew Argent Squire and Mark of the Wild Read More »

    Guide: Aggor Mage Deck

    By alisalin on 0

    Its a Mage aggro deck which is built to rush down your opponent HP down to your range in mid game and play a burst with your Flamestrike or Frostbolt + Ice Lance to finish your game. Since there are many great articles about aggro Mage in 2P.com, I wont go into these kinds of details in threat. As most aggro styles are not expensive for players to build and damage that can go across fatty taunts, aggro decks are widely used in ladder. How to play Beginning In order Read More »

    The Q&A for Helping You to Learn the New Naxx Cards Better

    By tracy on 0

    Hello guys, here is a collection of some QA about some of the new Naxx cards that were just released by Blizzard, hoping that they can help you to learn some of the new cards better. 1. About the KelThuzad 2. About the Deathlord 3. About the Echoing Ooze Originally Posted by Blizzard EntertainmentSource Im wondering if buffing the ooze will summon another buffed one every turn. Given its ability is a battle cry, that might mean its locked in to Read More »

    Value 101: Your Mana and You

    By lump4life on 0

    Last week in Value 101 we looked at a brief overview of value and its three pillars; mana, cards, and hit points. While no one pillar of value is more important than the others it is paramount to know where you stand in each regard. Shirking any of these areas in lieu of the others will have disastrous effects on your performance. Having a hand full of cards is a bad idea if you dont have the mana to cast them, or youre sitting at dangerously low hit points. Having all the health in the world Read More »

    Deck Talk with TheChiv Ep. 01: Stranglethorn Tiger Druid Deck

    By tracy on 0

    Recently, TheChiv started a new Hearthstone video series named Deck Talk where Deck Creators, Pros, and Commentators will bring a deck. They will break it down, give the strategy, and the mulligans, to make you better prepared for the Hearthstone Meta. In this episode, TheChiv invited his friend Jotto to talk about a Mid-Range Stranglethorn Tiger Druid deck and discusses how to play it on the ladder. Take a look at the deck below. Well, this deck was used by Jottos team mate [AcB] Read More »

    S4 CN Legend Rank #1: Freeze Mage Deck

    By flord on 0

    A Chinese gamer with ID 包子 hit the rank #1 with his freeze Mage in season 4. Freeze Mages seem quite potential. Deck is below: To be honest, this deck is quite hard to play for newbies (I lost many times with this deck). Compared with Trumps and RDUs freeze Mage, this deck misses effective AoEs like Flamestorm and Blizzard which can efficiently control the board while delaying the game to high mana matches. The only spell that can slow down opponents tempo is Frost Nova, so Read More »
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