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    Shroud of the Avatar Open for Everyone Until the End of This Month

    By censeo91 on 0

    Richard "Lord British" Garriott's sandbox MMO Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues combines single player narrative with sandbox elements. You can play in offline mode to experience over 40 hours of story, or join other players to go through the story online. Starting May 10, the game will run another round of free trial test and open to everyone for free until the end of the month on May 31.  Free Trial Current Time Period: May 10 – May 31, 2017 The term (Visitor Read More »

    The Elder Scrolls Online Is Free to Play for an Entire Week, on All Platforms

    By Blake Lau on 0

    Starting April 11 2017 you and your friends can play The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited for free for a full week. You can download the game on your platform once the event starts but be noted that Xbox One players need Xbox Live Gold membership to play the game.   The event starts on April 11, 2017 at 10:00 am EDT on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam (PC/Mac) and ends on April 18, 2017, at 10:00 am EDT.   The free-to-play event allows you to play the full base game of The Elder Scrolls Read More »

    Final Fantasy XIV Now Removes 14-Day Time Limit for Free Trial

    By censeo91 on 0

    Final Fantasy XIV is trying to get more new players by altering its free trial policy. Previously the free trial account expires 14 days after the licensed software is downloaded. Now the time limit is removed, meaning that you can play the game for free whenever you want and as much as you want but you can only progress to level 35 (current level cap is 60). Still it's a good news for people never tried this game or whose free trial account has expired. Players can upgrade the game from free version Read More »

    Shroud of the Avatar - Free Trial Is Available Until March 9

    By censeo91 on 0

    Richard "Lord British" Garriott's sandbox MMORPG Shroud of the Avatar kicks off the Free Trial system, allowing everyone who wants to try the game to play the game until March 9. You can head to the download page to get the game client (of course you will need to create an account first). It's worth mentioning that Free trial access has a small difference between the paid version. Free players can't trade with other players, buy and sell items through vendors and auction, the Read More »

    Black Desert Is 50% Off for a Limited Time; 7-Day Free Trial Opens to All

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    Black Desert has a special offer for players who haven't played this game. Until January 4th, 2017, folks can try out Black Desert for 7 days for free. What's more, players can purchase all game packs with a 50% discount before January 4. That means you can purchase the Starter Pack for $5 USD only.    More over, Kakao Games prepared a Christmas bundle for players. It can be obtained before January 4th in one of the following ways: Invite your friend to play Black Desert Read More »

    ​The Elder Scrolls Online Xbox One Free Play Weekend Starting Soon

    By hanthienhai on 0

    After Free Play Weekend for PC and PlayStation 4, Bethesda has announced The Elder Scrolls Online Xbox One Free Play Weekend, Starting Wednesday, November 23rd at 5:00am GMT. Xbox Gold membership is required to download and play the game.   To download The Elder Scrolls Online, just visit the Xbox Store from your system and locate The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited. Once it's finished downloading, you can begin playing immediately (note that the full game is approximately Read More »

    ​The Elder Scrolls Online Base Game Is Free to Play Until November 20

    By hanthienhai on 0

    The Elder Scrolls Online has announced a Free Play Weekend for PlayStation 4 & PC/Mac from November 16 to November 20. Players can access to full content of The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited base game without restriction. Check out all the need-to-know details below including when you can begin playing and where to download.   PlayStation 4 You'll be able to begin downloading the game on the PlayStation Network this Wednesday (November 16) starting at 12:01AM local time Read More »

    The Crew Will Be Free to Play for Everyone from September 14 to October 11

    By cerberus on 0

    Ubisoft is celebrating the 30th anniversary, by making the racing MMORPG The Crew free for every body from September 14 to October 11. You just need a Uplay account (once you register you automatically become Ubisoft Club member) to play the game for free. Uplay account is free to register and you can create an account at the official site.   You can access to all The Crew’s content excludes the Wild Run expansion. The specific content you can play for free are: The graphical overhaul The photo Read More »

    Overwatch May Offer Free Trial in the Future – Report

    By Wei on 0

    At ChinaJoy 2016, the biggest game convention in China, NetEase Games (Blizzard’s partner in China, and Chinese publisher of Overwatch) vice president Li Riqiang said that Blizzard was considering offering Overwatch free trial to players sometime in the future.    Li Riqiang Li told at ChinaJoy that Overwatch got 7 million players one week after launch and it already had a steady player base. Blizzard had to think about how to bring in new players so they might  offer free trial in Read More »

    Ark: Survival Evolved Is Free to Play on Steam This Weekend

    By JoeLW on 0

    The Unreal Engine 4 sandbox survival game is offering everyone who hasn't tried this game a free trial opportunity from July 28 to July 31. You can download the game and play it for free at Steam here.   For those who like Ark: Survival Evolved but haven't purchased the early access, they can secure the early access to the game as well as a final launch copy on Steam for $15 (50% off) until August 3. ARK: Survival Evolved is an open world survival at its core, and it's also a huge world Read More »

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