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    AtheneHunts – Current Condition of Hunter with Deck Analysis

    By Jamniczek on 0

    Introduction Season seven of Hearthstone is nearly over and I decided that its great opportunity to take a look back. For me October was time of the Hunter. Beginning of the season brought, what was supposed to be, a great nerf to this class. Some pros (like Trump for example) said that after Starving Buzzard nerf Hunter was dead. Well, future events proved that Rexxar was far from dead. Before I go into details of Hunters current condition Id like to focus on one specific Read More »

    Deck Guide - SeatStory Malygos Miracle by Savjz

    By Corey_T on 0

    Miracle Rogue is still trying to find its place in the meta after the Leeroy Jenkins nerf, and this latest take on the archetype from Savjz might just be the ultimate form of Miracle Rogue right now. He played it to utter perfection in the recent SeatStory Cup II, and its still working its way up the competitive ladder with great success for a lot of players. The SeatStory Malygos Miracleis a relatively basic Miracle Rogue build that uses Malygos and his Read More »

    Why you should play more Arena

    By DevaBol on 0

    Introduction Hello everyone, this is my first article as a writer for Hearth2P and Im thrilled to talk about Arena, the game mode I like most: more specifically, Ill try to convince you that playing Arena is the best (and only) way to build a richcollection without spending real money. When I first started playing Hearthstone in May, I promised to myself I wouldnt put a single dime into the game; I still wanted to be able to build competitive decks though, and I immediately figured Read More »

    Hearthstone Class Breakdown Part 1 - Mage, Warlock, Paladin

    By IDNTKNW_HS on 0

    Premise The purpose of this article is getting new players prepared to face common competitive decks. If you consider yourself a good player you should already know everything you can read in this guide. Class Breakdown Lets assume youve been playing Hearthstone for one or two months. By this time you should have acquired a decent amount of cards (providing that youve put some effort into completing your dailies and getting better at arena) and youre probably thinking about Read More »

    Short Analysis of Forsen's Freeze Mage - Winter Is Coming!

    By Jamniczek on 0

    Freeze mage is one of the most controversial decks. For some it is a very clever deck which grants you the satisfaction of fireballing opponents face. On the other hand there are people who consider this deck to be Warcraft themed solitaire. I am among the freeze lovers. I truly enjoy getting those countless fireballs, this thrill when you see your opponent sitting at ten health when you are safe behind your ice block with a Pyroblast in your hand. However shortly after Naxx release freeze mages were Read More »

    Deck Guide - Murloc Hunter by Atreyu

    By Corey_T on 0

    Most ladder players these days are sick of Hunters and their ridiculous Undertaker openings. Little did they know Undertakers were just the beginning of frustrating openers, because the Murloc Hunter has now arrived, and its a thousand times more annoying than Undertaker Hunters. This deck is one of the most aggressive, rage-inducing, and downright effective decks youre likely to encounter on the ladder right now. You may want to play it perfectly, or you might just Read More »

    Malygos Miracle Rogue Guide and MatchUp Analysis

    By tracy on 0

    Hello everybody, recently there are many variation decks of Miracle Rogue, like Tareis Leeroy Jones Miracle Rogue, and Wuaschtsemmes Miracle Tempo Rogue etc. Today Id love to share you guys with a Malygos Miracle Rogue deck. Check it out below. Well, I believe many players have been very familiar with the strategy of Miracle Rogues, which rely on Gadgetzan Auctioneer and cheap spells to build advantages at the mid game. And allowing for the existence of Edwin VanCleef in this deck, Read More »

    Deck Guide: |\/|AOROIC Shaman Tournament Deck

    By AvantGarde on 0

    (The decks name and combo mechanic was inspired by a Hearthstone player who frequently beats highranks players with basic decks and comes out with hep ideas like silencing Ragnaros and putting out aTaunt to prevent possible face damage. Pasta la Pizza, Maoru.) Tournament scene is very different from the Online Ranked mode. When building a deck to participate in a tournament, players need to scout and survey the meta so that they can pick the cards they Read More »

    Deck Guide - BlizzCon Qualifier Leeroy Jones Miracle Rogue by Tarei

    By Corey_T on 0

    Ranked Play Season 7: Tareis Bran-new Miracle Rogue Deck Miracle Rogue was practically abandoned when Leeroy Jenkins was nerfed, but its slowly climbing its way back into popularity among competitive Hearthstone players. Most new takes on Miracle Rogue employ Malygos or an Arcane Golem as finishers, replacing the once-ubiquitous Leeroy Jenkins. But a few brave decks still utilize the whelp-spawning hero of old, including this new and unusual version of the deck from Tarei that also squeezes in Read More »

    Assassin Shaman Deck Guide

    By R34P3R on 0

    Assassin Shaman The Shaman in Hearthstone has long been known for its ability to trade efficiently, to present a formidable board presence, and to finish enemies with late-game burst. Combos utilizing Rockbiter Weapon, Bloodlust, Windfury and AlAkir abound. One style, however, seems not to have caught on: the Assassin Shaman. Strategy Utilizing the constantly growing threat of Shade of Naxxramas, the Assassin Shaman finishes his/her opponent in one or two turns of Read More »
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