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    CDEC appreciation: Agressif's masterclass in Ember Spirit against LGD

    By PatrickBateman on 0

    In the first of each of their Upper Bracket games, the two Chinese giants LGD and CDEC Gaming squared off at this early stage of the tournament, determining who would be continuing upwards and who would be fighting for survival in the lower bracket. The first game was certainly an impressive showing from the CDEC, but it is the second game that I want to focus on. The TI5 Grand Finalists work incredibly as a cohesive unit, as we have seen time and time again, but what really stood out was Sun ‘Agressif Read More »

    The top headlines from the Frankfurt Major group stage

    By PatrickBateman on 0

    We are now 2 days into the Frankfurt Major and there has been plenty of action, as the group stages have been wrapped up and the seeding decided for the playoffs. As was perhaps expected, 7 out of the 8 directly invited teams to the event have made it into the upper bracket play offs. However, the real story of the 2 days, is SEA team Mineski beating EHOME 2-0 in their final group match to secure themselves an upper bracket spot. Going into the groups it looked like all of the groups were fairly balanced Read More »

    Undying and AA Dominate the Frankfurt Group Stage

    By Skulz on 0

    During the Group Stage of the Frankfurt Major 2015 there have been some heroes that, even if picked several times, have retained a respectable win rate. We will consider the two best ones using two criteria: high win rate with at least 10 games played. At the top of this list we will put Undying with 13 picks, 26 bans and a 76% win rate. The predominance of this hero isn't a surprise, in fact, considering all of v6.85 he is in the top 10 of the most drafted heroes. If compared to the average statistics Read More »

    Valve's '6 month roster lock': reactions and revisions

    By PatrickBateman on 0

    Valve has announced through an update on their roster lock policy that after the Winter Major there will be one last transfer period before the end of The International 6. This news essentially means there will be around a 4-6 month period where all DotA 2 teams wanting to compete in the Majors or TI6 will be bound to their rosters.  The update on the Valve website read as follows: “Players and teams are locked through the Major this winter. After its conclusion, players will unlock from their Read More »

    Team Unknown.xiu secure all visas for Frankfurt after major uncertainty

    By PatrickBateman on 0

    The manager of Peruvian Team Unknown.xiu, Carlos 'FalcoStyle' Casaverde, confirmed today that all of the players on the team have had their visas accepted for travel to the Frankfurt Major. Along with other teams' visa issues, the South American qualifiers had some issues with one of their players Alexis 'Greedy' Ventura, as he had difficulty securing his visa. But in spite of the issues FalcoStyle wrote on his Facebook account today: "AVISO IMPORTANTE: Tengo Read More »

    Invictus Gaming unable to attend Frankfurt Major

    By PatrickBateman on 0

    It has been announced via the Invictus Gaming Weibo and Facebook account that the team will not be able to compete at the very first Major. The Facebook post stated that the team were not going to be anle to compete due to "personal reasons".  A rough translation of the Weibo post gives a more detailed explanation, saying that the players were unable to gain Visas to play at the event. The post reads, "Since the player Su 'super' Peng's account were problems not Read More »

    ESL announces Frankfurt Major schedule and format

    By PatrickBateman on 0

    Valve's Frankfurt Major, which is being hosted by eSports broadcaster ESL One, has had its schedule and format announced today. Now that all the teams are confirmed from both the direct invite live selection and the 8 regional qualifier teams, fans can begin to plan their trip to the ticket-free (bar the finals) event in November. According to the ESL website, the group stages will take place from November 13th-14th from 11:00 CEST  to 0:00 CEST on both days, and will be played out to determine Read More »

    Frankfurt Major list complete; Regional Qualifiers produce 8 title contenders

    By TurboBule on 0

    Frankfurt Major list has been completed. 8 teams have earned their slot at Frankfurt through Regional Qualifiers and they will join 8 invited teams on the road to greatness. The following 8 deserved their slot and hopefully they will continue to amaze the fans at Frankfurt Major.   Winning SEA Qualifier was a real success for Mineski. They performed really well throughout the qualifiers and managed to defeat Fnatic in the Winner's Bracket Finals, thus securing themselves a trip to Europe to Read More »

    Mineski and Fnatic both secure qualifier spots for the Frankfurt Major

    By PatrickBateman on 0

    The final games for the South East Asia qualifiers for Valve's first DotA 2 Major have concluded today. The two teams that will be making it through to the event in Frankfurt willbe Mineski and Fnatic. Mineski went through the upper bracket relatively unscathed, beating Fnatic 2-1 in the upper bracket finals to send Mushi's team to fight for their lives against NewTeam123. The final moments of Mineski's qualification run were hyped to the extreme by the regional SEA cast, putting them in a Read More »

    Frankfurt Majors EU qualifier coverage and American qualifiers begin

    By PatrickBateman on 0

    After the conclusion of the regional open qualifiers, which allowed any team to sign-up via FACEIT and compete, we are now into the 4 different regional qualifiers. In each region, the 2 teams that made it from the open qualifiers will play the 8 other teams that were directly invited to compete. The regions are sorted into 2 groups, 5 in each, in which all teams will play a round robin best of 2 format. The top 2 from each group will then be sorted into a double elimination playoff bracket. After the Read More »

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