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    Akke G1 Pre-final Interview: iG and DK are Hardest Opponents

    By Cabulous on 0

    G-1 LAN Final is on the horizon and Alliance will compete with five best DOTA 2 teams in Shanghai, China soon on 21st May. We are glad to have Akke here to talk about the great performance of Alliance in Western Qualifier and his personally greatest rewards in eSports. 2Pcom: Hello Akke, we are very happy to have you for the interview. First of all, congratulations for topping the western qualifier and being one of the 6 teams that will be competing in the G1 League LAN Final. Go ahead and Read More »

    Orange.Mushi: "Alliance and Team Liquid are strong teams"

    By GodBlessMali on 0

    NOTE: The following is an interview conducted by Dimitri "Mali" Vallette for www.178.com. This is the English version. April was an eventful month for the Malaysian powerhouse of Orange eSports as they brilliantly qualified for the main tournament of the G-1 Champions League, inked a sponsorship deal with Neolution E-Sports and, last but not least, they were invited to compete in Valve’s annual event, The International. For this occasion, we have decided to sit down with the captain Read More »

    iG.YYF: "Winning TI2 filled us with self-confidence"

    By GodBlessMali on 0

    The following is an interview conducted by Dimitri "Mali" Vallette for www.178.com. This is the English version. The Dota scene is packed with talents, but rare are those who made it to the highest level of competition such as Invictus Gaming’s own Jiang “YYF” Cen. The 26-year-old Chinese superstar has not always been a professional Dota player, and used to work in a gas station before receiving a phone call from Wu “2009” Sheng that completely changed his life. In this lengthy interview Read More »

    Dignitas.Aui G1 Inerview: Western Scene Success is Coming

    By Cabulous on 0

    Aui_2000 Streaming Channel: www.twitch.tv/aui_2000 Twitter: www.twitter.com/aui_2000 2Pcom: Hello, Aui, go ahead and say hi to viewers at G-1! Aui: Hello my name is Kurtis Ling and I play the 1 role for Team Dignitas. Thanks for watching me. 2Pcom: You guys formed a team about a year ago and it was known as PotmBottom and right off the bat you guys started winning against well known teams. How did you decide or should i say come up with this team? Aui: Hmm, long story short Read More »

    Tuski G-1 Interview: Getting Better Never Stops

    By Cabulous on 0

    Tuski, go ahead and say hi to everyone. Tuski: Hello to all the DotA fans out there. Many viewers aren't so familiar with your role in G-1 League; can you briefly explain it to them? Tuski: Well I just handle most of the administrative stuff for G1-League, mainly I help them out by communicating with teams outside of China and help with scheduling/formatting the qualifiers, then play a small role in helping doing interviews. Also from time to time I suggest them on whatever they Read More »

    Alliance.Loda G-1 Interview: We are Stronger than Ever!

    By Cabulous on 0

    Today, we are happy to interview the sunny Alliance.Loda, talking about the new team and their great teamplay in G-1 Champions League so far. Loda is so nice to share as detailed as he can, showing his hope and happyness in DOTA2 scene. 2Pcom: Hi Loda, go ahead and say hi to everyone. Loda: Hiho, Everyone. I'm Jonathan "Loda" Berg and I’m happy to be here ^_^ 2Pcom: Not long ago, your team was sponsored under the name Alliance. So first of all, we'd like to congratulate you Read More »

    Black G-1 Interview: BurNing is My Idol, China is My Dream

    By Cabulous on 0

    2Pcom: Hello Black, go ahead and say hi to our viewers at G-1! Black: Hi! Everyone. 2Pcom: Can you start off by giving us an overview of your history? How did you get into Dota and Dota 2, and end up with Mouz? Black: I was originally trying to become a professional Warcraft 3 Player, after that I wanted to chill out a little bit and play some fun maps and that is how I found DotA. Shortly after I fell in love with the game and searched for teams on forums, after about a week I joined Read More »

    Na'Vi.Dendi G-1 Interview: I'm a Friendly Guy

    By Cabulous on 0

    Today we got a chance to speak to none other than Na'Vi.Dendi. You do not want to miss this interview as he talks about G1-League, Roster Changes and his trip to China. With him joining iG.int(just a joke), let us see what does he have to say about his team mate Ferrari_430 too. 2Pcom: Hello Dendi, Would you like to say hi to all of your Chinese fans at G1-League? : Ni hao ma (Chinese Pinyin, meaning Hello)! (Hug) 2Pcom: About 3 weeks ago Na'Vi was invited to play in G1-League Western Read More »

    DK.Dai/MMY G-1 Interview: We are the 4-man defense team!

    By AutumnWindz_ on 0

    17173: Hello MMY~ I'm still used to calling you Dai-god. First off, congrats on your team advancing, you must be real happy~ MMY: Joyful! 17173: Your team came back from the cliff's edge, taking two 2-0 victories in a strong improvement over previous results. This must've been a long time coming for you guys, how do you plan on celebrating? MMY: B-god (BurNIng) said before the match, if we won 2-0 then he'd take us all out to eat noodles! 17173: In your 2 Read More »

    LGD.LongDD G-1 Interview: Hard work will not be wasted

    By AutumnWindz_ on 0

    17173: Long-god hello, we've finally gotten an interview with you, truly a teary-eyed encounter. Say hi to everyone! LongDD: Hi everyone, I am LongDD. Currently playing for LGD Gaming. 17173: Yesterday, LGD finally announced that you would be joining, and officially becoming a member of LGD.cn. In the meanwhile, you've led LGD.cn to advance to the G-1 offline finals, joy on dual fronts. How do you feel right now? LongDD: I feel great, and really appreciate the trust of Read More »

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