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    How to Hit Legend?

    By Lebron on 0

    Lawrencejame HS on Youtube shared some tips about how to hit legend. If you havent hit legend before, hoping these tips can help you. 1. Mastering your deck. 2. Know what you are playing against. 3. Tinkering with your own deck. 4. Attitude Find more details in the video below. Recent Articles /Hearthstone Hub/Forum Arena Punishment: One Card Saves the Day! Funny and Epic Plays #24: Awkward Moments Collection Read More »

    Deck Guide - *No Leeroy* Hipster Miracle Rogue by Forsen

    By Corey_T on 0

    Funny and Epic Plays #21: Pathetic Miracle Rogue with Unexpected Ending Deck Guide - Firebat Rogue by Firebat With the upcoming nerf to Leeroy Jenkins, many people are already mourning the Miracle Rogue decks of old that relied on Leeroy Jenkins + Shadowstep(s) to pump out insane burst damage. Because Leeroy will now cost 5 mana, it will be impossible to double Shadowstep him in a single turn without the help of a Coin. That means alternative finishers will have to be employed for Miracle Rogue to survive Read More »

    How to Read Your Opponent's Cards?

    By Lebron on 0

    A player with screen name Lawrencejame HS on youtube shared some tips about how to read the opponents cards. 1. The opponents mulligan 2. The opponents time spent on Turns/Difficult Decisions. 3. The opponent setting up for the next turn. 4. Hovering and Highlighting. Check out the details in the video. Recent Articles /Hearthstone Hub/Forum Hearthstone Awkward Moment: So Unexpected Read More »

    Dead Boys - A Deathrattle Shaman Guide

    By IDNTKNW_HS on 0

    Its been a rough month for Shaman. Hunter, crawling back into the metagame, made many players think twice about playing not only Shaman, but also Handlock and Miracle Rogue, two matchups Shaman was very comfortable with. Fortunately, though, Naxxramas also brought us Undertaker and his crew of deathrattle minions, which form a core that provides good early game value and can be easily exploited by any class, and Shaman makes no exception. In this article Im going to analyze my current Read More »

    S5 EU Legend #1: dog's Zombie Ramp Druid Deck Guide

    By tracy on 0

    Deck Tech by Force: Legend Rank #1 - Naxx Control Druid Deck GaarasKelThuzadRamp Druid Deck GaarasNaxx Token Druid- Counter Hunter Very Well The other days, Zetalot hit legend rank #1 with his Madrattle Priest in EU server, not long after that, dog got the top legend position with his Zombie Druid deck, which actually is a ramp Druid deck with 2*Zombie Chow, check out the proof and deck below. Seen from the deck name, Zombie Chow is one of the focuses of this Read More »

    Deck Guide - EU Legend #1: Madrattle Priest by Zetalot

    By Corey_T on 0

    Beating the Meta: Gaaras Anti Hunter/Zoo Priest Deck Hit Legend: Yong Woos Naxx Aggro Priest - Donut Rush Just For Fun Ep. 1: Silly Priest Deck. (All Your Deck Are Belong to Us) Many people expected Priest to take over the ranked ladder after Naxxramas was all said and done, but so far its only gotten a small bump in popularity. No single deck has established Priest as a superpower so far, but this latest creation from mastermind Zetalot might just change that. The Madrattle Priest is an insanely Read More »

    Deck Guide - Firebat Rogue by Firebat

    By Corey_T on 0

    Deck Guide - *No Leeroy* Hipster Miracle Rogue by Forsen Funny and Epic Plays #21: Pathetic Miracle Rogue with Unexpected Ending In the storm of Hunter decks that are currently populating the meta, its nice to have an alternative. Top legend player Firebat recently introduced a new Rogue deck into the ladder, and found a perfect answer to the pervasiveness of Hunter in the process. The Firebat Roguefleshes out the control aspects of Miracle Rogue with a few interesting additions and subtractions Read More »

    Percentage Guide to Card Draw

    By Brownlee on 0

    Youll love my new recipe. Everyone wonders, during mulligan, which cards to hold onto, which cards to get rid of. Using math, you can optimize your chances to get the ideal starting hand for your play situation. You can also know, absolutely, turn-by-turn, what the chances are that you will draw into the card you need. This information can help you to make informed play decisions and measurably increase your win-loss ratio. Going First: youll start with Read More »

    The Utopia of Creativity - How to Apply Creativity Correctly into Deckbuilding

    By IDNTKNW_HS on 0

    Most games share lots of features. Card games are all pretty similar, as are team brawlers and so on, but theres something you can find in every one of them: people complaining about the lack of creativity. Among those people, theres the idea that creativity is the most important part of deckbuilding therefore playing a more creative deck is going to take them somewhere. One of the reasons behind this could be an ethical one; some people just feel bad using other people&# Read More »

    How to Win Hearthstone Tournaments - by [DKMR]DTwo

    By Vincent on 0

    Written by [DKMR]DTwo Discussions about this topic brought to you by Team [DKMR] (sponsored by2P, HearthStats, Gunnar, Waypoint and SoulFire Masters) [DKMR]DTwo streams weekdays http://www.twitch.tv/imd2. You can find all of DKMRs streamers on their website with the days that they stream! Team DKMR: Twitter Website Forum How to Win Hearthstone Tournaments Team DKMR is one of the winningest teams in Hearthstone, with more 1st place, top-2, and top-4 finishes in Read More »
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