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    How to Draft and Play Druid in Arena

    By HightDetal on 0

    Druid is most likely the most versatile class in arena. The choose one mechanic that druid has allows him to play variety of different archetypes. Usually choose one cards offer to be either aggressive or defensive. For example with Druid of the Flame you can choose either a 5/2 which is more aggressive, provides card advantage. On the other hand you could choose 2/5 which is more defensive. Same goes for  cards like Druid of the Claw or Druid of the Saber. These cards with choose one are very nice because Read More »

    The 10 Best Druid Cards in Hearthstone

    By Corey_T on 0

    Druid is a class that has always relied on its class cards in a major way thanks to ramp elements and its big combo. Unfortunately there are a lot of Druid cards that are absolutely terrible as well. New players who are looking to craft Druid cards might have trouble telling the difference. To figure out which ones you should value when building decks, a little guidance might be necessary.  Check out the video below to hear my thoughts on the very best class cards Druid has available. You might be surprised Read More »

    Hearthstone Arena Matchups: Druid

    By HightDetal on 0

    Druid in arena Druid got buffed quite a lot in the The Grand Tournament update which brought him Living Roots and Darnassus Aspirant. These additions to Druid greatly buffed his performance and made him to be among the better half of arena classes. There are a few common archetypes of Druid which can be drafted. If Druid manages to draft Savage Roar he can go very aggressively and finish you off fast with a huge burst of damage. Or Druids often go slow and try to stall the game until they are able to drop Read More »

    Deck Guide - LoE Budget Beast Druid by RegisKillbin

    By Corey_T on 0

    New Hearthstone players usually want to purchase the latest and greatest cards, so they'll spend their gold on the newest expansion or adventure. If you're a new player who bought into League of Explorers and you're looking for a competitive deck you can assemble on a budget, this one will do the trick for you.  The LoE Budget Beast Druid mostly uses new cards from League of Explorers, along with a handful of crafted cards from past expansions to round out the list. In total, this deck Read More »

    Season 21 Deck Guide: J4CKICHAN's Legendary Egg Druid

    By joesilveira on 0

    The ironically Caucasian bloke: J4CKIECHAN got to #2 legend on the first day of season 21 with an old school Egg Druid deck. That’s right, Egg Druid, the deck that has been around for a while now, the one that no one really loves or hates. For years it has existed as an afterthought, a niche archetype that some players swear by as a viable deck, and one that no one can truly deny because no one really plays it. Well, I think J4CKIECHAN has proven to all of us that this is a viable deck and that we Read More »

    Deck Guide - *Aggro Mech* Reaver Druid by Kolento

    By Corey_T on 0

    Aggressive Druid decks have risen to prominence lately, and Kolento has recently been playing an interesting variation on the norm. Instead of a standard assortment of Druid cards, his aggressive list accomplishes its savage aggression with a horde of mechs. I'm calling his take the Reaver Druid because of its reliance on Fel Reaver and its likelihood to reave through helpless opponents.     Druids are the best class at closing out games. So when they have a deck that Read More »

    Top 3 Decks of Season 19

    By joesilveira on 0

    Halfway through Season 19  and it’s time to project the top 3 decks going forward. Unfortunately, The Grand Tournament wasn’t as “meta-breaking” as everyone originally thought and previously dominate decks like the Grim Patron Warrior still reigned supreme. Over 130 new cards weren’t enough to shake the competition up and Blizzard has finally conceded and decided to nerf the Warsong Commander; essentially destroying the Patron as we know it today. So what does that ultimately Read More »

    Season 18 Deck List: Legendary Beast Druid

    By joesilveira on 0

    We are well into the release of The Grand Tournament and the meta-game has finally experienced some stabilization. New archetypes like Dragon Priest and Secret Paladin have completely altered the game while old standbys like the Patron Warrior have endured (and even prospered) with the release of over 130 new cards. Unfortunately, many of the new TGT cards have not panned out to be as dominate as preceding expansions and the new mechanics Joust and Inspire look to be place cards for future Hearthstone endeavors Read More »

    Deck Guide - *TGT* Budget Beast Druid by RegisKillbin

    By Corey_T on 0

    Note: This deck has been updated for League of Explorers. See the new list >> When it comes to Druid decks, the word "budget" isn't usually what comes to mind. That doesn't mean it's impossible to play good Druid decks at an affordable arcane dust cost. It just means you need to be a little more creative! This take on a beast-oriented ramp Druid is awfully unusual, but a great starter deck for new players.  Just watch the video below to see how this atypical list Read More »

    Hearthstone TGT Druid Arena Card Review

    By HightDetal on 0

    Since some time passed since The Grand Tournament release and the arena meta settled a bit it is time to review the cards and see how they perform in arena. Today I will cover new cards released for druid class in TGT and how good they are in arena. I won't cover epic and legendaries because you encounter them not often enough. I will rate the cards in a scale from 1 to 5. Living Roots - 5                  Read More »

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