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    Assassin Shaman Deck Guide

    By R34P3R on 0

    Assassin Shaman The Shaman in Hearthstone has long been known for its ability to trade efficiently, to present a formidable board presence, and to finish enemies with late-game burst. Combos utilizing Rockbiter Weapon, Bloodlust, Windfury and AlAkir abound. One style, however, seems not to have caught on: the Assassin Shaman. Strategy Utilizing the constantly growing threat of Shade of Naxxramas, the Assassin Shaman finishes his/her opponent in one or two turns of Read More »

    Deck Talk Ep. 12: Miracle & Tempo Rogue by Wuaschtsemme

    By Vincent on 0

    TheChiv started a new Hearthstone video series named Deck Talk where Deck Creators, Pros, and Commentators will bring a deck. They will break it down, give the strategy, and the mulligans, to make you better prepared for the Hearthstone Meta. Today Im bringing you guys the deck talk ep. 12. In this episode, TheChiv invited Wuaschtsemme to talk about this unique Rogue deck. So just as you can see, this deck contains the Miracle concept and Tempo concept. According to TheChiv, this Read More »

    Reynad's Viagame House Cup Aggro Warrior Deck Analysis

    By IDNTKNW_HS on 0

    Warrior and Control are synonyms these days. The Warriors Hero Power is definitely a defensive one, weapons are meant to be used to gain board control, by taking out multiple threats with a single resource and, once the board is cleared up, there are the big guys like Grommash Hellscream. Due to all these reasons, the offensive potential of Warrior is often forgotten. Apparently, Reynad didnt forget it. Heres what he came up with at the recent ViagameHouse Cup tournament Read More »

    Deck Guide - Hyped's Freeze Mage for BlizzCon Qualifier

    By Corey_T on 0

    Freeze Mage has always been a deck with wild swings in popularity and power depending on the meta game. Sometimes youll go months without facing a freeze Mage, and other times youll catch a couple in a row and lose to them in a masterful display. This particular rendition of the freeze mage archetype received a lot of attention thanks to Hypeds stellar play with it in a recent tournament, consequently causing another surge in popularity for a class that hasnt gotten a lot of love lately Read More »

    Guide: The Most Common Mistakes in Constructed Play

    By Vincent on 0

    Lawrencejame HS just made a video to talk something about the most common mistakes made by players in constructed play. There are 6 common mistakes in his list. Check them out below. Mulligan Not thinking of Opponents cards Not able to recognize why you are losing Not recognize your win condition Playing too fast Not playing around AOE cards You can find the details in the video, hoping this video guide can help you guys to avoid making this kind of mistakes in the future. Related Read More »

    Guide: The Most Common Mistakes in Arena

    By Vincent on 0

    Lawrencejame HS just made a video to talk something about the most common mistakes made by players in arena. There are 8 common mistakes in his list. Check them out below. Not considering the Mana Curve enough when drafting Worrying about your Hero taking damage Playing too fast Acting out your turn in the wrong order Not thinking about your next turns play Over-Extending when you have a lead Not playing around common AOE cards Worrying about getting maximum value out of each card Read More »

    Hearthstone Arena Tip: Being Greedy

    By Lebron on 0

    According to Kripp, being greedy in arena is usually a good thing. This match is the best example to show that this idea can go too far. Check it out below. Recent Articles /Hearthstone Hub/Forum Remarkable: What Makes He be Careless about the Lost? OTK by a Group of Sheep: The Correct Way to Use Polymorph How to Drive Priest Crazy? Sorry, Just Cant Stop It Read More »

    Top 10 Cards You HAVE to Pick in a Priest Arena Run

    By Corey_T on 0

    Priest used to be considered a weaker class in Arena, but Naxxramas has changed that to some extent, and made Priest a far more popular and potent choice in the process. A Priest Arena played properly can lead to double-digit wins more often than not, especially if you get the right cards to support it. The next time you play Priest in Arena, keep yours eyes peeled for any of the 10 cards on this list. Grabbing one or two of each mean youll have an almost-unstoppable deck that pushes you one step closer Read More »

    The 5 Most Underrated and Underplayed Naxxramas Cards

    By Corey_T on 0

    Now that the Naxxramas has had time to sit with Hearthstone players around the globe, a new meta game is emerging with an abundance of cards from the expansion. Youll see Undertakers, Sludge Belchers, and Loathebs in seemingly every deck out there. Those standouts along with another dozen-or-so popular cards like KelThuzad, Zombie Chow, Mad Scientist, and Haunted Creeper have really made their mark on the competitive scene in little more than a month. But the other half of the cards from Naxxramas Read More »

    Handlock Tips & Turn-by-turn Guide

    By IDNTKNW_HS on 0

    How to Voidcaller? (Void ZoolockDeck Attached) Meta Breaking: NoxioussSuper SecretWarlock - Destroy Them All! First of all, Id like to apologize for the lack of content lately, Ive had a very busy week. What youre about to read today is something slightly different than any other guide out there. As youve probably imagined by reading the title, this article focus more on guiding you through your choices turn by turn, rather than focus on Read More »
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