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    Justsaiyan's Legend Demonlock Deck Guide

    By Billars on 0

    Justsaiyan is a consistently high-level Legend player who has brought us an innovative breed of Demonlock for us to sink our teeth into. General Playstyle: Justsaiyans legend Demonlock shown here is changed from a previous iteration that was more focused on being a direct counter to Mech Mage. The changes made introduced an improved matchup versus the classes Paladin and the ever popular Oil Rogue popping up. The changes were made without sacrificing any of the decks effectiveness against that Read More »

    Deck Guide - GvG Budget Mech Druid by RegisKillbin

    By Corey_T on 0

    Druids are typically all about big cards and specific combo finishers, neither of which are easy for new players to acquire when it comes to the necessary cards. Building a solid Druid deck on a budget requires a tweak towards Mech synergy and a focus on mana manipulation instead. The GvG Beginner Druid is an extremely affordable deck that only takes 600 dust to craft in full. Despite how cheap it is, you can still pull of some impressive results and climb your way up Read More »

    The 10 Best Hearthstone Cards Designed by Players

    By Corey_T on 0

    Theres certainly nothing wrong with the Blizzard teams card design philosophies and execution (except maybe Dr. Boom), but there are only so many members on their team. Thats probably why impatient amateur card designers are always pumping out well-made fan creations that would fit perfectly into the game. There have been thousands upon thousands of player-designed cards since Hearthstones inception, but the process has been recently mastered with HearthPwns Weekly Card Read More »

    [GvG Deck Guide] Naiman's Midrange Hunter

    By joesilveira on 0

    The Undertaker nerf was a kneejerk reaction because of the vitriol Blizzard was receiving from the Hearthstone community. Undertaker had a specific purpose; it allowed you to have a decent win percentage without investing large sums of money within the game. Nerfing the Undertaker, in my opinion, was a capitalistic move on of the bureaucracy that is known as Blizzard entertainment. It was a win-win for them; they get to appease an angry mob while also further solidifying the game as pay-to-win. O.K, O.K Read More »

    Gaara's New GvG Mech Shaman Deck Guide

    By Ancol Lin on 0

    Gaara hasnt released new Hearthstonedecks for a long time. But recently, he finally bought out his latest Mech Shaman Deck. The decks special place is that it hasnt the Earth Shock and Hex, which are very important to most of mainstream Shaman decks. Now, lets check out the deck in below. The decks core card is Powermace, which can cooperative with all mech cards, even Dr. Booms Boom Bots can be powered up by it. And with the presence of Mechwarper, you can Read More »

    Deck Guide - GVG Budget Hunter by RegisKillbin

    By Corey_T on 0

    Hunters have been a big part of the meta game for a very long time, and new players have the option to play one of the games top classes quite well, even on a budget. Goblins vs Gnomes presented a lot of new cards that fit into the archetype of aggressive Hunter decks quite well, meaning a competitive budget Hunter is easier to make than ever before. My take on the GvG Beginner Hunter requires only 600 dust to craft, making it incredibly accessible to new players, and Read More »

    The 10 Best FREE Cards in Hearthstone

    By Corey_T on 0

    Many new players to Hearthstone can feel overwhelmed by the huge selection of cards and powerful legendary minions that seem required for success. But Blizzard was kind enough to provide a selection of free cards for every new account, and many of them are incredibly good cards that get played at the very highest levels of competition. If youre looking for the best cards to put in your beginner or budget decks, you absolutely cant overlook these 10 cards! Theyll do a lot of work in decks Read More »

    Deck Guide - *ESL* ConTroll Warrior by Zalae

    By Corey_T on 0

    Control Warrior decks have had tons of small variations throughout the last year, but more or less maintained the same stable selection of core cards. The ConTroll Warrior from Zalae that appeared in the recent ESL Tournament makes a few of these small changes, but his happen to totally change this decks playstyle and efficiency against the current minion-heavy meta game. In order to remove as many situational and reactionary cards as possible from the Control Warrior Read More »

    Deck Guide - *ESL* DemonStorm Warlock by SilentStorm

    By Corey_T on 0

    In the history of Warlock, Handlocks and Zoo decks have always ruled the day. But SilentStorms recent appearance in the ESL Tournament with a totally different take on Warlock might just be changing the way Warlock looks in the future. The DemonStorm Warlock rocked many players worlds at ESL and has all the tools to be a fantastic ladder deck too. This is an unusual form of Warlock that toes the line between midrange and control archetypes, but surpasses all expectations Read More »

    Trump's old-shcool Hunter - Deck Guide

    By Jamniczek on 0

    Hi guys! AfterUndertakersnerfsome people thought that Hunter will vanish. Well he did not... In fact the Face Hunter became even more popular than it was before. But today Id like to present you rather mid-range oriented deck. Its not that original, but its a very, very powerfulone. Its basically an old-styleDeathrattleHunter minusUndertaker. This time I prefer you to watch one of the most popular Hearthstone pro players Read More »
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  1. Sack of Gems (2500 Gems) 1

    Sack of Gems (2500 Gems)


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    Chest of Gems (14000 Gems)


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    Bag of Gems (1200 Gems)


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