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    Conan Exiles Finally Gets The Frozen North Expansion Launched

    By Akami on 0

    Conan Exiles finally got it's first major expansion The Frozen North launched today by Funcom, the developer and the publisher of the game. The territory of the game will be expanded by 70%, and the players will enjoy fighting new enemies while exploring this new land. But not just that, the game will be available finally for the first time on console 'Xbox One', also they announced that the game will leave early access and enter full launch on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 in Q1 201 Read More »

    Conan Exiles: The Frozen North Expansion Release Date Revealed

    By Akami on 0

    Conan Exiles, the open world survival video game is going to release a new expansion which is called "The Frozen North". This expansion offers new buildings, new resources, new religion, new avatar and new enemies in a cold and rugged landscape where snow-capped mountains and dark, haunted forests stretch as far as the eye can see. The territory of the game will be expanded by 70%, and the players will enjoy fighting new enemies while exploring this new land. Far to the north, a vast new land Read More »

    Funcom Teases Conan Exiles Expansion; Launches Secret World Legends on Steam

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    Funcom is definitely not in the vacation in the hot summer days, as they are preparing to add some chill to Conan Exiles. Later this week, "all shall be revealed", the developer teases about the forthcoming expansion set to freeze the world of Conan Exiles. Scheduled to launch on August 16 on both PC and Xbox One, the first major expansion will expand the game world, allowing players to march from the scorching desert to the cold, frozen highlands in the north. So, "Winter is Read More »

    Secret World Legends Review - A Fantastic Modern MMORPG

    By nedislavpetrov on 0

    Game Info  This game is different and unique. This is an MMO that focusses on telling stories first and foremost. The game presents us with one of the most atmospheric worlds in gaming, with lore going back thousands and thousands of years. And the interesting part is that you aren't playing in a fictional world. You are literally in the world we live in. This is a game where characters can have Twitter Accounts, NPCs reffer you to google and missions require an app on your phone to solve them Read More »

    Conan Exiles New Climbing System Allows More Possibilities in the Game

    By Sr Yamamoto on 0

    With Update #28 players of Conan Exiles can climb walls, buildings, mountains and trees. Climbing consumes stamina so watch out and make sure you don't fall because of exhaustion. At the same time you can craft items can help improve the climbing ability. Climbign adds more possibilities to play the game. Now players have to prepare to defend their homes and fortress from climbers. Reinforced stone fences and Tier 3 crenelated walls will have thorns that can injure anyone trying to climb over. Read More »

    Secret World Legends Beginner's Tips and Guide

    By joyce on 0

    Funcom's The Secret World finally re-launched as Secret World Legends, a free-to-play MMORPG. Without the purchase barrier many new players will definitely be going to play this game. Here's a compilation of the beginner guides around the internet.   Performance: You can run the game at DirectX 9 mode if you play on an old PC, and you will need to manually download the DX9 files.   How to solve the puzzles / complete the investigation quests: There are many puzzles and investigation quests Read More »

    Secret World Legends Headstart Now Opens to Everyone (Download Here)

    By Blake Lau on 0

    Secret World Legends headstart has started and it's available for everyone! You can download the client via the link: http://cdn.funcom.com/downloads/swl/client/SecretWorldLegends.exe. If you downloaded closed beta client before you don't need to download a new one but instead upgrade the old client.  The game that claims to be a truely free-to-play MMO will officially launch 2 days later and there's no restriction on gameplay content. If you played The Secret World before and wanted to transfer Read More »

    Secret World Legends Announces Head Start Date - It Looks Like an Open Beta

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    Funcom just announced on Twitter that prior to the final launch on June 26, Secret World Legends will start the head start on June 23. The developer wrote "As a thank-you for your support in TSW, you are invited to a head start of Secret World Legends beginning on June 23rd!" The announcement confuses many people since Secret World Legends is a free to play MMO and it doesn't sell Founder's Pack. It's a big question mark for what exactly it is about. But according Read More »

    Secret World Legends Shows Revamped Combat Gameplay

    By Fury116 on 0

    Funcom's shared-world action MMORPG Secret World Legends will be launched soon on June 26. The developer today released a combat trailer, explaining that the combat was revamped to be more shooter-like and action-oriented. Does the new combat look more intriguing? Take a look.     There are 2 goals when revamping the combat system, according to the developer: one is to make controls like a third-person action game, with a WASD mouse-and-keyboard layout. The other one is about weapon. Each Read More »

    Conan Exiles Responds to Concerns on Patch Cadence and "Listen to Community"

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    In the latest "answers of the week", Funcom responded to the latest questions regarding Conan Exiles. While the game is the Early Access stage, fans are complaining about the cadence of releasing new content and fixes. In response to the the accusation that the dev team wasn't working fast enough, Creative Director Joel Bylos defended that:  Let me ask this back to you. What should we do, that we aren’t already doing? The team is working as fast as they Read More »
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